15:00 Efficiency Analysis to evaluate a Breast Cancer Screening Campaign: A Case Study from Tunisia, Safa Bhar Layeb (National Engineering School of Tunis, University of Tunis El Manar, Tunis & UR-OASIS : Optimization and Analysis of Service and Industrial Systems Laboratory, Tunisia); Najla Aissaoui (LR-OASIS, National Engineering School of Carthage, Tunisia); Nouha Ben Fatma and Mohamed Frikha (National Engineering School of Tunis, University Tunis El Manar, Tunisia); Zied Jemai (University of Tunis Elmanar, Tunisia); Nadra Bohli (National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Carthage University, Tunisia); Chokri Hamouda (National Authority for Assessment and Accreditation in Healthcare, Tunisia). The Centre has presented two options before the states to bridge their goods and services tax (GST) revenue shortfall. Notified on April 1 as a part of the National Policy on Electronics. This is an autonomous accreditation body that was set up by the Government of India in 1997 for quality assurance in all fields, including governance. In a world battered by the COVID pandemic, the demand for healthy and safe food is already showing an upward trend and hence this is an opportune moment to be captured for a win-win situation for our farmers, consumers and the environment. Intrusion detection systems are tools to detect attacks, but they suffer from an inability to detect unknown attacks. Mahatma Gandhi described Tilak as 'the maker of modern India'. It is one of the most recent Deep Learning approaches primitively built using single shot detection proposal. Nuakhai Juhar is the agricultural festival is also called Nuakhai Parab or Nuakahi Bhetghat. This paper presents the architecture of IoT and services provided by different protocols. In 2006, the Government of India renamed the PTGs as PVTGs. This paper provides a knowhow of data analytics in IoT and presents the benefits of data analytics in IoT applications. As security and privacy challenges are increasing day by day, RFID technology should be improved with its strategies and tactics. She is one of the many Karuna (compassion) dolls being made across the country to highlight the plight of artisans during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this paper the method is used to study the performance of Dow Jones Industrial Average comparing with Islamic Market Index. In this proposed paper the grid is supplied by the Wind Power which is the first converted to DC using DC-DC converter then fed to DC link bus and then converted into AC using an inverter. The painting would be done over a brown background which would basically be a mixture of mud and cow dung cakes. The bill also proposes written consent by individuals to be obtained before the collection of their DNA samples. 10:10 Electricity Power Demand Comparative Analysis of District Cooling and Conventional Cooling Systems – Case Study in Diyar Al Muharraq (DAM) Development Project, Abdulla Ashoor Helal and Ahmed Abdalla (University of Bahrain, Bahrain). 10:20 A Noninvasive Approach Using Multi-tier Deep Learning Classifier for the Detection and Classification of Breast Neoplasm Based on the Staging of Tumor Growth, Renjith Vs and Subha Hency (Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, India). Girls and young women are likely to be disproportionately affected as school closures make them more vulnerable to child marriage, early pregnancy and gender-based violence. The newly developed technique is tested for a 10 unit generating unit system with 5 % and 10 % spinning reserve and also compared with solar and wind power. The main contribution of this study is to propose an automated prediction system for PM10. 11:30 Fuzzy decision support system for risk analysis in urban requalification project, Jose Leao (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil); Marcele Elisa Fontana (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Brazil). There are two types of Submarine fibre cables: unrepeatered and repeatered. The aim of study is to investigate the linkage among Quality of work life and Burnout in Indian IT organizations. Increase in vehicle ownership, combined with the lack of vehicle battery recycling regulation and infrastructure. Pakistan has control over the western rivers– Indus, Chenab, and Jhelum. The findings reveal that deterioration of macroeconomic factors and economic shock increase banks credit risk. To sort out these issues, an unsupervised machine learning technique with partition clustering algorithm is implemented to figure out the occurrence of crack or sedimentation inside the pipelines in the premature stage during the long run passage of oil through pipelines. Therefore, we used thermal images and videos possessed from thermal cameras of UAV 1m to 50m above ground level as our dataset in building the model and testing. This paper presents a literature review on IoT architectures for air quality monitoring using LoRa communication technology. The experiments are performed on the Pima Indians diabetes dataset, which contains many missing values. NIP is a first-of-its-kind initiative to provide world-class infrastructure across the country and improve the quality of life for all citizens. Improvement of detection tools to classify acute or chronic sinusitis is required because of its impact on the patient’s treatment. A curative petition may be filed after a review plea against the final conviction is dismissed. The best operating point of the sieve that permits the lowest moisture content was identified as 3.0 g-force; 5.0% concentration and 13 kg/min flow rate. It wants to improve the usage of digital financial services in a safe and secure manner.