In a larger post, the larger pool of officers could allow the officers to purchase meals on an individual meal basis (after payment of a small monthly dues amount). Internal administration and coordination of E-in-C’s Branch. These positions are normally spelled out in the mess constitution, which sets out the bylaws, regulations, and guidelines for such things as conduct of mess meetings, associate memberships, dress regulations within the mess, or booking of the mess by civilian organizations. Assist in formulation of policy and doctrines of camouflage and deception. Technical training of engineer units and personnel including planning of Post Graduate training. Performance Bonus and Increments. Organization of engineer units and establishments excluding Survey and MES (Military engineer services) units. modern French mettre), the original sense being "a course of a meal put on the table"; cfr. Also, every special meal brought by a crewmember, say celebrating a birthday or a rank promotion, is called Mess. Responsible to settle all irregularities and issues including audit objections in the management of work budget. Many of these establishments have lodger units (such as air squadrons, army regiments, etc.) In addition, duty personnel — such as a duty NCO or officer of the watch — or the military police have access to any and all messes for the purposes of maintaining good order and discipline. One exception is on warships, where the president of the junior ranks mess is appointed by the commanding officer. Much like the UHG, the Kasino also has a constitution, bylaws and a board. This is considered a chance for future CPOs to learn how to be a part of a mess before they enter the CPO Mess, often called by the sobriquet of "goat locker." For the Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess the highest ranking (normally the RSM) member is known as the Presiding Member. It is one of largest construction and maintenance agencies in India. Responsible for surveying of the Defence Work, management of contractors/ venders and dispute resolution. The Indian Army follows a system similar to the British. Membership is voluntary, though highly encouraged for senior NCOs and officers. For much of the 20th century the Army's mess food selection was spartan, but after the end of the draft they changed to a food court model with more variety including fast food, while also making fast food franchises available on bases. Overall manpower planning including recruitment through UPSC in case of officers and through other agencies likes employment exchanges in case of subordinate staff. All she could do was pray that, somehow, she might be able to sort out the mess she had got herself into. At sea aboard naval vessels, messing is still separate, with E-6 and below utilizing the ship's mess decks, E-7 through E-9 utilizing the ship's CPO Mess, and commissioned officers being part of the wardroom. 'Message' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. Election of Colonel Commandant of the Corps of Engineers. Most bases and stations have three messes (officers', warrant officers' and sergeants', and junior ranks'). The mess (also called a mess deck aboard ships.) Looking for the definition of MES? In some civilian societies this military usage has been extended to the eating arrangements of other disciplined services such as fire fighting and police forces. In the United States Marine Corps, enlisted dining facilities ashore are commonly referred to as 'galleys' or 'chow halls.' Word(s) in meaning: chat  Progress procurement and provisioning of plants and stores with MoD and other ministries like industries and Railways to ensure proper logistic support for defence works and combat preparedness. Establishment matters of E-in-C’s Branch. Chaplains are usually welcomed in all messes. The only exception is that, given its small size, there are very few Coast Guard clubs aboard Coast Guard installations and those that do exist are typically "all hands" facilities (e.g., "Redtail Lounge" at Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater).