Our outdoor spaces too (whether at home or school) must combine challenging endeavors with relaxing places to hang out, and encourage appropriate risk taking rather than putting children in harm's way. I know you will want to play truck when we come home. For example, if your child forgets to bring his musical instrument or baseball gear to school, he is not going to be able to participate in those events during the school day. not matter to your children. No, this is not a logical consequence because it is unrelated After you can clean your room, we can go play catch. When Sam will not put his toys away, his mother has the problem. For example, if a child decides to stay up late on a school night, the natural consequence is that they will be tired to next day. The Smith family recently got a dog. The toys were still all over the yard and it was time to go. Most important to me is that we always first look at ourselves as the adults who are ultimately responsible. The natural consequence would be the discomfort of being drenched. For example, despite Dad's urging him to put on his coat, Tommy goes outside when it's cold without wearing a coat. Then we don’t have extra money for the fun stuff. It separates the deed from the doer, it does not shame or punish the child. Billy is playing with the dog. Mom has been working to help Sam be more responsible for his toys. Natural consequences are a very effective form of discipline. Mom really needs Sam to put his trucks away before going to preschool. She feels tired the next day, the your child and you do not interfere. They live in an apartment complex where there are many other children and the toys might not be there when they return. You will notice that we sometimes recommend our favorite products for children. When you see your child implementing those replacement behaviors give them positive feedback! These are imposed by nature, society, or another It's important to keep in mind that a logical consequence comes from the child's decision. I'm proud of you!”. 9 Logical consequences should be discussed with the child prior to the activity or routine where the behavior is likely to occur. to the behavior you want to change. Or perhaps he needs assistance? It is amazingContinue Reading You can't ever play with the dog again.”. They’re similar, in that the consequence is related to the action in both. response to your child's behavior without parental She gets free clothes. After all, you wouldn't allow a child to not brush her teeth and permit the natural consequence—cavities—to form in her mouth; in that case, a child refusing or forgetting to brush would be handled with a logical consequence, such as not getting any dessert or sweets when the rest of the family has some. Your product could be featured on our site! Logical consequences, on the other hand, are what are given to a child by a parent or caregiver when the child misbehaves or breaks a rule, and are ideally linked to the bad behavior. For instance, a child who doesn't listen when told not to throw a ball around in the house and breaks a lamp may have to give up allowance money or do extra chores to help pay for a replacement; a child who is told not to ride her bicycle in the street but does so anyway may have the bike taken away for the rest of the day. Sometimes it's the only way a child knows he has met your expectations. the house on fire. school if caught. Natural and logical consequences can be an effective strategy to use because: Following the steps and guidelines outlined below can help parents avoid these issues. A choice given as a way to get something is far more appealing to a child than a warning. Allow natural consequences to occur if possible. Seven year old Kim is using a sharp axe to build a If your toys are not picked up before bedtime, they Give more Natural Consequences – Just as the term says, these are consequences that occur naturally in a cause-effect relationship. Child either complies or doesn’t. go to the movie. All of us respond better to praise than to criticism. He ignored her for a minute, but when Mom reminded him that he was responsible for making sure the truck didn't disappear (either because he left it in the yard or because Mom put it away for a brief period of time) he picked it up and walked toward the door. Then you can take on your responsibility for feeding the dog again.”. You might first give your child a five minute warning such as “we have to go to the grocery store to get some lettuce and tomatoes for dinner. It is important to make sure that logical consequences are reasonable and related to the problem, and to let both the child and the parent keep their self-respect. You'll never use anything else of mine again!”. They both agreed that the best solution was to bring the truck in whenever Sam wasn't playing with it. University of Minnesota Extension. without his coat. Paying no attention to his Mother is a great way for Sam to gain power and get attention. For example, 5-year-old Sandy rides her bike into the street after she was told not to. Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. This result is a consequence of a choice Tommy made.