Picture hot summer days where you can head straight to the sea after work – that kind of work-life balance is in a whole other world. Brighton. Bournemouth is lovely too but wouldn't live too close to town centre - it can get rather rowdy in the evenings. Comparisons improve with every new data that you enter. Even on a rainy day the Lanes are still buzzing with atmosphere. Despite the remarkable similarities of both being seaside towns right next to National Parks and offering a variety of higher education, I would put forth the argument that Brighton is a more exciting and unique place to opt to spend your student years. QUIZ: Can you tell whether these rogue British uni names are real or fake? 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Would you like to live and work in Brighton? Bournemouth receives up to 25pc more sunshinethan the UK average during the summer months. The quality of beaches themselves is not important; we're more interested in just walking along the seafront and visiting the town. From the upmarket Churchill Square to the individual boutiques and vintage shops hosted by the Lanes, I never fail to spot one item of clothing that causes me to question if I should not eat for a day to afford it (we’ve all been there). Compare Cities However, I constantly find myself drawing comparisons between the two, as fond as I am of both, and was intrigued to see which would win in the battle of the seaside towns, Brighton vs. Bournemouth. What is living in Brighton like? I haven’t even begun to talk about the bars either, or the host of live music available. The reason its beaches are particularly appealing is the stunning weather. The beach at Bournemouth is certainly a lot better than Brighton - which has always struck me as a bit scruffy. > I could write reams of biased material of how brilliant Sussex is, however in terms of population we are the smaller university in comparison to Brighton, which is, well, Brighton Uni. and. Copyright © 2009-2020 Numbeo. That said, its sandy beaches and outstanding sunshine are enough to lure top talent from far and wide. Having recently visited Komedia for the first time and having paid five pound for the pleasure of having watched a wide variety of comedians live, there’s not quite anything like it in Bournemouth. Cost of living index in Bournemouth … He is currently facing a £10,000 fine from Sussex Police, The campaign urges businesses to make simple change in recognition of non-binary title, Sussex never disappoints in the fashion category, They outline 15 concerns with the compulsory nature of face-to-face teaching, Get some fresh air and get that body movin’, Sussex library has never seen such savagery, The number of staff and students self-isolating has dramatically decreased, It is the first rally of its kind to take place in years, Because even when lockdown feels bad, food is always good, Workouts, meal plans, and ideas to get you through the second lockdown and beyond, 2020 has been rough, but there is help out there, Anti-maskers, licking money and other horror stories, They can take between two and 12 months to be closed, The information was given in an email sent out this evening, We can’t be there right now so let’s enjoy it through a little nostalgic homage, ‘I ain’t never seen two pretty universities in Brighton, it’s always one of em gotta be ugly’, Brighton and Hove City Council has received the largest grant of any local authority in the country, ‘Any body who has suffering from mental health issues will understand that support, when needed, is needed urgently’, The support staff have dropped from 42 to 39, Makes all those hours in the library seem worth it after all, Never forget the days when a Blackberry was the dream phone, We feel like we’ve been brought back just for the unis’ benefit, Before and after pics promote the narrative that weight is something to be ashamed of, Would have felt a lot better if Ant and Dec read them out I’m A Celeb style, She posted about losing three stone and one reply said it ‘makes me sick’, Ok but there is definitely no difference between a bisque, jus and gravy, You will never convince me Bishop Grosseteste uni exists, ‘Since when do American people use the term ‘mugged off’?’, I’ve waited so long to see Spencer back in the kitchen, Don’t know what I’m going to do without them.