The gun Dr Light use can be a prototype of the Mega Buster for its similar apearence, and lack of charged shoots. After she disappears, Zero with a renewed spirit declares that he will see her again one day, finally giving him closure over her death. Buster Gun: a white gun what its canon look similar to the Mega Buster but a little bigger. Dr. Light is the world's most famous living scientist and the creator of Mega Man. His actual objective was to steal Lightanium rods developed by Dr. Light, which according to X were worth billions in the future, and which Sigma planned to use them to fund his war against the humans. He is introduced in Mega Man 3, and has appeared in many games since. After the Final Weapon is destroyed and Zero is on his way back to Earth, he thinks about the friends he couldn't save, especially Iris. When Dr. Wily grew jealous of Dr. Light's works receiving credit and his works not (in USA sources he's jealous because Light received all the credit for the team's work), he stole and reprogrammed Light's industrial robots, attempting to take over the world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. CutMan.EXE makes himself known to MegaMan.EXE following QuickMan.EXE's failure to destroy the dam. Dex has a younger brother named Chisao, who is seen infrequently in Battle Network, and a recurring character in the anime. Sigma appears as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite via downloadable content and is voiced by Chris Tergliafera. Reggae is a robotic bird who is the pet of Dr. Wily. Right. He had a twin brother, Hub Hikari, who died when they were young, and it is later revealed that MegaMan.EXE is actually Hub reincarnated as data. functions of a submarine. Once Zero has recovered and remembers his duties as a Hunter right after defeating Vile, he tells Iris that her dream is not possible. He is more advanced than Bomb Man, Crash Man and Nalpam Man. He also appears in the "Navi Mode" of Mega Man and Mega Man 6 in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection to provide gameplay hints to Mega Man. He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in the Japanese version and by Jon Bailey in the English dub. In the Japanese version, her hit single is titled "Anata no HEART ni Install!". Not long after that, he created a humanoid robot with a much more advanced A.I., DLN-000 Proto Man, the first "advanced robot", known as a Robot Master in some sources. Tundra Man is a robot created by Cossack Robot Laboratories where he works to monitor the environmental changes in the coldest environments until he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. Sigma (シグマ, Shiguma) is the primary antagonist of the Mega Man X series, considered to be the finest reploid of the time with circuitry designs meant to keep him from going Maverick. Lan is also known as to be dense when things aren't Net related. His Rebound Striker enables him to throw a ball that gets faster every time it bounces off a surface. Block Man is a stout robot manufactured by Nakaume Heavy Machinery that was used for exterior construction until he was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. In the anime, Lan eventually becomes a NetSaver (Net Savior), aiding the NetPolice in stopping crimes. Created by Dr. Light, Splash Woman is the first female Robot Master with a mermaid-like appearance who was built to save people from sinking ships until she was spared from being scrapped and tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him. In the game's story, he provides support for the heroes as they battle Ultron Sigma's forces.[23]. Outside of that, however, he often cracks jokes about "not being around" for Lan to wake him up, help with his homework, or if he can't win a NetBattle because he couldn't find a good BattleChip. DrillMan.EXE is voiced by. Lan Hikari (光 熱斗, Hikari Netto), is a fifth-grade student with a strong bond with his NetNavi, MegaMan. He is named after the Roman god of war and the fourth planet of the solar system. During the game's ending, Bass is shown deleting one such clone and swearing revenge upon mankind. Very loyal to humans and reploids, Signas will stop at nothing to ensure that all Mavericks are eliminated, as he has already proven to be a worthy leader and valuable Hunter. His main attack is the Black Hole, summoned by the ring he carries. He is introduced in Battle Network 4, as one of the scientists working together to prevent Duo's asteroid from striking the planet. After X and Zero defeats him, Doppler reveals that he was corrupted by the viral form of Sigma, who ordered him to create a new body for him. He is named after the Roman goddess of love and the second planet of the solar system. Mayl's name is a pun on the wasei-eigo word, 'mail'. An error in the English dub is that DrillMach.EXE was accidentally referred to as DrillMan.EXE. His name is based on Earth and the third planet of Solar System. Duo is a robot hailing from outer space, designed to preserve peace and justice in the universe. Though feeling guilty throughout the happenings, she assisted the Hunters in bringing Gate to justice. Mercury is one of the first group of Stardroids. His Commando Bomb fires out a missile that travels a straight path. His main attack is the Deep Digger, which functions similarly to Guts Man's Super Arm from the original, Pluto is in the second group of Stardroids. With the copy chip containing a copy of Sigma's DNA within the library of hundreds of others, they inherit Sigma's mindset and way of thinking, thus giving them the freedom to go Maverick at will. Following the events of X7, Sigma traveled back in time to Sonic the Hedgehog's home world, and later cloned the vast majority of the Mavericks featured in the series. Both IceMan.EXE and GutsMan.EXE have feelings for her though they cannot touch her as her program is different from that of a NetNavi. Unlike Mega Man, X seems to be able to copy a weapon multiple times-Mega Man can only use a copied weapon once (as he only copies it once), while X was seen copying and using Snake Man's weapon three times. After finally eradicating the Evil Energy on Earth, he thanks Mega Man and leaves Earth to resume his search. His Plant Barrier creates a barrier that takes the form of spotted flower petals. His Plug Ball shoots out spark balls that travel across the terrain to shock opponents. Instead they tell him about the their school's assembly that day that Light is scheduled to speak at about human/robot relations, and Aki is excited to hear about his battles during the Hard Age. The Mets appear in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a collectable trophy in both versions, as well as being enemies in the 3DS exclusive Smash Run mode. Light tells Aki that he doesn't think kids want to hear about his fighting during the war, and that war is an ugly matter that should always be a last resort, and that peace between humans and robots is more awesome. All of them reappear as bosses in Game Boy version of Mega Man V, and all of them also reappear as bosses in the DLC stages from Mega Man 10. Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Hard Man has a body made of ceratanium which makes him durable and also makes him heavy. While Dr. Light's Mega Man Battle Network counterpart is an entirely different character, Dr. Wily's counterpart, Lord Wily, is biologically identical to that of the original series.