Learn more about the 387LM, a universal keyless entry garage door keypad and system from LiftMaster. 3 Position DIP Switches (Chamberlain, Craftsman, Liftmaster, Master Mechanic and Do It … The 387LM is technology meeting performance, and works as a … To program the Liftmaster 387LM Universal Wireless Keypad you will first need to determine what brand garage door opener you have and if has DIP switches or a learn button for programming. For every dip switch in the ON or Positive position, record a number 1. Programming Instructions for the 387LM Universal Keypad Record the dip switch sequence inside one of your remotes before performing the steps below. Before you begin programming, make sure to have the following: Your 4 digit PIN number you want to use; The brand ID of your opener, refer to chart in the instructions; A ladder at the opener to access the Program/Learn button This article will help you to be successful when programming your 387LM/387LMC Keyless Entry. For every switch in the OFF or Negative position, record a number 2. Helpful pdf guide to the chamberlain 387lm keypad with reprogramming instructions and guide to reset my opener or troubleshoot my garage door opener.