Cars that are designed for passive keyless entry often feature keyless start as well, which simply requires the driver to push a button. Give your pony the luxurious convenience of Passive Keyless Entry & Push Button Start! Our Intelligent Keyless Push Button Start systems use RFID Technology (Radio Frequency IDentification), to completely eliminate your ignition switch and provide secure operation of your vehicle with just the push of a button. Individual smart keys may be customized for specific drivers, adjusting seat and mirror positions automatically, for example, or setting the car's radio to the driver's chosen station. (That combination is sometimes called passive entry/passive start or PEPS.) With 2 OEM Key Fobs. Push button works well, brake and press and it starts, however you have to brake and press for 1.5 seconds to turn it off, no big deal to me. An after market system like this is likely to be significantly compromised in some way, and not nearly as integrated and seamless as a factory system. Of course had to use a bypass module so one key is effectively gone. The new iKey-M will add the same Keyless Access and Keyless Ignition operation found on the latest model Mustang's to any 2010 - 2014 model. Just bought a FGX falcon and want to add Keyless Push Button Start and Passive Keyless entry to it. It did require the key to be cut and left in the accessory position so the wheel wouldn't lock but the ignition wires are off so that won't start the car. Passive Keyless Entry and Push Button Start (iKey-M) by Digital Guard Dawg®. Color DIY Manual.