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Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Tips & Tricks – How to Kill Primeval, Destiny 2 How to Get Prime Armor Sets in Season of the Drifter. or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. If writing's not on the cards, then she's probably drinking way too much coffee. Wandering around the Tower to ask your mentors about the provenance of a banned weapon strikes you as a bad idea, but – there are quieter places to ask questions. You’ll need to run through it killing Sardev and Telesh in order to power up Thorn. “Despite the burn damage, you recognize this weapon as a Thorn, a legendary weapon capable of severing Guardians from the Light. The Thorn will be familiar to anyone who spent any time with Destiny – as it was particularly prominent in the game’s meta in the first year before it was hit with Bungie’s nerf hammer. If you keep going down the s… Thorn is an exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2. Sapphire Wire, like Plasteel Plating, was another casualty of the Red War, but you feel confident that you can scrounge some up. Gather Hadronic Essence by completing bounties for Asher Mir on Io, by defeating Warlocks in the Crucible, or by completing Nightfall strikes. Gather Sapphire Wire by completing bounties for Ana Bray on Mars, by defeating Hunters in the Crucible, or by completing an Escalation Protocol wave. This one is broken, but you think it may be possible to fix it. You can pick up a ruined Thorn in Trostland within the Salt Mines. We’ve had a rough idea of how to get the poison dealing pistol for quite some time as Quest steps for the long-awaited Exotic had been datamined following the release of the latest content drop, Season of the Drifter. Home » Destiny 2 » Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon Quest – Independent Study. “Last on the list of Guardian-grade components is Sapphire Wire, another hard-to-come-by item formerly favored by Hunters because of its versatility. We don't blame you. Same as before, really. Places off the beaten path, where knowledgeable Cryptarchs have settled down to do their work in peace and quiet… Pay a visit to Tyra Karn at the Farm. The game advises that Nightfall Strikes are the fastest, but its down to personal preference, really. Escalation Protocol waves grant the most efficient progress.”, “Your project is going well. If you decide to use a void hand cannon, your progress will be multiplied. about Simple tips apply here, if you have spent time grinding The Orchid hand cannon and snagged one with a void element then you’ll rack up the kills need in no time. Description . You need to collect 50 lots of Hadronic Essence and, refreshingly, there are three different ways to complete this task, so both PvE and PvP players should have no difficulty. Gosu Noob Copyright © 2012-2020 All Rights Reserved. Ketchua has been writing about games for far too long. Nice. Now that the Thorn is in the wild, though, we know exactly how to get our hands on it. Then read on for a detailed breakdown of the Thorn quest steps: The Independent Study quest consists of seven steps, and we have the in-game descriptions for each one listed below. The Shadows of Yor, followers of an infamous Guardian-killer, are well-known for carrying Thorns. Heroic Blind Wells are the best choice, if you can stand the heat. Published Oct. 16, 2019, 7:41 p.m. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O. The last component you need is Sapphire Wire, which drops from bounties on Mars, killing Hunters in the Crucible or finishing Escalation Protocol waves. To do so, you’ll want to fly to the EDZ on Earth and touch down in Trostland before pushing past the cathedral and into the ironically titled Salt Mines. You can do this by completing bounties on Io, killing Warlocks in the Crucible or completing Nightfall strikes. This guide will show you how to get Destiny 2 Thorn exotic hand cannon by breaking down the Independent Study … We've listed each step and its requirements below for you: Now that you have our Independent Study Destiny 2 guide to hand, coming into possession of the infamous Thorn shouldn't be difficult at all. To tick this one off the list you’ll need to take the life of guardians by means of hand cannon or any means of void damage – or both! At this point, the path will swing right and crates along with platforms will flank you. Bathe your Light in horrors. Heroic Blind Well encounters grant the most efficient progress.”. Bind it with sickness. “Your Thorn hums with the hungry indifference of the Void, but it lacks something essential. Note: Thorn isn’t in the game yet. It has a perk that lets bullets pierce targets and poison them, dealing damage over time. This one’s a doddle, so much so that the quest even tells you how to access the Farm. Deputy editor. Independent study bugged out Hi so i completed the incredibly hard strike and beat savathuns song after 5-6 hours of play and it didn't complete the quest for thorn I'm slightly livid due to the hours i put into this strike any help please i would really appreciate it. Going along the cliff edge, there’d be another small path towards your left. Nightfall strikes grant the most efficient progress.”. Tired of smashing your head against the wall that is Iron Banner armor acquisition in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep? You’ll need to reconnect it to the Light somehow, and the vast dark secrets of the Void seem like the most promising route.