The rest of the team - the ‘minnows’ will be spread out on the baseline. Continue this pattern, dribbling low and high, like a yo-yo. Make it easier:  Wait an extra beat or two before throwing the ball out, giving the players a little more time to react and set up on defense and offense. There’s nothing wrong with adding complexity to your practice programs, drills, and training protocols when it’s necessary. On the coach’s signal, the dribbler will dribble out to halfcourt and down the opposite sideline, trying to get back to ‘home’ as fast as they can. Make it easier:  Give the shooting team two balls so that they can get more shot attempts up quickly. Third-grade boys will love this drill because it combines the classic elementary-school game of tag with an essential basketball … Another player comes out the line to rinse and repeat the cycle until everyone gets a shot. With every shot made before you hit HORSE you get a single point. Sure, these drills will help to train better shots, better ball skills, and better decision-making. Have the players get in a line and assign each player a number. Try our beginner basketball drills for some inspiration. The player won’t know which of the defenders is going to actually be the “active defender” until that player identifies themselves by making a play on the basket. The players will reset and then attempt to go end to end once again, continuing until all players have become sharks. Object of the game is to be the first player to dribble the ball up the court and cross the finish line. If one challenge is too difficult, just move on to another one. Flip it, turn around, clap, and catch it. Players have to dribble to advance up the floor. Now you can run an amazing basketball practice that rapidly boosts your team's skill level... with just 30 seconds of practice time!“ No stress. Bounce the ball, turn around in place, and catch it. A fun, fast-paced basketball drill for kids - works on shooting free throws under pressure and high-speed ballhandling. That’s why coaches developed the “games approach” to practice. There’s a reason why some of the most successful athletes in all of history routinely credit the coaches they had in high school for the success they were able to enjoy later down the line. All organized into 6 printable practice plans you can take right to the gym! All rights reserved. Basketball Drills for Kids Ball Handling Challenge. Many of these athletes are just getting started with the basics and haven’t yet hit more serious and more competitive levels. Photo: Some rights reserved by USAG-Humphreys. Let it bounce if you need to. All of these skills are critical for success on the basketball floor today at every level. Start by crouching down as low as possible while dribbling. Toss ball up, touch the floor, and catch it. © Copyright 2020 - Kids Activities | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions |kid activities is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Catch it after one bounce, 2 bounces, etc. Bounce the ball as high as possible, run under it, and catch it. Give the minnow a basketball but make sure that the sharks don’t have one. Just don’t do it for the sake of doing it, though. When ready, roll the ball out towards the 3 point line. Let them learn the hard lessons through losses that are inevitable rather than adding more to their plate and potentially discouraging them from the game of basketball altogether. The player with the ball will then execute one of the different ball handler options you are teaching off the screen before they pick, pop, and shoot the ball. As soon as they get down the court and back they are to shoot a basket (from anywhere on the floor) until it goes in. This is going to help them get into a better shooting rhythm and also help them focus on building improve coordination. Also - challenge the dribbling team to dribble exclusively with their weak hand, or to work on certain moves at each line intersection. Players begin shooting baskets from that initial position until they sink a shot. Below, you’ll find our Top 5 Basketball Drills for Kids. Now try to bounce it from the back to the front and catch it with your hands in front of you. See how long you can continue without messing up. When it comes to kids basketball drills, fun is the name of the game! Coach stands at one end of the court while all the players line up on the other end. At the whistle, the objective for the minnow is to dribble from one baseline to the next without ever having their ball knocked away or stolen from them. Challenge them to hop and pop from awkward positions when they are running this drill all on their own. Then start running through the same five incremental stations with the defender trying to block shots every time all over again. Split the team into two lines and have them setup on the baseline. According to Keven A. Prusak, author of "Basketball Fun and Games: 50 Skill-Building Activities for Children," basketball drills for children in kindergarten … Have each player face one another without being able to change positions as they go up and down the court. This drill, though will have you playing HORSE against yourself. Players are going to learn how to move quickly, shoot under duress, and shoot from awkward angles. The player with the fastest time is crowned the three point around the world champion. It’s amazing just how many coaches hold off on these kinds of drills until much later because they don’t want to overwhelm kids. 16 control dribbling drills that will improve ball handling skills in youth basketball players. This is often a mentorship position that can last a lifetime. Players are times from the moment they shoot their first basket until they shoot their last successful one. No reproduction permitted without permission. The dribbling team will be acting as ‘baserunners’, while the shooting team is trying to get them ‘out’ by hitting a jumpshot.