Being a kid, he can also fit through spaces that are too small for the others. . Most of what she does to Harman is done out of Checkbox using her as an "alter ego" via hypnotism. Their actions and targets would be predicted in advance by the artist of the Handsome Men comic, Trevor Pearlharbor. Having developed a personal hatred for the Smiles, he then hacked into Miss Jacob, a US Government fortune telling machine, and learned of the existence of the Last Shot Smile. Her pistol has a very handy scope. The man who guards the Vinculum Gate, which leads to the Colosseum in which new Heaven Smiles are tested. Two elderly members of the Japanese UN party. In the past, she was one of Harman's personae, as Samantha Smith. Has a strong hatred for Dan Smith. Working together these personalities are the Killer 7. He wields a powerful revolver which can unleash a massive blast of energy called the Collateral Shot. Curtis Blackburn's adopted daughter. When the lights are on, she's a moody, foul-mouthed Alpha Bitch who thinks nothing of physically abusing the comatose Harman. The secretary to Toru Fukushima, working in his restaurant. Garcian's informant who provides information about targets and assignments. Garcian Smith - the most dominant of Harman's multiple personalities, he uses a silenced pistol and carries an attache case with him everywhere. The Seven Black Smiles, the only things in the game that can kill off killer7 personae for good, The second form, when Nightmare creates the Black Smiles, until Garcian comes out. Anonymous, infinite in number, and. A man hired by a man named Emir to gather info on the killer7. Also, he has very high health, at the end, he is the only member of the killer7 left, all the other personas' weapons being in his briefcase. His special power gives a massive boost to his running speed. Originally designed by the military to fight the Heaven Smile, they defected and began committing terrorism instead. "We're in a tight spot!" An assassin currently in the business of abducting orphans and harvesting their organs to sell on the black market for use in creating the Heaven Smile. A 60-year old wheelchair bound assassin who carries a Barret M82 rifle and has the power of the God Killer, which he uses to take down the Heaven's Smile. Extremely agile and the youngest member of the Killer7, Con Smith is blind but makes up for it with his superhuman sense of hearing. A suave, detached man whose job as a "cleaner" leaves him without remorse for the dead. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from In his previous life, he used normal disguises; he was killed in a failed bellhop disguise, This means there's something wrong with him, since all of the Remnant Psyches have a backstory. He is implied to have been highly popular and successful as a wrestler, until his sudden disappearance from the wrestling circuit. After the reveal that he's an amnesiac Emir, he begins visibly panicking and refuses to believe it's the truth. Throughout the game, he appears with a mask on his right hand. For example, Kaede can bleed at will while Coyote can pick locks. He's not a member of the group, but is close to them and knows everything about them. Dan, for example, is a true marksman, while Coyote is an experienced thief with exceptional movement. As indicated by Young Harman, a plot-important and bonus playable character, there are at least two Harmans, and possibly more. According to the book's timeline, this is the result of a, as well as the fact that he seems to be immortal and have multiple manifestations, Garcian is the true protagonist and host personality, not Harman, even though Harman is painted as the leader. Powers and abilities [edit | edit source] While he does not wield guns like the rest of the killer7, Kevin is able to throw knives with perfect accuracy (without ever needing to invest in the Waver statistic, which is replaced by an Invisibility one that instead increases the length of time he may remain invisible) and without the need of reloading. Villain of the Cloudman chapter of Killer7, Andrei Ulmeyda is the volitile cult leader who runs the fictional First Life Inc. Curtis Blackburn's cosplaying adopted daughter. Once an average mailman, Ulmeyda found a portion of the Yakumo Policy and used the instructions contained within it to establish a powerful cult devoted to him and become the head of a multi-million dollar corporation. Heaven Smiles are ordinary people infected by a virus that turns them into strangely coloured, ever-smirking, ever-cackling zombies, whose only means of attack is suicide-bombing their target. terrified of being mutated into a Heaven Smile and wouldn't dare risk challenging the condition. Dan Smith is one of the Smith personae in the Capcom action game, Killer7. Between gun battles, Killer 7 throws in a few puzzles that usually revolve around your character's special abilities. If you haven't, please let the Republic Party make the most of your precious vote, thank you and have a nice day. He later revives his ultimate weapon: the Demon Gun. He was a previously a major character in Flower, Sun and Rain. She teleports away instead of battling Garcian. An elderly old man in a wheelchair who spends most of his time in a comatose state getting abused by his maid, Samantha.