,A lovely tree for the conservatory or summer patio. One of the healthiest ways to enjoy fresh fruit is straight from the tree. Especially since the Nagami couldn't be simpler to grow because it's drought-tolerant, and pest and disease resistant. The Kumquat is a dwarf citrus that has pear shaped fruit with oval-round leaves making it a unique species within the genus. ... Centennial Variegated Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree. Instead of the pulp, the sweetest part of this citrus fruit is actually the peel. Adding fruit trees into your landscape or home orchard provides beautiful blooms and healthy edible fruits. It is a cheery addition to indoor landscapes, where its sunny fruit and sweet perfume will brighten winter days. A one-stop shop for everything houseplants. This cold hardy variety is ideal for cooler climates and, when potted, for small outdoor spaces. Nice mini standard plants 60-70cm high. $29 $49 Marumi Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree. $29 $49 Fukushu Semi-Dwarf Kumquat Tree. Choose from our large collection of small to large indoor plants. You’ll enjoy the fruits from your tree in many ways. Nationwide US Shipping. Kumquats are a native Chinese citrus known for their tart-sweet flavor and small, adorable size. This attractive little tree is ideal in side yards or small lawns or used to shade a garden bench or table. We offer the lowest prices for plants online. Juice them, dehydrate them, … $ 30.00 – … Our semi-dwarf kumquat trees for sale are shipped directly from our California nursery to your doorstep! The blooms will then drop and fruit will grow at … With our Nagami Kumquat Tree, you'll have your own sweet, juicy kumquats from home. $ 50.00 – $ 75.00 Currently Unavailable; Nagami Kumquat Tree Sale! The Perfect Patio Plant for Any Area Why Nagami Kumquat Trees? Centennial Variegated Kumquat Tree Sale! Even better? Fruit Trees For Sale. Collection includes Nagami, Meiwa, Fukushu, and more! Succulents, Airplants, Cacti, Aloe, Fiddle Figs, Bonsai, Ficus plants & more. When potted for indoor applications, keep your Meiwa kumquat tree in a sunny location and water only when the soil appears dry. Kumquat Trees For Sale at Paradise Nursery Online or in Los Angeles Southern California Chatsworth, Northridge, Porter Ranch, ... Nagami Kumquat Tree Fortunella margarita The Nagami Kumquat is a very attractive citrus tree that produces small, orange colored, oval shaped fruit. Kumquat trees are extremely easy to grow,requiring minimal pruning for shaping,making them an excellent choice as container plants. For indoor trees, you'll hand pollinate, but the process is easy: Simply transfer pollen from one bloom to the next on your tree by using a clean, dry paintbrush and swirling pollen on each bloom’s center until the process is complete. $ 50.00 – $ 75.00 Currently Unavailable; Meiwa Kumquat Tree Sale!