project manager reviewed the submitted inventories and resolved any omissions or questions. determined and communicated responsibilities and procedures for ongoing updates and use of inventories. The load capacities of these two products are not the same. endobj If some of the collection is always checked out, then the official collection size for a branch can be larger than what will fit on the shelves. the purchase, removal, or trading of shelving between branches; the availability of new material types; and. 418-598-3381. The phrase “comfort factor” comes from the PLA book Managing for Results.1 It refers to the percentage of items physically in place that allows for shelving ease and merchandising. ÷ (divided by) the average width of the books you own. For the newest branches, we knew the amount owned of each type of shelving and the correct initial collection size. The following two tables show the load capacity, in pounds, based on the variables mentioned above. In the older branches, though, much had changed since we planned the shelving and the correct opening-day collection size. 1. A branch representative will be responsible for updating inventories every six months or sooner if major changes occur. That means it offers just under 180" of shelf. The second is the type of decking chosen, and the third is the type of beam used. stream Again, you can do this the nitpicky way by measuring each book's width, adding them all up, then dividing by the total (200), or you can make a rougher guess. Obviously, the recommended size of a library's collections (including the number of electronic workstations needed—see Step 3), will determine how much floor space is needed for the collections. by Rose M. Frase & Susan G. Waxter on April 30, 2013. A value of 35 pounds per running foot is used by some for library shelving. The load capacity depends on several variables. each single faced unit with 5 shelves (60" shelving) ===120 v. each double faced unit with 5 shelves (60" shelving) ===240 v. each single faced unit with 3 shelves (42" shelving) ====72 v. each double faced unit with 3 shelves (42" shelving) ===144 v. endobj In this case, you could estimate by stacking those books as tall as the shelf will allow, then adding the length of the tallest book in that stack to the width of your other books to calculate the average. 5.1 Library Shelving Installation 27 5.2 Shelving Types 29 6. First, get a tape measure to find out how wide each shelf is. JK enjoys big questions and interrogations. It requires more aisle room than standard or compact shelving. Once we had received the inventories, the project team had to agree on several assumptions. and divide by the total number of books to get the average width. Chat with Us To calculate the number of items that would fit on shelving, we needed to know the number of items per foot for each part of the collection. 50 E Huron Chicago, IL 60611 Materials with unique formats, such as music CDs and magazines, are on dedicated shelving and were treated differently in the inventory. Learn more », PL and PLonline are the only industry publications focused entirely on public libraries and public librarians. At the same time, the need for large reference sets has decreased almost to the point of non-existence, which has freed up areas that previously held that kind of material. These galleries are organised to reflect what we believe are the key elements of good library design, supporting a customer-centred approach to provide a high quality library service. Next, multiply that number by the bookcase's total number of shelves. The following table will tell you the load capacity of each shelf in your shelving system based on the variables mentioned above. The inventory sheet shown is just one page of several in the Microsoft Excel workbook that comprise the inventory for each branch. All Metro Library locations are in the "Grab & Go" stage. Over time, even with weeding, collections tend to mushroom in some or allareas. SHELVING INSTALLATION 32 9. It shows how the decking or shelf attaches to the upright. But what if you're starting with books, but no shelf? See the following image for the different dimensions. For example, if the total shelving capacity for a branch is 50,000 and one-third of the collection is out at any time, then the number of items that can be assigned to that branch is 50,000 × 1.5 (the reciprocal of one minus one-third). The library is an important selling point for the university. +1.418.598.3381 (International), Distributor Customer Service: These branches have greater flexibility for rearranging collections and merchandising. Recent publishing and library trends have also changed requirements for materials. This type of shelving is a fixed framework of individual shelves can be pulled out into the aisle.