Get a Free 30-Day Trial of Our PM Software, Secrets to a Great Project Manager Resume, skills, experience and training necessary, project manager salary statistics for 2019, Top 3 Project Management Skills Every Manager Needs, 15 Free Project Management Training Videos, Top 5 Team Management Skills Every Manager Needs. That sounds a lot like what a project manager does in any industry. A specialized master's degree in IT project management… That’s always a plus. For instance, maybe you’re a project manager in a different industry, or maybe you have some other management-related position. But some people ask about ITIL and ITSM. Above all, the most essential of your project management software requirements checklist is the need for a straightforward system. Maybe like operations, marketing, or even finance. Got targeted learning goals? We are seeking a skilled IT project manager to join our growing team. So some of the job skills they look for is someone with technical management and a technical understanding. They could be a techie or they could be some other role in IT already, so they have an interest in the project management piece. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn! Browse top-rated degrees from accredited universities, professional certificates, and self-paced online courses matching IT project managers' education requirements. To get into the IT career as a project manager requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or business management… IT PMs write project plans detailing a project's goals, technologies, systems, schedules, budget and personnel. If you’re not currently involved in IT, there are still avenues that can lead to an IT project management position. Also, staffing the roles on the project, problem-solving things that come up, data center management. They also wanna make sure that the person can analyze information because, in IT, there’s a lot of data and metrics that go. They could also be non-IT, meaning they could be in a different business unit. IT project managers monitor, analyze & summarize performance and trends to create project status reports. But there’s also a specific IT training dealing with technology, specific understanding how to manage projects around infrastructure, hardware, software, maybe again networks, and now, security is so important. Private training centers also offer specialized courses and certificate programs in the latest PM tools and techniques, including prep for industry certifications, such as PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP), the preeminent globally-recognized credential for project managers. For clarification, she went on to note some unique aspects of the job, by detailing the skills and qualifications needed to work as an IT project manager: Jennifer noted that there are many entry points into working as an IT project manager. Ability to analyze information and gleam insights from data, Good at informing others and at communicating with many different teams. IT project management is here to stay, and you should feel confident in pursuing this career if job security and upward mobility are key concerns. Not every project is managed using the Agile or Scrum methodology, so you may not need it. Your IT project management training, experience & certifications qualifies you for a wide range of positions including: Admissions advisors can provide more info about IT project management programs and curriculum, admissions & start dates, career placement, tuition costs, and personalized financial aid & scholarship options. So here are…when you’re looking at the career path, how to get there, so you wanna look at the skills, experience, and training that you have already, and you want to compare that to an IT project manager and the specific type of projects you’re interested in working in. You can leverage that experience for landing a job as a manager in information technology. Organizations across the globe are implementing specialized, project-based methods to achieve IT goals on-time and under budget, skyrocketing IT project manager to one of the fastest growing career paths. If you want to become an IT project manager, Jennifer said she’s happy to hear that because that means you are motivated and have a specific goal. Conducting forecasts to identify the technological requirements of an organization is also part of the IT project manager description. Jennifer added that some people ask her how Scrum and Agile or other certifications fit in. So again, they have an interest in becoming a project manager for the IT part of the project. Make sure to add requirements… So if you need a tool that help you become an IT project manager, then sign up for our software now at Compare the top-rated IT project management training programs in the U.S. and online below. Average salary for IT project managers (USA): $129,875, App Development Project Manager: $93,000 - $157,500, Software Development Product Manager: $101,750 - 171,750, Information Security Manager: $116,000 - $199,750, Vice President of Technology: $139,500 - $237,000, Chief Technology Officer (CTO): $147,750 - $263,000, Chief Security Officer (CSO): $148,000 - $270,000, Chief Information Officer (CIO): $171,750 - $293,000. Once you’ve identified them, you can begin to create a plan and work towards filling those holes in your resume. IT project managers plan, execute and finalize technology projects on schedule, under budget and to scope. Opportunity for advancement and earning potential in this field are excellent; the average salary for IT project managers in the U.S. is $127,500, and this role can be a springboard to C-level positions like CIO and CTO where salaries can soar into the high six figures.