The Netflix drama is must-watch TV, even if it doesn’t get all the details exactly right. Woleslagle said he rarely discussed his school experience at home, either. A knot of protesters now occupies the conquered territory. Two costumed and masked bodies — their gait strongly suggestive of high-school boys — walked past with a “White Lives Matter” sign. Directly across the street, standing in front of a clock tower, are three White men. Trumpism generates its own branded racial slogans. We support this work by bringing our material to the attention of international audiences through events and by creating specific social media content to raise awareness. “, I was leading people,” Comas said in an email of his work before BLM. If you believe Black lives matter, you can be White or Black, liberal or conservative, Christian or communist; there is room for you in the words, and in the movement. The racial aggression that fuels Trumpism is anchored in the resentments of Whites who fear the decline of White supremacy and have convinced themselves that they are both the true victims of injustice and the only authentic Americans worthy of exercising power. Numbers are exchanged before long drives home to small towns dominated by hard realities. By the time he spoke in Williamsport, Manzano, who is 24, had been an activist for two months. His left hand, at his side, forms a tightly clenched fist as he pursues his quarry. He also makes himself available for sometimes uncomfortable questions after his long shifts packing shipments at a local Walmart. About 150 people joined the “If Not Us, Then Who?” movement for a Black Lives Matter protest in Sunbury, Pa. The temperature throughout the event’s three and a half hours remains in the 90s. I asked him for details of school life. By the end of June, Lara Putnam, a historian at the University of Pittsburgh and an expert in grassroots political action, had tracked more than 400 anti-racism events in 230 Pennsylvania communities. The gunmen have ceded the ground beneath the clock tower. “There is a lot of support for ‘All Lives Matter’ and ‘Blue Lives Matter’ in Troy (along with a lot of ideology and racism that I saw frequently growing up),” Williams said, via email. “I just don’t know what we did wrong.”. “I decided to have a demonstration partly because as a White Christian woman I felt as though it was partly my responsibility to do something,” she said. Zachary was like-minded. people insinuating/agreeing that Mexicans (or all immigrants) are drug dealers and rapists; lots of Confederate flags.”, Another speaker at the Troy demonstration was retired Pennsylvania state trooper Edward Bowers, a longtime local resident who is Black. “White Lives Matter” is simply White supremacy as plagiarism. It’s a portrait of American derangement. “So when you bring your Southern heritage into Pennsylvania, what are you really saying?” he asks. You know, there’s no point in just sitting at home and watching the world crumble when you can do something about it.”. At the Williamsport protest, the velvet barbs that Manzano has lobbed at the gunmen have altered the balance of intimidation. Gutierrez said that she didn’t see the march as political and didn’t want others to, either. We just started this a couple weeks ago. Later, Woleslagle told me he had been worried that the demonstration would be met with violence. “At least some white participants spoke of their sense of obligation to step forward and bear witness to George Floyd’s death as a matter of Christian values, in explicit contrast to partisan politics.”. Like other young people who spoke to me, Miller expressed no hesitation when asked whether the local environment, including the high school from which Miller graduated, is steeped in old-school racism along with structural varieties. In one statement, he revealed the kind of logical contortions his predicament engendered. Sarah and Zachary Gates are White church people in their 40s. (By comparison, there were women’s marches in 24 Pennsylvania communities in 2017, and Tea Party “Tax Day” protests in 29 communities in 2009.) “In my opinion,” he offered, “wanting to be accepted for the color of my skin isn’t racist.”. “Like, I’ve been called a monkey. Williams won the day. Small groups of protesters drift closer, gobbling up more terrain. These are veteran protesters. Frank Manzano and others led the chants. If Not Us, Then Who?, Milton, Pennsylvania. There can’t be more than 100 diehards left. “He keeps asking me, ‘What change are you guys really gonna bring?’”, The question stings. “He told me this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” said Manzano, the eldest child. Photographer: Paul Weaver/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images, Photographer: Mark Makela/Getty Images North America, Photographer: Win McNamee/Getty Images North America. A 2018 graduate of Susquehanna University, Miller is a White, self-identified queer. He begins marching. By the time the march concludes, having made a full circle back to City Hall, Bandana Man has moved to the front ranks. They were expecting to see some of the new faces — especially black faces — who had assured them that they would turn out to protest. You know, I’m not a bad person. “I was leading people,” Comas said in an email of his work before BLM. Francis Wilkinson writes about U.S. politics and domestic policy for Bloomberg Opinion. People can register to vote, sign up to join the NAACP, buy a T-shirt, or receive a face mask or bracingly cold bottle of water for free. Jordi Comas, a Lewisburg town councilman and founder of the Hub for Progress, a grassroots networking organization, has been working for years to build grassroots capacity in Central Pennsylvania. These are some of the locals whom Manzano had hoped would join. The N-word is common around town, he said. The sun is cruel. So is a slur specifically associated with Hispanics. If we’re taking this position, engage us in conversation and see where it goes,” he said. When the crowd chants, “No Justice, No Peace,” she joins a few beats late with “USA! We work in partnership with communities to make films, take photographs, curate content, commission local artists and host events. MILTON, Pa. — Kareem Williams Jr. sits on a park bench in the center of town and waits for the racists to attack. Who Gains Most From Canceling Student Loans? Until an adult at school finally intervened, one White student heaped daily abuse on Woleslagle in a class they shared. He tells himself he is ready. Jordi Comas, a Lewisburg town councilman and founder of the Hub for Progress, a grassroots networking organization, has been working for years to build grassroots capacity in Central Pennsylvania. . “My dad’s experienced racism. “Now I am following.”. That’s the source of Manzano’s disappointment. About 150 people joined the “If Not Us, Then Who?” movement for a Black Lives Matter protest in Sunbury, Pa. “I was flabbergasted to see how many people showed up and actually really supported us.”, Marielle Miller said, “I do intend to keep up this work, hopefully for the rest of my life, because it has opened my eyes to so many things. Tricia Williams, who helped organize the Troy event and is Sophie Williams’s mother, said she was so “alarmed” by Woleslagle’s remarks that she has already spoken to the high school principal and school superintendent about addressing racism in the schools. “It’s very common for people to either be going to a Christian church or identify as Christian,” said Sara Gates in a telephone interview. Ruddy-faced, with several days’ worth of white whiskers, he is dressed in pumpkin-colored cargo shorts and a T-shirt featuring a zombie in a football uniform. Manzano was hoping for new blood. Under the guise of erasing racial distinctions, it seeks to safeguard them. If Not Us Then Who is a US registered charity, 501(c)(3) that supports a global awareness campaign highlighting the role indigenous and local peoples play in protecting our planet. His father, a Dominican auto mechanic with his own business in Milton, is unsupportive of his three children’s activism. Marielle Miller was grazed by an airborne Bible inscribed with the words, “God hates fags.” Video of a White woman’s counter-protest rant was sufficiently hate-filled to enter the nation’s highly competitive social media outrage stream. A counter-protest was organized by the local Republican Party chairwoman.