which enables over 40 days of running time for those long-term monitoring requirements. Noise warning signs and data logging monitoring systems to help create a better environment for the patient. This Noise Assessment System can be configured to your exact requirements, making it the ideal product for Noise Consultants who perform a wide variety of noise assessments for industrial and environmental noise. Measure a tool's vibration and monitor a worker's exposure. That's why at Castle we provide a selection of Weatherproof Noise Systems, designed to work effectively anywhere, in any kind of weather. Environmental Class 1 Sound Meter - Castle dBAir This is a great value and simple package for carrying out noise at work assessments, checking noise levels and performing personal noise exposure levels. The simple data logging package for running and analysing noise assessments and checking noise levels. The Noise Nuisance Recorder measures the sound levels from neighbour noise as well as recording the audio for evidence purposes. View as: Transport Noise Monitoring, including Railways, Road, Aircraft etc. This new environmental sound meter has been designed for a single purpose, to enable the user to carry out simple and effective noise assessments for environmental noise. The kit includes: This easily transportable station is perfect for a variety of applications, including the monitoring of construction, tunneling and blasting sites. For that reason, the dBAir Long Term Noise Monitor provides a weatherproof microphone enclosure with de-humidifier, protecting your microphone for long durations. The meter itself boasts a range of features, including full data logging capabilities with PC software, a total linear measurement span of 108dB, integrating features, as well as an impressive noise floor to enable you to measure low levels of ambient noise. This Castle Sonus 116L comes with dBDataLite, the free version of Castle Noise Analysis Software. Registerd in England 2388128, https://www.castleshop.co.uk/environmental-testing/noise-monitoring-equipment/page/2*, Special Discounts or Free Training Events, Sign up to our newletter regular industry news and the latest products and offers, Ground and Building Environmental Vibration, dBAir Octave Band Noise Monitor - for Weatherproof Environmental Measurements, dBAir Noise Monitor - for Weatherproof Environmental Measurements, dBAir Construction Noise Monitor - for Outdoor and Indoor Measurements, Advanced Occupational Noise & Vibration System, Legislation Starter System for Noise & Vibration, SONIK-SE Sound Level Meter - For Workplace and Environmental Noise, Environmental Noise Measurement System with Occupational Noise Features - NK121, Environmental Class 1 Sound Meter - dBAir, dBAir Handheld Safety & Environmental System, Casella CEL632C1 Class 1 1/3 Octave Sound Meter Kit, Casella CEL632C Class 2 Noise at Work Meter with 1/3 Octave Bands, Sonus Weatherproof Outdoor Monitoring Case, Casella Class 1 Kit With Advanced 1/1 Octave Band Sound Meter, Casella Class 1 Advanced 1/1 Octave Band Sound Meter CEL632B1, Consultants Assessment System with 1/1 & 1/3 Octaves - dBAir, Privacy A highly reliable and low cost noise logging system, you can expect up to 170 hours of continuous measurements. This is the SV 258 Pro Sound and Vibration Monitoring Station, operating the SVAN 958A Sound and Vibration Analyser with a 3G modem to transfer live readings to internet based software called SvanNet. From £3,045.60 Inc. VAT/GST From £2,538.00 Ex. SA 251 Carying case for accelerometer and accessories Our team of experts are always available to give you useful advice. A professional supplier of Measurement & Monitoring Equipment directly to SC 278 Cable for SV 207B (SV 84) and SV 258 This Noise Measurement System is ideally suited to managers with occupational and environmental noise monitoring responsibilities. Noise monitoring is an effective tool for improving such conditions because of its capacity to deliver accurate insight into noise levels thereby providing concrete data and highlighting avenues for change. This noise monitor is powered by an external source, such as mains power or solar power, and is supplied with a 48 hour back up battery in case of power disruption. The kit is completed with a dual level acoustic calibrator to ensure your meter is operating correctly and our powerful dBdataPro Noise Analysis Software so you can download the data from the meter. SB 270 waterproof power supply Environmental Noise Meter - Nova 45 (Class 1) The Premium Class 1 integrating sound level meter with octave bands, timers and environmental noise measurement parameters. This environmental sound meter comes supplied with predefined measurement templates, giving you the assurance that you're measuring the correct parameters for each of your specific assessments. Making the right choice for a noise monitoring equipment for a short term assessment or a long term and permanent monitoring need, or even for an indoor or outdoor purpose at the workplace and some unusual locations could be very challenging. Our straight forward yet powerful noise monitoring equipment will also provide you with the accurate and objective noise data you need to make the right decision. Policy | YO11 3UZ For indoor and outdoor use at industrial sites, residential areas and entertainment venues. Measuring and recording noisy neighbours, loud music, dogs barking and other loud antisocial behaviours. Outdoor noise monitoring for more than a week requires better weatherproofing (especially in the UK!). In this category you'll find a comprehensive selection of Environmental Noise Monitors designed specifically to make simple and accurate measurements to help comply with the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006. SONIK-E Environmental Sound Level Meter - A Lean, Green Measuring Machine Home | Contact | Privacy This system also boasts a host of environmental parameters that are required for environmental applications. Whether you're measuring for Environmental Noise Surveys, or taking short/medium term measurements, the Castle Sonus Railway Noise Assessment System provides all that's necessary at a very competitive price. Noise monitoring systems for around construction sites. This NK021 system includes a class 1 integrating sound level meter, class 1 acoustic calibrator, protective microphone windshield and is supplied in a hard wearing kit case. New Online Noise Monitor with cellular 3G/4G connection and cloud hosted reporting. Kit comes with Class 1 sound meter for workplace safety and environmental noise checks and calibrator in a case. SvanNet Web interface and connectivity support.