al. I personally love TikTok, and I don’t think it can really compare to Reels at this point. Whether Instagram Reels supplants TikTok or TikTok finds a way to remain competitive and unique from Reels, it’s likely that quick, creative, audio-driven video clips (from TikTok or Reels) are here to stay as audiences worldwide can’t seem to get enough of TikTok content — TikTok’s engagement rates and time spent on the platform are one of the highest in the industry and brands marketing on TikTok have seen high ROIs. Here’s what will be covered – click to scroll to each section below: Since 2011, Mediakix has been an integral part of shaping the influencer marketing industry from being a strategic partner to many of the world’s top brands to pioneering much of the space’s thought leadership and original market research. TikTok Category: Entertainment/Comedy. This moment in American history is unique, however, with much of the population at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak and social media usage increasing 32%. For perspective, #BlackLivesMatter topped 1 million uses on one day before in its seven-year history — on July 7, 2016 after the Philando Castile and Alton Sterling killings. Influencers make great, shareable content — this is one primary reason why they’ve achieved social media success. This represents significant confidence in this marketing activity and surveys have shown that 89% of marketeers believe the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable or better than other channels (Mediakix). Additionally, #justiceforgeorgefloyd videos have received 1.3 billion views, #justiceforahmaud videos have received 125.2 million views, and #justiceforbreonna videos have received 5 million views. For many Millennials and Gen Z, social media influencers are held in close regard as peers or even “close friends” who share and weather life together. My job as a creator and filmmaker isn’t to focus all my energy on the platforms I’m creating on or whether TikTok, Instagram or any social media will be shutting down, but rather what I am creating. Never miss a beat, sign up to your newsletter The app set a record for most single day app downloads (677,000) and most active daily users (40 million) this June. While Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms (founded in 2006), the microblogging and messaging app became a place where users could find up-to-the moment conversations between journalists, stars, activists, and even the U.S. president. As surveyed in our Influencer Marketing Industry Benchmark, partnering with influencers is effective for 1) brand awareness, 2) reaching new audiences, and 3) generating sales/conversions. If TikTok is banned, I will definitely be shifting more towards Reels. or have broad appeal as aspirational lifestyle influencers. We surveyed top influencers shortly after the launch of Reels to gauge reception and adoption. The primary differences so far include 1) the time limit for each Reels or TikTok video (15 seconds for Reels vs. 60 seconds for TikTok), 2) how Reels shared from private Instagram account disappear after 24-hours (similar to how Stories currently function), and 3) how Instagram vs. TikTok surface trending videos. Mediakix is proud to be an IMCX sponsor and presenter at this year’s 2020 Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo — we look forward to seeing you there! TikTok’s future is a very “proof is in the pudding” story line. Hit the C-suite spot. For many of these companies, Facebook and Instagram ads may represent a significant portion of how recurring and new revenue is generated online. RSVP to our webinar to submit your questions in advance. Influencer marketing has proven effective for both direct response and branding initiatives however, done right, it can offer more than just KPIs and metrics. I have friends who have begun posting on Reels this week and are starting to see some of that same overnight TikTok growth. TikTok has been aggressive these last few years about promoting its app (targeting users, advertisers, and creators) by taking out ads on both Instagram and Facebook and recently announced (July 22, 2020) its $200M TikTok Creator Fund — seemingly a direct effort to keep its influencers from migrating over to Instagram. Click here to learn more about launching high-performing influencer campaigns. Learn more on our webinar about how we’ve enabled our clients to outstrip competitors, successfully leverage the effectiveness of influencer marketing, and marketing effectively in 2020. Harvard Business Review advises marketers to “present with empathy and transparency.”. TikTok does present certain demographics that are not found on other apps. TikTok Category: Home Reno/ DIY. Influencer Marketing on the Upswing in the U.S. and Canada. During these times, the Mediakix team is dedicated to providing advertisers with the best resources to maximize their advertising efforts. On June 13th, the online video-sharing platform hosted a live streaming event as part of this enterprise called “Bear Witness, Take Action” that also raised funds for the Equal Justice Initiative. Influencer marketing news reveals that cash is flowing freely as brands and marketers are spending more on influencer marketing in the U.S. and Canada. See how we worked with top brands across different verticals to achieve standout results. influencer marketing Latest marketing and advertising news for influencer marketing, including insights and opinions. Participants included activists like #MeToo founder, Tarana Burke, co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter, Melina Abdullah and “Pose” star and trans-rights activist, Angelica Ross. OUR FOREVER HOME FLIP Business Insider recently shared our 50-page COVID-19 report on “how brands can still leverage influencers at home and best practices to follow when running a social media campaign.”. We share our client case studies across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok complete with each brand’s goal(s) and results (including engagement rate, views, and creative campaign assets developed). Verizon, REI, Starbucks and many more have pulled their Facebook Ads indefinitely (some including Instagram) in response to the #StopHateforProfit campaign from the NAACP and ADA (Anti-Defamation League). Previously, Reels was tested in France, Germany, Brazil and India ahead of its U.S. release date. TikTok Category: Recipes/Cooking. Nothing is going to happen to TikTok — TikTok will continue thriving for sure. Mediakix partnered with Scout Social to share data insights illustrating the far-reaching impact that Black Lives Matter and related campaigns have made on social media. Due to its effectiveness, influencer marketing has transcended being a novelty into a major and indispensable advertising channel for brands of all kinds. Additionally, Instagram may designate some Reels as “Featured.”. My team and I will always jump on new features and test them out and see how they work for what we create. When Reels debuted, some people likened it to the roll out of Instagram Stories and how it majorly affected Snapchat’s growth. As protests swept the nation this June, Black Lives Matter social media played a key role in the sharing of information and keeping audiences in the know. Many social platforms and tech companies decided to do more than just share messages of support – they put their money where their mouth is. So when Reels launched in early August, I wanted to be an early adopter and share my favorite short-form travel videos on there. I think the future of TikTok is bright. One of the issues I have run into with Reels, is that my content is often long, transformation-style videos that require more than 15 seconds (unlike TikTok — which allows 60 second videos — Reels only allows 15 seconds). The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Influencer Marketing - Entrepreneur.