MUFAs are actually considered a healthy dietary fat. it takes times to grow. Anybody else had this issue. I always moisturize first. I do a spoonful of crisco (which is just soybean oil and some other oils, my hair LOVES it) along with two spoonfuls of coconut oil, half a spoonful of honey, and a cap of castor oil. Castor oil does not directly grow hair, but it does help with hair growth. It’s all a matter of personal preference. I’ve been using it for three months and I’ve gotten about two inches of new growth. olive oil I’ve tried oil on dry hair, on wet hair, on damp hair, freshly washed, freshly cowashed … each time the result is the same: hay. The oil should come out easily. Free Shipping on Orders $60 and Up. There is more to palm oil than many are aware of and there is more than just one oil from the amazing African oil palm tree. We combine olive oil with peppermint oil and warm it up in the microwave. I choose to use the time to learn about my hair. the texture n my hair is better also. its so soft. It seems that every week we are discussing a different oil that yields longer, stronger tresses, but some oils have do not have many advantages and should either be used sparingly or not at all for beauty. I could never do anything but put it in ponytails. Red palm oil also provides conditioning and softening to the hair for its deep moisturizing properties. I use it as a sealant along with shea butter, and i use it occasionally to seal in moisture from my body lotion after a shower. Red palm oil comes from the palm’s fruit while palm kernel oil comes from the palm’s seed. I’m mixed with Asian though ( I know , don’t ask about the name) My hair is very shiny and wavy naturally. haven’t had a relaxer since October and i have so much of new growth. Olive oil is amazing! The cold pressing ensures that there is no degradation of any of the nutrients present in the seed. Once extracted, the oil is mainly colouless or pale yellow with a very mild odor. Check out n KLS Beauty Bar, these are online vendors of virgin oils and all the yummy goodness u need to stay naturally fabulous :). No doubt there is a mountain of information on the internet that can leave many of us naturals confused, especially those of us with thicker 4C hair types. oils i use a lot: olive oil E vitamin oil (I used it at first when I was twa)It worked wonderfully and still do Grapeseed oil (use as natural heat protecant) Coconut oil Coconut creamy along with coconut milk shea butter cocoa butter jojoba oil (rare) argan oil (rare) now i use pantenol d becuz i read a book that said this oil is great at helping growing. Apart from Hemp oil and Moringa oil, I find Castor oil to be one of the best oils to grow natural hair. For food and for hair, olive oil has been used since the dawn of civilizations, ranging from Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt and Greece. at least one pill a day. For more information on how to do a hot oil treatment, read my article on How to Make a Hot Oil Treatment for Natural African Hair Growth. **,^, Our favorite web-site