I just went to buy it last week after seeing it on CG lists, but read the ingredients in store, just in case. It's not on the curly girl approved list, but the ingredients seem pretty innocuous: Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Ethyl Hexanediol, Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Fragrance (Parfum) It's suppose to get rid of build up and dandruff, which I want to do, since a lot … :.). Enter the name of the product. Is it really better than using a credit card? To buy: $12; amazon.com. While shampoo should be avoided with the Method, conditioner should be your hair’s best friend. Making looks for less is one of my favorite things, I stayed up way too late last night sketching and, The plans for today include playing at a playgroun, Sometimes it’s difficult to slow down, reflect a, Wait, it’s the end of summer? Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Hair Dryer. Onedor Wide Tooth Wooden Comb. The Curly Girl Method calls for conditioner to be liberally slathered on to help moisturize curls and bring them back to life. A quick Google / YouTube search will be a good place to start. 2. Pingback: How to protect your hair when you straighten itModlyChic, Pingback: How To Grow Your Hair Out - ModlyChic, As a curly haired woman I appreciate this post and I have saved it. Feasting may look a little different this year. Want to know if a product is Curly Girl Method approved? It looks like you're new here. LA Looks Extreme Sport Alcohol-Free Hair Gel. Funkidivagirl recently posted..A New Year, A New Look – No More Dreadlocks. Thankfully, there are plenty of budget-friendly AND curly girl method approved products at the drugstore! If you’re searching for the perfect curly girl gel, here are 25 to consider: For me, it feels like it doesn’t cleanse as much as I would like. Offers may be subject to change without notice. They work really well, make my hair unbelievably soft and they smell great too. It takes some getting used to, but it is so worth the effort! Thanks for the list! Love the way it makes my curls look. Right now, I am still washing daily (except on weekends) and blowing it dry/styling with a blowdry brush. For Styling: You want to stay away from products that include: silicone, parabens, and phthalates. I’m interested in trying this method as well once my hair gets a little longer. Ever since I had my daughter my hair is so curly! Forms a loose “S” very easily straightened, Forms a definite “S” shaped like a corkscrew, Very tight curl when stretched creates an “S”, Hair intentionally matted to form "ropes", Guides and resources for easy product selection, Learn how to read your hair product labels, Easy-to-make recipes for all your haircare needs, Our editors share their top hair and skincare products, Community member favorites make up this coveted list, Share your style and browse the style of others, Chat with curl friends about your favorite curly topics. For Conditioners: You want to avoid products that contain the following items in the ingredient list: silicone. Except, of course, for gel, which is a key ingredient in shaping curls. Bonus of this one is that it is easy to find at most places you usually shop for hair products. A huge focus of the program is finding Curly Girl–approved products and learning which haircare ingredients to avoid and which hair-nourishing ingredients to use instead. Shopping through these links supports the further development of Curly Girl Approved. Where can I buy them? A Guide to Common CGM Issues. Here are a few to help your curls stand out and your frizz stand down. Don’t stress about the math - just follow our turkey cooking chart, Made with products you probably have on hand, These simple stretches reduce muscle tension and stiffness. Since it may take some time to find what works best for your hair, we at The Right Hairstyles have compiled a shortlist to help you in your search. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Treat Shaping Jelly. Here are a few Curly Girl Method–approved products you can still use as part of your weekly washing. Renpure Argan Oil Moisture Rich Shampoo – If you want something that feels a little more like a shampoo than some of the no-poo options this is the way to go. I used to hate my type 2 waves because they were frizzy and dry. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Curly Girl Problems! To buy: $6; amazon.com. It isn’t just removing shampoo from your routine. 4. Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. A site to help you know what hair products are approved for the Curly Girl (or Guy) Method. 