Finally, if you felt, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Spirit is indeed calling you to exercise, especially if confirmed by human mediums such as your doctor, then perhaps you may have some moral culpability if you fail to follow the Spirit’s lead. Maybe keeping a garden, if you have one, and planting things that need tending instead of just having a lawn? With Extreme Faith and Fitness it is time to let our faith guide our fitness! It’s about priorities. May the Holy Spirit direct your discernment! By not exercising you might be unintentionally killing yourself (although, funnily enough, the same argument could possibly be made for breathing), but this paragraph states that you would not be morally liable for having committed a sin. Just Me. Click to bring extreme faith and fitness to your email automatically everytime a new post is made! I know we are to care for our bodies but it’s hard to exercise 15 - 30 or whatever in a day. Maybe doing 10-20 sit-ups and press-ups in the morning or evening and offering them up as penance? ( Log Out /  Change ). In their culture there was a designated area where couples could bring their babies who were deformed or even the “wrong” sex then they wanted, and they would drop them off like yesterdays trash, where they would then be collected by people to be used as slaves or prostitutes. I know we are to care for our bodies but it’s hard to exercise 15 - 30 or whatever in a day. No, working out is healthy. Since when are instructed to “tempt your brother and hope they fall to an areas God has brought them out of”? You don’t need to go mad in the gym to stay healthy, just have a more actove approach to your normal life. Home workout no equipment include over 100 exercise for workout at home The warm up and stretching routines are designed 3D modeling to make sure you exercise in a scientific way. Sloth is a sin when we willfully shirk our work, but there is no obligation on the Christian to have a regular excercise program. However, I find that for far to long its message has been over looked for its words and has given American Christians an excuse to ignore their health and live a secular “if it tastes good; do it” mentality. Sign in. Why it is a Sin to Skip your Leg Day Workout. "By the time I drive to a gym, work out, shower, change clothes, drive back, etc. I have an assistance band set and I have gotten a lot stronger with eccentric chin ups. Paul recognizes that there is some value to our body’s health and wellbeing, but certainly it is not, nor should ever be a god; this is no different than any other thing. For official apologetics resources please visit. I found the health decay to be ever so real recently when at a church function I found a fellow church member waving a rice crispy treat under my nose in an attempt to “tempt” me into having one. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It consists of just basic compound lifts. Hi, I'm a Christian guy and I like to work out. Everybody has at least some time to at least some exercise. Now, let’s take the context of the Roman Empire era and compare it to our own. If so what kind of sin. Exercise is Sin. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. it's almost a two hour ordeal. Teach your sister under the radar how to take care of herself before it's too late. How to use workout in a sentence. To discipline yourself. One thing that is commonly pointed out to Extreme Faith and Fitness (like we’ve never read our Bible) is the verse of I Timothy 4.8 “For bodily exercise profits a little…” to which I reply, “What is the context of that verse?” No one really seems to know; the only part they like is that it gets them off the hook to partaking in anything that resembles healthy living and they do it under the bounds of appearing spiritual.