In the tournament’s 40-year history, 16 teams have received checks of upwards of US $1 million. 126sharesDeep waters located off the coast of Los Cabos have high geothermal energy potential that is capable of meeting the  FULL STORY. © All Rights Reserved The Mazatlan Post 2020, Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments will start in October in Cabo San Lucas, IMMUJER condemns murder of Mazatlan Oxxo worker, Mazatlecos reject legalization of Marijuana, Salvation Army in Mazatlan needs your help, Driving non-stop from Portland to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta city employee saves three minors from drowning or did…, Hundreds of motorcyclists arrive in Puerto Peñasco, In different events, two tourists drowned on the beaches of Acapulco, Opponents of the Morelos Comprehensive Project block the Siglo XXI highway, Progreso Yucatan will have the largest shipyard in Latin America, Poverty breaks records in Mexico due to the economic crisis, Mexican wine made in New Zealand? “Due to Covid-19, we’re not allowed to bring people together in any way which I am personally very sad about,” Wayne Bisbee says. THE STORY: It’s hard to imagine that the Bisbee Family Tournaments brand was spawned by 6 boat affair that the was won by the promoter Bob Bisbee … I hate meetings unless they’re taking place on a boat while fishing or in a bar, so he is great for seeing that the needed meetings for organizational things are happening,” Bisbee said. Bisbee’s Black & Blue October 20 – 24, 2020. A man who co-founded and led a self-defense force that took the fight to the drug cartels in Michoacán died on Wednesday from Covid-19. After all, the fish are still biting. Covid-safe behavior is paramount, but as Thanksgiving approaches, it’s also important to recognize people’s emotional need for connection. All tournament functions are located at the API Cruise Ship Pier. Mexico ranks last…, Victim of Covid: Best Buy announces it’s pulling out of Mexico, Mexico City-Chalco train to begin operations in 2024, Italian shipbuilder chooses Yucatán for LatAm’s biggest shipyard, Ex-defense minister’s investigation ‘will live up to Mexico’s prestige:’ Ebrard. In these socially distanced times, Mexico’s miradors, or lookout points, offer open-air locales with only a few other visitors around. This is a hugely important event for our Conservation Fund, and you can download the auction app from the home page. Ask Your Real Estate agent These Things Before…, The alleged mastermind of Mormon women and children massacre arrested in…, Telcel launches plans with Netflix subscription in Mexico: these are the prices and packages of the new Telcel Max Play, Juarez and Zeferino Gutierrez parks in San Miguel de Allende reopen this Thursday, October 1. ... 22 Jan 2020 … But the main difference most anglers will note is the absence of the tournament’s epic parties. In Chiapas, San Juan Chamula’s Catholic parishioners don’t accept most church rituals, preferring unique ones from their indigenous roots. The bases are loaded. “Basically, Clicerio became our primary go-to guy for getting things done even if they weren’t in his department, and that was great for us.”. Tue 24. The winner takes all!!! Click here to sign in or get access. In which until now, there are more than 50 participating teams in each of these events of great international relevance, activities that will bring a significant economic benefit. Found in every market in Mexico, lentils are a versatile base that make it easy to quickly expand your cooking repertoire. Our Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund’s fundraiser this year will be an on-line silent auction that will start on October 14th and will be live throughout both tournaments. By 1993 Mercado began working for the Bisbee’s full-time, and since then he has become the Mexican face of the tournaments that he, Wayne Bisbee and his sister Tricia Bisbee run like clockwork, handling the logistics of holding such major events in Mexico with characteristic aplomb. Same with the locals as they anxiously accept the States recent easing of Pandemic restrictions one more level which allows businesses to be one step closer to normal operations. Puerto Vallarta city employee saves three minors from drowning or did he? 597 shares; ... Mercado, far right, at his first Bisbee’s tournament, in 1990. They caught the fish in the waters off Puerto Escondido after working four hours to land it. It’s just another example of how Mercado has learned to roll with the punches and his determination to continue with a tournament that he, those who fish it, and residents of Los Cabos dearly love. In which until now, there are more than 50 participating teams in each of these events … Chipilo, Puebla, a 100-year dairy