reliability ? Lastly, The Kwa Lm4 is an Awesome gun and if youre on a budget just get the Maple leaf EVO III hop up tensioner set and bucking and the EVO II housing hood . I run a real steel EXPS 2-0 and an Aimpoint Pro so to get my moneys worth I needed to have that receiver. lol Everything can always be improved,,,,,,,,,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Bits and bobs : You can find weird buffers, buffer locks, triggers, a couple of different selector switches, if you are handy with a a file you can have those weird bolt release "battery assist" thingies as well, you can also find various "hardened steel" bits and bobs for the trigger group from Wii Tech, again you pretty much have an aftermarket replacement for every part in the gun, the thing is most of them don't really offer any improvement and may even cause problems you never had. But if you cant do that i recommend this bucking with the maple leaf EVO ii or EVO iii hopup tensioners. Which is good. Monday-Friday | 9:00am-5:00pm lm4 series. Username or email address  *, Email address  *, Password  *. Stock KWA GBBR hop up is terrible, but there is a 3D printed hop up upgrade that makes it better and allows you to use WE buckings and GBB barrels. Assumption: Test how many shots a single KWA Green Gas can provide. LM4C GBB Rifle: 920 total rounds The LM4 has a surprising amount of aftermarket support, you can find virtually all the parts, say you can put on a GHK, but you have to go trough some dodgy sites (at first) to find them, Google is your best friend. This led to the creation of the M16 which has served as the backbone of the U.S. Military for more than 40 years. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. better options ? what are some must do upgrades ? These fuckers are SOLID. Grips and stocks : Any RS Grip will fit (no reason to buy airsoft specific ones when a MOE is 20 bucks) , but you'll have to use KWA's screw from the old grip, and as for stocks, just get the PTS Ergo F93, no stock is better than that (a bit heavy tho). LM4C GBB Rifle: 1x green gas + 4 LM4 Magazines and for upgrades ? Charging Handles : PTS has two models of "gamer gun" style ones, choose the Raptor one (or whatever it's called like) the Mega Arms Slidelock eats into your upper. Alright, so i don't actually own the LM4, I own it's gayer cousin the Mega Arms MKM AR 15 CQB GBB by PTS and OEM'd by KSC , why gayer ? The KWA LM4 RIS Professional Training Rifle is an ATF approved gas blowback AR style rifle available in the United States. Maximum quantity available reached. Press J to jump to the feed. It’s been about 30 odd degrees lately at our fields during game times and I don’t notice any difference at all in my gun with the changes of the weather so you should be good on that. It’s totally field able and a normal person probably wouldn’t even notice but I have to have a 400 FPS rifle because I’m spoiled lol, If u have any more questions I got u just ask, Overall if you have the money I would definitely recommend. Results: efficiency ? This innovative weapon utilized aircraft technology to lighten the rifle’s overall weight. I Highly recomend my setup. kit, you will enjoy improved stability while shooting, better innerbarrel rotation and more. Looks good but to adjust looks annoying. Phone Support: 626.581.1777, *Yes, I read & understand the Privacy Policy. It’s definitely not cheap pot metal. Well I know the buffer stop is one of the weak points in the gun, other than that I'm not sure, I'm fairly new to LM4s. thanks alot knowleadgeable person of the internet, I live in the cold city of Boston, this gun works pretty damn good in the cold compared to other gas guns, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Email: I own the Airsoft Enginuity grub screw Hop Up unit as well but I havent used it. Watch the video to learn how. Other details such as the operational forward assist and bolt catch feature provides the user unparalleled realism by mimicking fundamental AR15 weapon manipulation. The LM4 RIS PTR buffer tube has the same diameter of a MilSpec Stock which allows operators to customize to their weapon configuration. YSC Aluminum Bolt Carrier (Black) For KSC M4 Ver.2 GBB Rifle, YSC Aluminum Bolt Carrier (Gold) For KSC M4 Ver.2 GBB Rifle, The Jäger Cave The Recoil Buffer For Marui / KSC / KWA / WE M4 GBBR, The Jäger Cave 120% Recoil Spring For Marui / KSC / KWA / WE M4 GBBR, Guarder Recoil Buffer for KSC/VFC/WE M4 GBB (2018 New Version), Guarder Steel Parts Kits for KSC M4 GBB VER.2, Guarder Steel Forward Assist for KSC M4 GBB Ver.2, Guarder URX3 8.0 Rail System - For KSC / KWA GBB Series, Guarder Trigger Guard for MARUI/KSC/KJ M4 GBB, Guarder Steel Forward Assist for KSC M4 GBB, Guarder Hop Up Bucking for KSC/KWA MAGPUL LM4 GBB (Ver.2).