$ 121.00 AVAILABLE SIZE Shades you might like Shade you might like 50 ml Size: Item. I think the problem is many people overspray it, I just put a small dab on the inside of my elbows and it lasts for hours. LVEB smells like perfume, vaguely as in "this person is wearing perfume and it smells sweet but there's nothing really standing out about it apart from the fact that it is, indeed, perfume". It is beautiful, Classy, graceful and JOYFUL. i’m talking full femininity here. lasting power is promising, i get majority of the day wear from it. if (id && variant_ids[id]) { Not that it's bad, but I can't think natural beauty. Veuillez l’activer pour profiter de toutes les fonctionnalités de ce site. I don't understand the love for this one, but I do like some flankers. At first I was hoping it would change as I wear it - nope - still nauseating. I just got this...seriously. It starts off a bit overpowering but once you pass that stage, it dries down quite pleasantly. It's timeless, feminine, and elegant. I love La Vie Est Belle. I don't know what it is but I cannot get into this one. It has good sillage, but be mindful of how much you apply and where you will be. Such a shame because I really wanted to own this iconic perfume. Overspray and it will give you and everyone around you a blinding headache. Treat LVEB with respect and it will love back. After I got samples of LVEB again and again and always ignored them because I know the scent and smell it on others all the time, I finally decided to give it another try on my skin and review it. Finally tried this omnipresent fragrance on my skin, after ignoring it for years in department stores due to the hype. Fragrance Reviews: 998236 Love at first sniff. I did smell a sample of LVEB Intense and went on to buy this but was SO disappointed. Both have a pear opening. I am quite sensitive to patchouli in fragrances and I can definitely say that I can smell the patchouli in this. La Vie Est Belle was created by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. Technically brilliant and reportedly made from fine raw materials, LVEB is fatally flawed because it is so monstrously loud. Reminds me of a Guerlain and perhaps even something Sophia Grojsman would create. I went from dislike to like to love then again dislike. Retrouvez les meilleures offres de l’année. Yes everyone wears this perfume, yes you can smell it every where, but guess what ? Anyways, old but gold. For me there is a huge similarity with Flowerbomb edp by Viktor and Rolf, i like LVEB better though. I’m not a fan of sweet scents so beware if this is biased. Floral patchouli bomb with a bit of fruit, definitely smells better a few hours into wear when the top notes have worn off, I finally get a soft fruity vanilla at the end but it takes at least a few hours to get there. Its actually too sweet and cloying on my skin. You definitely get your money’s worth with this. Pure ecstasy! I use to like this smell, but no it's to overhyped. Unfortunately, midnightauro is right. One of those scents that smell better on other people than yourself. Maybe my skin changed with age or hormones but it appeared less ‘choky’ and the lasting power was less than 3 hours. this was a gift. It boarded on a bit overwhelming at times but overall was enjoyable. This is just too over bearing for me even in cold weather, I would prefer to wear La Nuit Tresor EDP, than this. Ajoutez une touche de beauté à votre messagerie. In the original version, praline with currant and patchouli reigned, in the new version, praline with tonka and patchouli. I lost my house and entire perfume collection to a California fire in Oct of 2019 and I have been , slowly repurchasing the loves from my collection. Well... the exact same thing happened to me. It's feminine, but not much else. A bit of a guilty pleasure fragrance - incredibly fruity and sweet, very girly. but people should learn to not spritz more than once. I haven’t found ONE that matches up to the beauty of La Vie Est Belle. It is a must for gourmand lovers. For those who love it, just use it. Perfume is on the market to make us feel better about ourselves in the first place, ladies. Except it isn't only the teenagers who wear this. but i needed to wait a year for try this on my skin. Spread happiness with La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum. La rive is a duoe brand that cooperates with big name brands, so they are very legitimate. OMG....I’m over 45! This reminds me of a modern age no. it's still the best sillage performer. i probably enjoy this one because vanilla is one of my favourite scents in a perfume. I can see why people like it, but it's just floral powdery sweet overload for me. I am basic. I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT. I am wearing this now (received a sample) and I really do not like it at all. Veuillez saisir votre adresse e-mail ci-dessous afin que nous vous informions lorsque cet article sera à nouveau disponible. If you love them both, I really don't think that it's redundant to have them both in your collection. Overpowering and sharply sweet. This was my first gourmand perfume. I dont know anyone esle who wears it. Faites plaisir à vos proches et profitez jusqu'à -50% sur les coffrets bientôt arrêtés. I love gourmands perfumes but this one for me is not, my husband gave it to me years ago, and when I want a perfume I always want 100ml, so I told him I wanted the largest bottle ... big mistake I could only use it for two days, I did not know how to remove the scent from my clothes! One of the most popular perfumes and one of the most overrated perfumes. This scent on opening is undeniably Lancome and evokes the memory (or at least the "feeling") of some of their other fragrances. I am not trying to offend anybody but, the honest way I see it, wearing this - perfume - is a crime. Perfumes: 62720 La Vie Est Belle was launched in 2012. For me it is so easy going that I could sleep with it!;). Pour chaque commande passée du 17/11 au 30/11/2020, Lancôme offre un coffret ou un parfum à l'association. Nous nous réjouissons de vous servir en ligne maintenant et à l'avenir. I used to consider this my signature but it’s popularity put me off a little so I went crazy shopping around for other perfumes that could be my new signature. It's that type of perfume that could suit all occasions, and that you wear all the time. Great projection and long lasting. We bought it because of the hype and we’re not dissapointed at all. I loved the sweet aspect of it and I never found it sickly sweet at the time. In my skin it smells like patchouli and praline and it is both sweet and sour. It seems to be made more for the night rather than for the day and especially for the workplace. Actress Julia Roberts is the face of the campaign, shot by director Tarsem Singh. I love the original LVEB. LVEB is more bold. Fragrancebuy Canada, the revolution is here. Use body lotions, shower gels and body fragrances for a perfect routine. Smelling it reminds me what's so different about expensive perfumes. The smell is the same, but the power is diminished. This was one of the first repurchases. Body Lotion. I first tried la vie about 4 yrs ago or more. In the summer heat it might get cloying. I just wished it wasn't that popular. Same with all the flankers of this I tried. That’s exactly what it is to me. La Vie est Belle is incredibly beautiful and feminine, elegant and pretty - although I would definitely say to use it sparingly. This is such a beautiful scent with the fruitiness and powdery on top. La vie est Belle is a beautiful blackberry vanilla with woods in the background to my nose. This one gets compared to V+F Flowerbomb a lot. Even now I wasn't sure I could dedicate myself even to 30ml, so I chose to get a 4ml sample bottle. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this amazingly gorgeous and perfect fragrance. Plus some kind of minty herb which is probably patchouli but smells camphorous. it very well made and it's a bit different from most 'pretty-pretty' perfumes. Bought this a few years ago after tested it for a few times. I know that a lot of people wear this perfume, but I have to say, it’s inevitable. And the smell itself has changed. So, if you want a very sweet perfume that has beast sillage and performance, this one is for you. Your skin is instantly smoothed and illuminated to its most beautiful self. Today I compared La Vie Est Belle (LVEB) by Lancôme with Flowerbomb (FB) by Viktor & Rolf (V&R) and I have to say, I really love them both. To me, the body wash is much more subtle and less cloying. Fast delivery, full service customer support.