community, traded in milk pails for chisels when Mexico’s market bottomed out. Is Mexico up to the task of punishing criminals. This is a much more convenient location than before for you to weigh-in that winning fish. Ex-defense minister’s investigation ‘will live up to Mexico’s prestige:’ Ebrard. | Designed by, ROFFS™ client David Wicker and crew on the Lucky, If you haven’t heard…ROFFS™ (@roffsfishing), ROFFS™ client and friend Marcel Israel (and crew, We want to again remind our valued clients, partne, Weather permitting, there are still good condition, Great Fall Catch By Sneed's Ferry's, Captain Eris, Well it is Official Back-Lash wins SKA divison 9 S, Captain Kevin Blair of Charleston Fish Rod Bending, ROFFS™ client Jim Norris fished on the Bloodline, Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund’s, When a Retriever Requires the Pause Button, Jimmy Johnson Expanding His $1 Million Guaranteed Purse Fishing Tournament to Atlantic City, NJ. “I hope everyone is as ready as we are to get down to Cabo and enjoy great fishing and everything else Cabo has to offer,” Bisbee observed recently. In 2006, anglers aboard Bad Company took home a record US $3,902,997.50. #roffsfishing @roffsfishing. “A main strength that Clicerio has which I don’t is that he likes meetings. This is great because the restaurants, hotels etc. Graham covered the August Bisbee’s tournament whose success he describes as remarkable. A virtual youth forum conducted on Zoom to mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women got a nasty surprise Tuesday. As mentioned before, both upcoming tournament registrations and weigh-ins will take place at the API Cruise Ship Pier where the Black & Blue’s awards banquet has been held for several years. Since we erected a paywall at Mexico News Daily, subscription revenues have enabled us to increase our news coverage, offer more feature stories and give us a firm financial foundation on which to operate. The team is continuing to work with all the Mexican government agencies to ensure there is a safe and healthy environment at all the Tournament functions. Now they make furniture. will be able to accommodate even more of us. Forty years later, the three Bisbee Family events have exceeded the ONE MILLION DOLLAR THRESHOLD at least once, distributing 18 checks exceeding $1 million dollars to individual winning teams. Also, for things that the maintenance department should have been doing,” said Bob’s son Wayne Bisbee, who is now tournament president. This year the normal in-person captains’ meeting to go over rules will be held virtually, with every captain, angler and crew member receiving a link to feeds in both English and Spanish. Working with state and local governments, Mercado and the Bisbees developed a blueprint for how a fishing tournament could be safely held during the pandemic and put it to the test earlier this year in their annual August East Cape Offshore tournament. We have very good circumstances for the tournaments.” Mercado says. The annual fundraiser for the Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund, which provides scholarships for local college students, supports a billfish tag and release program and funds anti-poaching efforts in South Africa, will be held virtually as a silent auction. The turnout showed that “teams that were interested in fishing tournaments, come hell or high water, would be there. So we found ourselves going to Clicerio for things that the general manager should have been doing. Lifeguards in Puerto Escondido have created a 100-meter-wide “no people” zone between two of the city’s beaches for a stranded crocodile. Auction proceeds benefit the Green Scholarship Program that provides underprivileged Los Cabos students with college scholarship opportunities, the Bisbee’s revolutionary new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tagging Program and our Nkwe Tactical Training Academy wildlife anti-poaching Ranger training program in South Africa. Face masks are mandatory at all times and only the angler who caught the fish will be allowed to approach the weigh station, which has been moved from in front of the Puerto Paraíso mall to the cruise ship pier to prevent massive crowds from gathering, as they have in years past. He’s got coordinating fishing tournaments down to a science that not even the coronavirus can derail. In the tournament’s 40-year history, 16 teams have received checks of upwards of US $1 million. “A huge part of our tournaments is the camaraderie of all the teams from literally around the world.”. Graham covered the August Bisbee’s tournament whose success he describes as remarkable. And if you are in the Gamefish Division in the LCO, there have been some nice-sized dorado and yellowfin tuna as well.