Macy’s broken into. Extremely dicey situation on Kinzie right now. Nike store on Michigan Ave smashed and completely looted By signing up you agree to our privacy policy, Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. “What started out as a peaceful protest has now devolved into criminal conduct,” Lightfoot said. Protestors used items like bricks to bust out the front store windows. Copyright © 2020 The Dallas Morning News. Neiman Marcus CEO Geoffroy van Raemdonck sent employees a video of staff members expressing their feelings and shared experiences. Neiman Marcus looting in progress on Magnificent Mile: AT&T store windows smashed at Michigan & Ontario, Macy’s at Water Tower Place was smashed and looted about an hour ago. As protests demanding justice following the death of George Floyd take place in major cities across America, peaceful rallies turned violent in Chicago on Saturday. Looters were seen taking off with Macy’s merchandise in the video posted by CBS Chicago reporter Charlie De Mar. It’s been more than a chain of 43 luxury department stores that’s headquartered here. The idea was put together quickly Friday and may be expanded to a few other stores that were boarded up in other cities. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Stanley Marcus published a controversial letter to the city in a full-page newspaper advertisement, suggesting that Dallas needed to become more accepting of different points of view. (Neiman Marcus/Amber Seikaly) The store’s 20 windows along Main, Akard and Commerce streets were damaged on the first night of protests in Dallas that turned destructive nine days ago. The AT&T store on Michigan Avenue was photographed with smashed-in windows. Shop Beach Riot at Neiman Marcus. All rights reserved. He encouraged employees to listen to one another, Seikaly said. For Dallas, Neiman Marcus has a long history of speaking out. Department stores Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus appeared undamaged, as did jeweler Tiffany & Co. What were supposed to be peaceful protests turned into riots not just in Chicago, and Minneapolis, where now-fired police officer Derek Chauvin was caught on video kneeling on Floyd’s neck before he died, but in Washington, D.C., where the White House was briefly put on lockdown the night before, Louisville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Phoenix, Memphis and Columbus. Videos shared on social media showed protesters looting numerous shops located in The Magnificent Mile area on May 30. Twitter The protests are a response to the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and others before him. The store’s 20 windows along Main, Akard and Commerce streets were damaged on the first night of protests in Dallas that turned destructive nine days ago. The scene appeared to be absolute mayhem, with Nike’s storefront windows completely shattered. Their instructions were simple: Paint messages of love, peace and encouragement. He wrote an editorial under a headline: “What’s Right with Dallas?” Later, he explained that he wrote positively instead of critically about the city so as not to risk dividing Dallas. When asked, Seikaly said, “We are working to reopen all 43 Neiman Marcus stores in the coming weeks.”. Neiman Marcus, 5 Copley Place: Shattered windows, looting North Face , 326 Newbury St.: Shattered door, looting The Oyster Club , 79 Park Plaza: Property damage Looking for more retail coverage? It prospered from the start and moved to its present site in 1914. People taking off with bags and other merchandise. Along The Magnificent Mile, a protester was seen marching with a mobile stereo around his neck as Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” blasted for the crowds to hear. Neiman‐Marcus was founded in 1907 by Herbert Marcus, then 29 years old. Numerous high-end stores located on Chicago's Magnificent Mile are smashed and looted by protestors on May 30, 2020. Some protestors attacked police; multiple arrests made. “We’ve been doing a lot of listening and learning over the last couple of weeks," she said. A series of videos posted by Chicago-based reporter Ben Pope on Twitter showed a protester smashing the storefront windows of Neiman Marcus with an ax, allowing a large group of people to run inside and steal items from the department store located at 737 North Michigan Avenue. Brown noted that they were still investigating the looting that took place on Friday evening, during which over 100 protesters were arrested, as reported by The Patch. WATCH: Adult National Guard Members in Atlanta Mistaken for Kids in Social Media Posts. Seventeen-year-old … The Apple Store on Post Street showed signs of damage on the door. … We’re going to give people space,” Lightfoot added, but “we won’t tolerate lawlessness.”, READ NEXT: WATCH: Adult National Guard Members in Atlanta Mistaken for Kids in Social Media Posts, WATCH: Looters Smash Into Multiple Shops on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. I saw protesters armed with shovels, bats, hammers, and metal pipes. Minutes earlier, Pope posted another video on Twitter showing protesters breaking into the Nike store located nearby at 669 Michigan Avenue. Since March, J.C. Penney and the Neiman Marcus Group have filed for bankruptcy, Lord & Taylor has dismissed its entire executive team, and even … Get the latest on openings, closings and trends of the D-FW retail scene. The gatherings in the street of thousands of people in cities nationwide have now returned to a peaceful cadence as protesters continue to call for an end to brutality against black people. DALLAS, Dec. 19—Flames swept through the NeimanMarcus department store in downtown Dallas for five hours early today, causing damage that may total $10 million.