“If you’re eating carbs all day long, your blood sugar is going to be high all day,” says Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, RD, CDE, based in New York City. Like protein, fiber keeps you full for longer and functioning at your best. Who needs high carb crackers when you can get the same crunch from low carb cucumber?! An apple, for instance, has the serving size set for you. Here at DMP we’re all about helping type 2 diabetics (and prediabetics) eat a healthy low carb diet. Thank you. Either way, today you’re in for a wonderful journey into the world of low carb snacks! Eggs are a rich source of vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, and other essential B vitamins. If I am misunderstanding the question please let me know. But we get it: Sometimes it can be just too tempting to grab a bag of chips from the vending machine when you’re hungry for a snack. That’s right, you can top cucumber crackers (that is, slices of cucumber) with anything from cheese to hummus to avocado to sliced deli meat. It is true that you need to avoid potatoes as much as possible- potatoes, including sweet potatoes, are just too high in carbohydrates to fit into a diabetic friendly diet. My serving portions of vegetables make my count more than 80 but i will adjust that. A big bowl of greens at any time of day will reduce inflammation, give you a plethora of vitamins and minerals, and may even help lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. Sauté shrimp in a bit of olive oil and garlic, and keep in the fridge for a quick protein punch any time of day. The avocado inside is a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats, and the crunchy cucumber will give you a big dose of vitamin K. We know, veggies might sound boring, but there are so many different delicious ways to serve your favorite vegetables sliced raw! Chicken breast is the ultimate carb free, protein heavy snack! I was diagnosed today with type 2 diabetes and I’m a bit lost. Low Carb Meal Planning for Type 2 Diabetes & Prediabetes, By Jedha: Nutritionist (MNutr) 17 Comments. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Thank you so much for this site and the weekly emails are wonderful. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and always have healthy snacks for diabetes on hand. – Diabetes Friendly Food List That’s important for people with diabetes because maintaining a healthy weight can help you gain control of the disease. As for erythritol, it is a sugar alcohol and all sugar alcohols get counted by half. Same goes for other sugar-free items, like cookies and candy. As you can see, diabetics (and prediabetics) can still eat deliciously, tasty food, without any feelings of deprivation! One ounce contains a whopping 5 grams of fiber and 15 grams of carbs, as well as 5 grams of healthy fat. The best part? Eggs, heart healthy olive oil, and low carb coconut flour come together to make these treats. Edamame is a fantastic low calorie source of iron and calcium that can help you build strong bones and keep your energy up throughout the day. Top the scooped out zucchini with your favorite pizza toppings like cheese, tomato sauce, olives, ham, and red pepper, and bake in the oven to make delicious pizza boats! Is there a book of the 40 Yummy Low Carb Snacks? Tuna has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular complications, and reduce inflammation. Their protein … Does that answer your question regarding the chocolate? A sugar-free muffin is still made with flour, and will still raise your blood sugar. Unlike most meat free protein sources, cottage cheese is actually a complete protein source (meaning it contains all of the necessary amino acids). It’s also a super low calorie, low carbohydrate snack (half a cup contains just 7 grams carbs) that tastes great topped with a small amount of nuts or blueberries. It’s just like your favorite deli sandwich, except it’s much kinder to your blood sugar: load up lettuce leaves with tomato, bacon, deli meat, avocado, and any condiments you like. . We’re going to keep on harping it home forever: leafy greens are the absolute #1 food to eat (for everyone, really)! Thanks for your kind words Melodie! Flavored yogurt and granola can be packed with sneaky-high amounts of sugar, and people with diabetes are also supposed to monitor their fresh fruit intake. Same goes for cheese-filled options. Serve in lettuce wraps or atop cucumber slices. One medium stalk of celery with one tablespoon of peanut butter is a super satisfying snack that will set you back just 4 grams of carbs. These fries are in the same vein as the kale chips we mentioned earlier: crunchy, addictive, and made of vegetables! Buy it as dark as possible for a lower sugar option that’s high in antioxidants and can improve mood and cognition. 10 high-fiber snacks. Olives are a great source of antioxidants (vitamin E), flavonoids, and polyphenolic compounds that all help to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Keeping snacks on hand is a smart idea for people with diabetes. Wrap a hard-boiled egg with a slice of your favorite cheddar or mozzarella for a delicious, protein heavy snack. I read what you wrote before about sugar alcohol and we should count half of it.