We’ve also helped our clients earn more than 4.6 million leads in the same period, allowing hundreds of companies to grow their businesses. Their machine learning and artificial intelligence features allow your company to gain data-driven recommendations and strategies, as well as receive a competitive campaign that pushes your business ahead and knocks your competition down. How? As a leading global influencer marketing agency, Socially Powerful guarantees results that will outperform traditional marketing channels. For example, maybe your campaign focused on earning more email subscribers, which allows your company, or digital marketing agency, to leverage email marketing for lead nurturing. Sitemap, Digital Marketing Setting campaign specifics for budget, timing, goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) we’ll use to measure and track performance, specific requests we’re asking of the influencers, how the campaign will carry out across channels, and more. Within this though, is the ability to build effective working relationships between influencer and client. In addition to supplying the influencer with product samples for review, allowing them to advertise a coupon code typically results in ROI for both you and the influencer. Though offering an influencer a flat fee for their participation in the campaign may be your preferred method, oftentimes influencer relationships involve a hybrid scenario where they can earn commission on sales derived from the use of their unique discount code. Without being able to inspect a product in person, recommendations from trusted sources are powerful. That Drives Results®. It works to build relationships that help brands earn loyal customers. Why? Conducting a target analysis will help you fully understand your ideal audience and their needs. When searching for influencers for your brand, consider the following factors: How much does a Influencer Marketing Agency cost? This is an extremely affordable option to start organic buzz about your products and get content ideal to repost on your social media profiles. Our influencers are encouraged to discuss why they love using your brand’s products and mention that they are available on Amazon. Leads and Sales Conversions through Referral Traffic – Determine which influencer content is driving traffic to your site by using Google Analytics, trackable links, promo codes, and more. This report provides an overview of potential influencers to partner with, as well as a summary of their performance. With MarketingCloudFX, as well as your dedicated outreach specialist, it becomes easy to see how your influencer marketing campaign benefited your business. If you can engage an influencer’s passion, and work with them to craft a compelling logical appeal, then their efforts can sway hearts and minds. This allows us to find influencers who align with your goals. Your dedicated outreach specialist also conducts an in-depth analysis of your competitors with MarketingCloudFX, as well as other tools. In some instances, a user may not even become a lead. At The Influencer Marketing Factory, we provide exceptional digital marketing services, from influencer marketing campaign creation to talent management, passing by social media and native ads management. We help talents, creators and influencers get the best deals, supporting  their personal branding thanks to PR activities. And, what are your campaign objectives? ‍. Ready to reap the benefits of influencer marketing, but without the hassle of finding and launching a campaign? Below, you can see our complete pricing table for our influencer marketing services, providing your team a full view on our influencer marketing plans. When you partner with influencers, you can reuse the high-quality content they produce for your brand’s social channels, website, and Amazon listings. Consumers trust the opinions of their peers and influencers more than advertising. Understanding your Influencer Marketing goals. We use influencer marketing to reach the other 51%. | Nano-influencers, who have an extremely niche community with less than 1,000 followers. When joining forces on a project, we are passionate about getting the best results for our clients. Word of mouth marketing remains one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Explore best practices for digital marketing, inventory management, brand protection, and more. Influencer marketing can also move consumers through your buying funnel faster. 4+ years running Amazon influencer campaigns. The only thing that connects us more than social media is consumption, which is why influencer marketing will only continue to spark new opportunities. Each Influencer Marketing campaign is tailored to your business and goals. From one-time sponsored posts to long-term collaborations, our digital strategists have the skills and experience necessary to dream up effective, engaging campaigns. While many influencer marketing agencies focus on cookie-cutter approaches to influencer marketing, we make personalized strategies the standard. That’s why our client retention rate is 91 percent. At WebFX, we share and publish our influencer marketing prices online. Not only do they deliver results and achieve your goals but they also invest the time to learn your industry and answer your questions. As a data-driven, performance influencer marketing agency, we understand the importance of data. Many brands are still challenged on how to make influencer marketing a smart, long-term investment that impacts sales? From growing their businesses to expanding their teams, our clients have accomplished their biggest goals with our innovative and custom digital marketing strategies. Today, it costs 10 times more to retain an existing customer than to earn a new one. Working with influencers in an industry that overlaps is complementary because it helps you reach a different audience. For a brand, influencer marketing doesn’t just result in a sway of public opinion, it results in action. Once we’ve nailed down these questions, we can move along to outreach. Our team wants to know about your company’s goals, products, and industries. We believe we can help. Influencers spend years gaining the respect of their followers, making them the ideal advocates for your brand. Our performance- and data-driven influencer marketing services can help your company maximize its online presence, as well as accelerate its sales.