GaryB  February 12, 2019 at 6:20 pm Reply. Which is why I’m not with a guy who behaves that way. I am not bothered when he or his grown children talk about her. More importantly, I met my best friend and soul mate when I was seventeen. My love did not raise this woman. Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for four years. Both are important, for me, I wanted to be active. He did not. I will NEVER do it again. He has been charming, graceful and I m in love with him. I’m beside myself, I love this man, but she is preventing him from seeing me so he does it secretly even though he is seeing someone else. In my case, I took the mentality that I needed to learn from the experience to better myself. Once in a while you might reference your first husband if only in a story about your kids, right? I am not responsible for what other people think of me, in fact it’s none of my business. He is a little older than me and moving into retirement mode a little sooner than I would be as well. The most recent is she put up pictures in his house of him and his late wife sharing loving looks hugs ect. Starting another relationship this soon is also “keeping too busy”. It’s very difficult at my age feeling like a fall back plan or a second option which I do know is untrue but comments get made sometimes that stick in my head. Or it could be that, like many people who have lost someone they love, the anniversary of the death stirs up a lot of emotions that take a few weeks to absorb and process. It actually really helped me just get to understand what men need from a woman in a healthy way. Long, long story short, years later when my son was five, I just couldn’t stay in that marriage anymore and my son and I moved in with Tom. He will always be married to his late wife, and I need a chance to find someone who will see me as the love of his life. She had met my late wife once. That she posts every day, for the week surrounding the anniversary. I went thru deep depression, suffered from anxiety and PTSD. He has 4 grown up daughters and one is very against him moving on in any way shape or form. You are there to support them because you love and care for their mommy. I have a friend whose wife died in their twenties. I have no idea how his children will be, because everyone grieves individually. Am I foolish to still believe in “Love” the second time around or is this companionship the new normal? And sorry to tell you it may soon be time for another one, but yeah… your current gf doesn’t seem to get it. We can love more than one person. ive been with her to his grave and have been so supportive. Throughout her illness, I held on to the hope that her treatments could reverse her cancer. August 18, 2017, 10:16 am. But I needed to write it because despite what experts say, I'm desperate to know I'm not alone. Perhaps I am looking for words of wisdom or maybe I just needed to pour out my thoughts. I think you’re being extremely insensitive, especially calling him her “ex” – you should listen to her talk about him and and feel privileged she trusts you enough to share her memories of one of the most important people in her life. I haven't cleaned out the closet with his wheelchair and guitar. I also feel I will be betraying my friend though she is gone. My parents, friends, co-workers, bartenders, anyone willing to listen really. I see my husband hurting because the kids don’t want anything to do with me. You can choose to be as young or old as you want to be. August 18, 2017, 12:08 pm. i knew the one who she lost recently and doesnt talk about him as much anymore. That guy would’ve helped me go through my grieving process faster and create this new chapter with me. One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Inspired By ’70s Glassware. At this point, time is the main thing that helped me move on. Who does? This was almost the last straw for me. anonymousse I could not compare to this person that had passed. Its not healthy to drag a new love down the road of constant stories crying and memories of a former love.