4. Suave Essentials Conditioner in Tropical Coconut. Hello, I’ve found your photos on the curly girl method and feel I need to bring it to your attention that a couple of the products you are recommending are actually not cg friendly. Committed to using only the best ingredients for noticeably healthier hair, HASK is a unique product line which uses exotic blends of ingredients found around the world. I, Let’s talk fabric stash for day 4 of ⁣#sewyour, Day 1 of #sewyourselfsustainable hosted by @newcra. Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Leave-in Conditioner – Second favorite leave-in conditioner. I apply it just after the shower and then add my styling gel in right after. Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Hair Gel – Inexpensive styling gel. Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Conditioner. HASK is a collection of hair care products featuring exotic ingredients from around the world. Curly Girl Microfiber Hair Towel. technically as does the second. Wen products have silicones and aren’t CG friendly. A New Year, A New Look – No More Dreadlocks, How To Get Your Best Curls After Every Wash – ModlyChic, Curly Girl Method Approved Products » Products, FREE, WORLDWIDE, SHIPPING, SAMPLES, BEAUTY » Urban Angels, How To Preserve Your Curl Memory - ModlyChicModlyChic, How to protect your hair when you straighten itModlyChic, Ion Curl Solutions, Conditioning Curl Whip, Marc Anthony, Strictly Curls, Curl Defining Lotion, Deva Curl, Light Defining Gel OR Styling Cream. Enter ingredients. I have been using theproducts from Pro Naturals and works really well for my hair . Credit: Want to see how I can help you do the same? You can use CurlsBot to look for curly girl method approved products. Pingback: How To Preserve Your Curl Memory - ModlyChicModlyChic. Agoprime recently posted..TARTAN SHIRT AND PINK SKIRT. And of course, half the battle is just finding gels that are Curly Girl Approved. When was the last time you felt beautiful? Never heard of the Curly Girl Method? This list has you covered! It has become quite the sensation in recent years thanks to thousands of before and after photos posted to social media by devout followers showing just what kind of magic the Method (paired with Curly Girl Method products) can work. RELATED: 5 Must-Know Rules for Styling Second-Day Hair. The removal of shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates is critical. Never heard of the Curly Girl Method? 3. Shop White Sheath Dresses, White Jeans, Tunic Dresses, White Pumps Heels and more. Curly Girl Method Approved Products. Yes To Cucumbers Colour Protect Shampoo. Recently, while on the brink of panic, I found myself scrummaging (scrambling + rummaging, you're welcome) for something to wash my hair with because my Bae was running low and I wanted to conserve. Loreal EverCurl. Which one are you using? Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel. Hey I posted this in the general discussion forum too, but it might get better attention here. So frustrating that they would change the ingredients to include something that so many people try to stay away from. A little goes a long way so the small bottle actually lasts longer than you might expect. Not sure if your Thanksgiving dinner is done? Enter the ingredients separated by commas. It leaves hair looking crispy when it dries, but nothing a couple good scrunches won’t alleviate. To buy: $12; amazon.com. My hair often feels greasy after using it as both a cleanser and then a conditioner. To buy: $5; amazon.com. No, it won’t lather up in your hair like a usual shampoo but it will get the cleansing job done. Your email address will not be published. If you want to get in on the Curly Girl Method, it’s critical that you do your homework first. I made that mistake a couple times so I now read the back of all bottles before purchasing. I picked up the Hask Monoi Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner at Ulta two weeks ago. In brief, the Curly Girl Method means throwing out all the shampoo bottles and using conditioner to both cleanse and condition your hair. Welcome to Curly Girl Approved. 75% out after leaving it in while shaving, etc in the shower, plopped, and did not use any styling products. Sign up for my 5-day email series and I'll tell you all about it! To buy: $34; amazon.com. I’ll need to update the list! 2. Never heard of the Curly Girl Method? I also have a post affordable and clean curly girl method approved products and another on my favorite curly girl approved products for fine curly hair. Good to see the curly one at your website , the good appearance. Also, be aware that sometimes companies might make a Curly Girl approved conditioner or styling product but the rest of the line is not CG-approved. Here are a few haircare goodies you can stock your bathroom with to give you better hair tomorrow and for the rest of your life. 3. 3. Make sure to double check the ingredients before you buy.