This training, like all yoga teacher trainings will feel intense, but what makes Living Soul unique is that it is Christ-centered and there are only an average of 5-10 trainees at a time, giving you lots of personal attention. In this climate with Covid-19, online yoga teacher training is a safe way for you to get your YTT certification. Thank you! I think anything above 2 or 3 classes a week would be overwhelming. Every yoga studio is different. . How easy is it to pick up classes to teach? Can you share what you do for your home practice? Designed & Developed By Web Design Cannock. Tell us in the comments! Paige, thanks for the feedback! Your email address will not be published. I really had no plans to teach. Teachasana is a great resource for advice on picking up classes, structuring workshops, growing your yoga business, and more. With schools around the world and online in all different areas of focus, you can choose the perfect yoga training program for you. What is your experience with the financial and time commitment? We absolutely LOVE online learning environments however sometimes cannot be taught online: adjustments, public speaking, hold space, learning how to observe your class and make changes on the fly. Hence, it is designed in order to motivate and guide future yoga teachers. You can find out more information by looking at our available 200-hour courses on our website here My good friend Lisa owns The Space Above Yoga Center, where I practice. Yoga for the body you have today! And there are more intense schedules than that, of course – you can complete your training in an intense two weeks or one month course. The course itself is run in Florida and is part of the continuing education offered by the Yoga Alliance and held at the Full Circle Yoga School. ; Marketing on our RYT directory, where you can list where you teach and tell the world more about who you are as a yoga teacher. Conveniences of … Sandra Holliday. Accredited By Yoga Alliance International. I haven’t fully made up my mind about taking the plunge or not, but am definitely making a concerted effort to fit yoga in every day, starting with my 21-day yoga challenge: (my blog is definitely not as pretty as yours, though!). In my opinion, yoga teacher training only benefits people who want to teach. She certifies yoga teachers through the Yoga for All online training she co-created with Dianne Bondy, as well as leading Accessible Yoga teacher trainings. Make sure it’s comfortable and … And here’s where I’m going to contradict myself. My training program lasts over a year – every 5-6 weeks, I spend a whole weekend (Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday) in training. If a 200-hour yoga, 19-day yoga experience seems too long, there are shorter courses on offer such as this Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. The added bonus is that it costs much less than it normally would. She has programs in Virginia Beach, Blacksburg, Va., and Beckley, West Virginia. It may be worth it for new teachers lacking other credentials – I am not sure. But if you decide that online is best for you, what makes it worth the investment?More flexible optionsOnline learning is very common these days. Yoga teacher training online would be suitable for anyone who just wants to learn the philosophy, history, etc. In fact, many people prefer to learn in this way, especially as it’s a much more flexible form of learning than a class-based course. I discovered that I had a passion for sharing yoga with the “yoga misfits” – those of us with big bodies, injuries, and creaky joints – and I never would have realized that had I not gone through the training. If you have children or caring responsibilities – or you’re holding down a full time job – online yoga teacher training can be a much easier way to fit the training you need to do into your life. Do you feel like you’ll recoup your investment? However, I have an opportunity to start next spring, but I want to make sure it’s financially sound. I have a contradictory answer. And I found out through the course that I did want to teach. Cost of Yoga Teacher Training in India; The yoga teacher training course (TTC) fills up the gap between ancient traditions and modern science. Another perk of My Joy Yoga in particular is the self-paced program. Yoga Alliance International (YAI) is a network of dedicated, like-minded people and institutions devoted to the cause of authentic Yoga. She had wanted to offer a class geared toward larger-bodied yogis for some time. In 14 years of teaching, I have never been asked to present YA cert for a yoga teaching job. Getting your yoga teacher certificate online might sound a little peculiar. I had wanted to get my 200-hour TTC, but it’s expensive around here (~$2,300) and I had put it on the back burner to focus on other priorities. This is something I’m working on for myself, after 15 years as a highly erratic yogi! For over 10 students you get $20 more, and so on. I wanted to address this in a Q&A post in case others were searching online and might find the information helpful. Self-paced learning Yoga teacher training courses vary in style and structure depending on the type of course. So for example – 5 students or under, you get a certain amount. So your mileage may vary. Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It and why should I do it? As a RYT, you get all the benefits of a Yoga Alliance membership, like: An internationally-recognized credential that shows you have met our minimum standards of yoga training. Build a Mailing List ASAP. I think you’re spot on about doing retreats/ workshops first. If you took your 200-hour certification from another school, you’ll have to … However, Yoga Course is the world’s first and only online yoga teacher training course which will give you a professional accreditation from Yoga Alliance International. I just love the spiritual aspect of it and it really gives me such a deep sense of calm and balance. And, in 2014, to address the yoga community’s request for more oversight, Yoga Alliance introduced a social-credentialing system that requires new teacher-training grads to rate their teacher training program if they want their RYT designation—a mandatory, but non-anonymous, Yelp of sorts for Registered Yoga Schools. I’ve been taking yoga classes and I just feel so drawn to study it further and to teach it to others. We can do an entire day of work from our laptops! Why train online? We have taught yoga teacher training in many different formats over the years. You can acquire qualifications for just about anything by taking a course online, from patisserie skills through to dog training. If you can swing it, yoga teacher training will change your life. See my answer above about doing retreats vs. teacher training. That’s when taking a yoga teacher training program online could be really helpful for those who need a more flexible program.