So read them carefully, and study the content and question structure. The ability to work quickly and accurately with percentages, ratios, fractions and decimals gives you a huge advantage in a numerical reasoning test. They’re produced by a number of different test providers – the main ones being SHL, Kenexa, Saville, Cubiks and Talent Q. It is very common to find questions where the information is presented in millions when the question actually refers to thousands. We will contact you shortly. A family's monthly petrol expense in year 1 is £250. Numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to analyze data. Don't try to attack an entire army of numbers and words at once. Designed to measure inherent ability, they require no pre-existing knowledge. Numerical aptitude tests rely on basic mathematical concepts that can easily be reviewed and memorised. We're asked to find all the people in Hungary who DO NOT get mail by a post office box (POB), and multiply it by the number of letters. This includes not recognising the units, not seeing the applicability of a graph or table, and making assumptions about implied meaning. When most people encounter a numerical reasoning question, they are overloaded by visual, numerical and textual data. Rearrange, plug in numbers and calculate once. Your message was sent. In the year 2000, the Product Development department constituted 400 employees. That’s because all numerical reasoning tests aren’t the same. What will be the percentage change of their annual petrol expense in year 2 if their monthly expense is £180? It’s a little bit of time that could stop you wasting all the previous time you’ve spent on that question. Pay attention to units and scales. For instance, people who are not accustomed to using a calculator tend to write each result instead of leaving it on the calculator's screen for the next calculation. Practice all tests for free, plus tips, advice and scientific insight. 3) Strengthening your mental muscles is a MUST: Forget about ‘you either have it, or you don't’. Annual expense in year 1: £250 x 12 = £3,000, Annual expense in year 2: £180 x 12 = £2,160, Change = [(3,000 – 2,160)/(3,000)]x100% = 28%. However, in most cases that is simply not the case. If you are sitting your numerical reasoning test at an assessment centre, the chances are you will be told you have to use the calculator they provide to you. Note: The methods presented here may not be the most intuitive ones, but oftentimes they are easier and shorter than straightforward calculations. 1. Create a template. Since the question asks, ‘How much more …’, it would look like: 2. Questions in numerical reasoning tests often involve different sets of data, be it multiple currencies, a combination of number representations or varying units of measurement. Therefore, estimation is key and an answer close enough is good enough! You will be familiar with the functions of yours and the locations of buttons will be instinctive, enabling you to save a few vital seconds over the other candidates. So the final template will look as follows: Answer = (TNC * Share * PC)Roads - (TNC * Share * PC)Buildingo, 3. Cookie Policy. Free Tests; The Science; Advice; Numerical reasoning online. In addition, there was a 25% decrease in the number of contracts. Don't waste time practising generic materials that may or may not look anything like your real test. This is what separates successful candidates from unsuccessful ones. In 2009, contract value increased by 7%. How many employees worked for the Stamping department in that year? Break each part of the template into smaller parts: Share = Company's share of the contracts (from the graph). When approaching a question, process all the information logically, then focus on what’s relevant and dismiss any red herrings. The only difference between Roads and Buildingo is their share: Financial sections of daily newspapers and, of course, practice questions and sample tests are the best way to familiarise yourself with possible types of data presentation.