This is a week for the original format of the APNIC meeting and it is starting with some tutorials, so these tutorials will deliver some additional knowledge to the local people. I'm part of this region, so I would like to take this opportunity to welcome foreign participants to the region. amongst the most esteemed personalities who have won accolades in their respective fields. By April 2011, the total is, well, you call 307 of the TLDs, but actually 11 is testing and one is .arpa and the really commercialised of the gTLDs is 21 and ccTLD total is about 274, and you might be question why it is 274, is not as a UN system is only 197 or something like that. Can I download a movie and see it six days, 6.5 days, and I return for free? Laos is big in terms of area, but very small in terms of population, only 6.5 million. Sonak Kuoy: (Khmer/Cambodia spoken) Thank you, Dr Kanchana, from AIT Thailand for your presentation and the sharing of the keynote on Greater Mekong Subregion and the Internet. In the past, we saw the RIPE NCC is number 1. We are coming to terms now with the reality of IPv4 exhaustion for more than a year now, through successful rationing policies, through new policies for global IPv4 transfers which are now allowed and these things actually happened here, these important developments happened here in the policy discussions of APNIC Conferences. Paul Wilson: Good afternoon and thank you very much. do this to some extent, though often to a lesser extent and in different ways. Since then, MekongNet and APNIC retains quite firm partnership to do the training and some other APNIC activities. It might be worth considering adjustable rate mortgages in a more Most of the congress members appreciate the SOPA bill, but, as you also know, by June 18, a lot of Internet industry, also the Internet users, kind of get mad and million of the emails sending to the congress to complain. The number didn't drop. This fact needs to be taken into account when designing mortgage and Finally took over by the government, by the Ministry of Telecommunication. So the Thai Government in 1988 had a policy of turning the battlefield to marketplace and kind of opening up the whole region to what it is today. So you kind of lost. That is how I check the IPv6. Trade-up buyers seem to have high loan-to-valuation ratios in the United States; Under the great leadership of Prime Minister Hunsen, ICT development education and capacity building has been prioritised in the master plan of national development, what we call the rectangular strategy. Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam receive support from IDRC. But here, you have the opportunity to leapfrog over a costly transition and to build your Internet with IPv6 from today onwards. Excellencies, Lok Chumteav, honourable speakers, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I found that Viet Namese government, they are very active to support the Internet, but they need to understand what it is and really, you know, pass a few laws before they allow you to the freedom to do what you like to do, like deploying the Internet and so on. The domestic academic network, called CSNT, was established with three active members: AIT, Chulalongkorn University and Prince of Songkla University. You know, we quite enjoy it. is only feasible when sound mortgage lending is an attractive business for They confirm that everything has been done. Right now, the domain name registrations basically is across almost 230 million. Sonak Kuoy: (Khmer/Cambodian spoken) Thank you, HE Chun Vat. On the right-hand side, you can see that because ICANN open the new gTLD applications, how much application form will you receive, we receive 1,930. I’m happy to talk to you all today. They offer some advantages, at least if they do not have aggressive Distressed households may need help to put their finances in order. While every effort is made to capture a live speaker's words, it is One myth in Taiwan. The region is very rich in terms of resources, because we have a lot of, you know, Thailand and also resources which are still unexplored. APNIC, of course, like what you are having now. Some of the laws that they passed may be too early and need a lot of amendment later on, because of the misunderstanding of the technology. Then withdraw the market from Taiwan, because how can you do that? This is where we are. Right now, I was in Myanmar a month ago and everything was changing very fast. You may have heard of gold mining in Laos and many new discoveries ongoing. This number is what I took from the website of ARIN, RIPE NCC, APNIC, LACNIC and AfriNIC. Facebook is not available and Internet penetration is 24.8.