Suzuki GSX-S750: Price, mileage, top speed, and much more about the bike. While I’m not a huge fan of the Gixxes’ headlight housing, I like it loads better than the bug-like thing on the front of the MT-09, so score another point for the GSX-S. Yamaha does get one thing right; the rear end is made clean by the one-side hugger that mounts the plate down low and eliminates the need for a hangey-downey mudguard, and I do like that. The S750 is a comfortable bike to sit on and the low seat height makes parking easy. It was time well spent with the bike, and for its form factor, it is surprisingly good.Â, 1. Nevertheless, it can comfortably accommodate a small medical kit. The motorcycle offers a sporty seating position and 2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 Review. The fat upside down front forks make it look even more aggressive.Â, Suzuki GSX-S750: Price, mileage, top speed, and much more about the bike. However, out on the road, the smallest of bumps make the ride uncomfortable.Â, The fact that Suzuki has not overloaded the bike with electronics makes it more intuitive to ride. 2020 Suzuki GSX-S750 Specifications, Review, Features, Colors, and Photos. Suzuki GSX-S750: Whip up a storm Suzuki's aggressive stance in the market, belting out a string of upgrades to its already popular models, is good news if you are a bike lover. Additionally, the Throttle-body Integrated Idle Speed Control helps stabilize the engine and reduce emissions, and the Low RPM Assist allows for smooth transitions and stable revs along with a little built-in anti-stall insurance. A2 licence-friendly Suzuki GSX-S750 . The twin 310mm rotors upfront offer ample braking prowess, though any true blue biker will vouch that ABS can be slightly intrusive at times. 2, GSX-S750Z ABS:Glass Sparkle Black/Pearl Glacier White, Nissin, 4-piston, twin disc (S750 ABS: ABS-equipped). There’s no shortage of likely candidates from which to choose, but I want to hit up Yamaha for its recently-renamed (over here, anyway) MT-09 for my head-to-head, so here we go. A2 licence-friendly Suzuki GSX-S750 . I’m not a fan of that look, but I’ll concede that it’s typical of the genre and move on. The 2020 GSX-S750 comes sans ABS, but the lineup includes an ABS model in the custom-flavored, “Z” blackout package that the factory hopes will cover all the bases in the mid-size naked-sport sector. Suzuki shuffled its “standard” selections ahead of MY2019 with a new powerplant based on the proven Gixxer mill. The shorter final gear ratio enables the new GSX-S750 accelerate quicker than the prior model while the additional engine power maintains the same top speed potential. The 2020 GSX-S750 rolls for $8,499, and the “Z” model with ABS will set you back a mere $8,899. A faster bike needs better brakes and the Nissin two-piece radial mounted callipers work brilliantly in the S750, with more than enough performance to pull the bike down from any speed. I feel like a full-on hugger and sideplate would look better, but there’s always the aftermarket for that. Suzuki GSX-S750: Whip up a storm Suzuki's aggressive stance in the market, belting out a string of upgrades to its already popular models, is good news if you are a bike lover. The bones of the beast are an interesting point; the factory cross-bred a tubular-girder streetbike frame with a sportbike’s twin-spar skeleton to make a hybrid structure. Sharp creases on its bodywork, including the fuel tank, side panels and the belly pan, give the GSX-S750 a muscular look. Another highlight of the engine, or to be more specific the exhaust system, is the clever combination of air-box and exhaust tuning. Maybe that’s just me, but there it is. Well, you can count on something in the neighborhood of 110-horsepower with a 465-pound curb weight and some thrilling acceleration for your riding enjoyment. 2020 Suzuki GSX-S750 Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links The 2020 GSX-S750 is a naked sport bike from Suzuki that’s a fantastic middleweight machine for the money. Image Source:,, 2017 - 2020 TopSpeed’s 2020 Suzuki Buying Guide, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. The suspension is on the firm side, which makes it a perfect tool for some track time. Your legs may feel a bit tucked up initially, but you get used to it after a few kilometres on it. Check Out Rival Motorcycles, Latest News and Updates on the Suzuki GSX-S750 in India. Shorter gearing gives the 2018 GSX-S750 outstanding acceleration, while the top speed remains unchanged due to the additional power being capable of pulling higher in sixth. GSXS750 2017 top speed test: When Suzuki introduced the new GSX-S750 this year, Suzuki was finally back in the NakedBike range. In 2018 the firm revaled a 47bhp A2 licence-friendly version of the GSX-S750, ... Top speed: 120 mph: 1/4 mile acceleration-Tank range: 150 miles: Especially the favorable price and the fact that one of the best Suzuki engines in the GSX-S750 is installed, makes the motorcycle particularly interesting and favourable to ride on twisty country roads. ABS comes standard on the MT as it does with the S750Z for 2020. If that ain’t enough, you’re looking at the wrong kind of bike, mate. It’s liquid-cooled, so you can count on relatively stable engine temps, and while that’s great for emission control it’s also good to keep you from getting roasted alive every time you come to a stop. Top speed of Suzuki GSX S750 is . It is available in two new colour options — metallic matte black and pearl glacier white, both with updated graphics, 3. Right off the bat you’ll notice the Yamaha is more of a proper naked. Suzuki GSX-S750 Pricing MSRP on the S750 is just under $8.5k, which isn't bad considering the electronics package you get. Weighing in at  215kg (kerb weight), it is certainly not the lightest bike in its segment.Â, The new GSX-S makes 114.2 ps @ 10,500rpm, and 81Nm @ 9000rpm. The pressure needed to apply the brakes is minimal for the effect achieved.Â. Power and agility (read: fun) come together with Spartan looks and a modicum of comfort on these bikes. A pair of four-piston Monobloc Nissin calipers bite dual 310 mm front discs with a single-pot anchor out back. The cyclops headlight housing presents a rather Transformer-ish face to the world with stubby turn-signal standoffs and the suggestion of a bikini flyscreen up top. All the information is accessed via the same, all-digital instrument cluster as the GSX-S1000. A set of cheek fairings make a weak attempt at shrouding the radiator, but I gotta’ say I’m a fan of the chin fairing/bellypan that dresses the Gixxes up just a skosh beyond the mainstream naked bikes. Out back, the taillight rides tucked up under the tip of the tail with a standoff-style mudguard mount for the tag and turn signals, and a secondary hugger that protects the backside of the drivetrain and the rear suspension. The GSX-S750 can accelerate from 0-100kmph in 4.31 seconds, 4. The engine refinement and the performance of the bike are aided by the slick shifting six-speed gearbox. The S750 gets the LCD dash straight off its 1000cc sibling and a three-step traction control system, which can be toggled off, with the flick of a switch on the fly. © Copyright TopSpeed. Yamaha powers its entry with its CP3 “Crossplane” triple that manages a total of 847 cc, and it comes with much the same electronics as the Gixxess, so neither really gain anything here. It carries the bare minimum of body coverage with only a minimal radiator shroud and a few vanity covers to hide the steering head above a bare-arse-naked drivetrain that leads the way with exposed exhaust headers and nothing else. The looks may be different, but the intended use is the same; it’s meant to be a commuter, or a ride for folks who are looking for a sport-bike experience but would rather not be forced into the Superman/jockey riding position all the time.