I believe that this response is unfair because ____ (the reason you feel the company has an obligation to you). Respectfully submitted, Miller & Zois, LLC Rodney M. Gaston 1 South St, #2450 Baltimore, MD 21202 (410) 779-4600 (410) 760-8922 (facsimile) Attorneys for Plaintiffs, Respectfully submitted, Miller & Zois, LLC Ronald V. Miller, Jr. 1 South St, #2450 Baltimore, MD 21202 (410)779-4600 (410)760-8922 (fax), Sample Negligence Complaint: How to File a Negligence Lawsuit. Leave a Reply. CC: (local consumer group) (appropriate government agencies). When I first learned of this problem, I contacted ____ (name of the person, date of the call) at your company, and was told that nothing could be done about my problem. All cases are handled and responded to by any governmental authority that promulgates legal statutes and enforces governing laws. that; In witness thereof, I, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. the California Constitution, Article VI, Section 10, because this case is a cause not given by statute to other trial courts. Sample Complaints. I am complaining because ____ (the reason you are dissatisfied). Please do not include any confidential or sensitive information in a contact form, text message, or voicemail. Just search on our website and have instant access to thousands of free and premium legal agreements, contract, documents, forms, letters, etc used on a daily basis by professionals in your industry. If I do not hear from you within ____ days I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal alternatives. Customers should never be passed around from one person to the next as this may only aggravate the situation. thanx?Stic Travels reviewsStic Travels ComplaintsStic Travels Court Casecomplaints against Stic Travel. tel. | Dwight Eisenhower, Allbusinesstemplates.com is a website by 2018 © ABT ltd. Pay close attention to the available legal template by browsing through the list. Sample Legal Form - Complaint in a Civil Case JOHN RUNDLETT, INC - Plaintiff v DONALD POSNER - Defendant. AllBusinessTemplates is the #1 source for Legal templates! That at all times relevant, the Defendant employed various medical providers, nurses, and medical staff, at its Hospital located at 251 East Antietam Street, Hagerstown, MD to include but not limited to Mohamed Malik, M.D., and Ronnie Schmidt, R.N., and these employees/servants/agents were acting within the scope of their employment with the Defendant when they rendered medical care to the late Kenneth Parks. This is important to give consideration on how to communicate and how to remain lawful in your day-to-day business activities. Both parties involved should also make sure that they attend the follow-up meetings to be able to let their side of the story be heard. Sample Legal Complaint. Poging Attorney -versus-Mr. Uchiha Sasuke, Defendant. Plaintiff will amend this complaint to allege their true names and capacities when ascertained. That at all times relevant herein the Defendant owned and operated a Hospital located at 251 East Antietam Street, Hagerstown MD. If I should thereafter learn that a similar action or proceeding has been filed or is pending before the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, or any other tribunal or agency, I undertake to report that fact within five (5) days therefrom to this Honorable Court. Any form of complaint should not be taken for granted and must be properly addressed to avoid, at the very worst, litigation. Official Complaint Forms are necessary to be able to let both parties involved properly explain their side of the story. Plaintiff John Adams (hereinafter “Plaintiff”), makes the following allegations, This Court has jurisdiction over all causes of action asserted herein pursuant to, This Court has jurisdiction over all Defendants because all Defendants are, Venue is proper because the causes of action stated herein arose in this judicial. Plaintiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that, at all times herein. Plaintiff Attorney Legal Information Center.