All spray-free. Add content to this section using the sidebar. You can try to identify the graft joint: anything below it will be rootstock shoots, and above it will be kumquat. In winter, space the watering in order to let the soil dry up deep down before watering again. Like many other fruits, they're versatile and can be used in many ways. Height – 6 to 13 feet (2 to 4 meters) Exposure – full sun Harvest – November to January. Kumquat growing outdoor by Jan Friedrich under © CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Share your garden joys & woes! Name – Fortunella japonica Family – Rutaceae (Rue family) Type – fruit shrub Foliage – evergreen. Although the kumquat can resist to freezing temperatures, its fruits will fall with the first frost. Harvest – November to January. He has six vegetable gardens, a 7-meter glass house, and 35-tree orchard that provide food for his family. You'll likely get a high yield, so plan accordingly to avoid waste. Indeed, not only the flesh but also the skin of the kumquat is edible. Kumquats are a type of citrus fruit. Anticipate repotting in a pot that is slightly larger than the previous every 2 or 3 years on average. They're beautiful plants, so you'll likely enjoy having them around. Humidity is important when growing kumquats. Disclosure. And, they're easy to care for, so they're perfect for new citrus growers. Here's how to care for a kumquat tree to grow tangy, bite-sized fruits. Kumquats do not need thinning. A member of the citrus family, kumquats (Fortunella spp.) Once fully grown, the fruit develops a rich skin colour, and is ready to pick but can also be 'stored' on the tree. Kumquats aren't as common as some other types of fruit. Hi Michele, lucky you got back in time! Indoors, they can be grown in pots. Family – Rutaceae (Rue family) Don't forget to fertilize! An ideal solution is to pour in a layer of gravel, clay pebbles or rocks. Growing trees is fun, but if you want to have delicious, seasonal citrus fruit right away, join the Craft Citrus Club! My 20year old potted cumquat was neglected for 6 months by tenants and nearly dead when we returned to our home. Any suggestions? Type – fruit shrub You can also input citrus plant fertilizer during the entire growing phase. In winter, if you fear particularly strong freezing and it is grown in a pot, bring it in a cool and well-lit room where it never freezes. It comes from the rootstock, which is usually a very different plant from the kumquat graft that’s above it. Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois): Are you looking to add variety to your fruit and vegetable growing? Make sure you mist them or provide a humidifier if the air in your home is on the dry side. They're only considered a minor type of citrus in Florida. For now, feel free to continue reading. If you choose to grow your kumquats outside, the trees are likely to get quite a bit bigger. The roots will always favor their own shoots over grafted ones. The planting, repotting, care, watering and pruning of kumquat are steps to take to grow a very nice plant. This is because the rootstock is chosen for the strength and resilience of its roots, and not at all for the quality of the fruits. Get a curated box of fresh-harvested citrus fruit from South Texas sent to your door every month! We were able to save it, but now there is only one small branch (which I think comes from the grafted part) bearing 3 fruit and the rest of the tree has reverted to something else with thorns and a large leaf. If you plan to grow your tree(s) outside, it's best to live in warm states, such as Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Arizona. Kumquats need a lot of water. Growing Kumquats: Best Varieties, Planting, Care, Problems and Harvest. Indoors and in a pot, simply set it in a well-lit spot but avoid direct sunlight during the hottest hours. If you need to re-pot the tree, make sure you use potting soil that's meant for use with citrus and cacti. How to Care for a Kumquat Tree. How do you care for a kumquat tree? What you’ll need to do is prune off the thorny growth that clearly has different leaves. Single kumquat by Jacqueline Macou ★ under Pixabay license Kumquats are some of the easiest citrus fruit trees to grow. Craig is a self-sufficiency gardener who lives in Auckland, New Zealand. To rebalance the silhouette of your kumquat, prune lightly in spring after the harvest, or just after repotting if it is a potted specimen. If the kumquat is container grown, bring it indoors or to a sheltered area. When the top couple inches of soil is dry again, that means it's time to water. Exposure – full sun As part of your kumquat tree care, you should keep the soil moist around young trees, but not wet or soggy. They're only considered a minor type of citrus in Florida. Kumquat tree with fruit by Hans Braxmeier under Pixabay license Keep reading to find out. Are you looking to add variety to your fruit and vegetable growing? In which case, mix soil mix into your garden soil and ensure that your soil drains well.