There is nothing in all of Creation that does not decay. Those afflicted by his contagions often turn to him in order to escape their suffering. Whereas other gods within the Realm of Chaos are associated with dozens, even hundreds, of depictions, there are far fewer variations on the appearance of the Plaguefather. Infected captives can be sent running into the daemon-plants, chased by Chaos Beasts. If all things decay, each moment is a gift. No, most mortals who find their way into Nurgle's foetid embrace wish only for an end to some sort of suffering. [Needs Citation], When Nurgle's power waxes, the Garden blooms, encroaching on the lands of the other Chaos Gods. The Master of Change is unable to accept that which will surely come to pass. This hum drowns out the creaking of the rotten floor and the scrape of the ladle on the cauldron, so eternal in its monotony that to hear it is to invite madness. These daemons are a part of the experience of the garden itself. Some even became his children because they started out life bearing some passing resemblance to him. For others to stand on their graves and proselytise? Your Father brings you hope in your darkest hour. Each Plague Legion is led by a Great Unclean One, a Greater Daemon of Nurgle that acts as its general. Once, however, the Death Guard were the strongest and most resilient of all of the Emperor's Legions, the inheritors of the Primarch Mortarion in whose genetic image they were created. Ships in the void are particularly vulnerable to disease and many dying crews have beseeched the Lord of Decay for his intercession. This article needs work on its citations.For help on citation see the citation guidelines. It is Nurgle's great ambition to speed this universe toward its end by eroding the foundations of reality much as a disease can erode the spirits and bodies of those infected. [10b], Each Plague Legion is commanded by a Great Unclean One. To commemorate his victory and to demonstrate constant thanks to his lord for his reward, Thush'Bolg used their own intestines to hang every single Ork from the colony in the trees of his domain. Perhaps it is not a garden at all, but the mortal minds that contemplate the manifested will of the Lord of Decay must attempt to make some sort of sense out of what they have seen or heard about in whispered tales. It is this fundamental divergence of views that sets Nurgle at odds with the other Ruinous Powers, for it means that they are not actually working toward the same thing that he is. Nurgle is the mighty Lord of Decay who presides over all physical corruption and morbidity in Creation. But this coin is illusory; there is no divide between its two faces, no beginning and no end. Thus, the Death Guard Legion has enjoyed the favour of Nurgle for the last ten thousand standard years. Hope arrives. Plaguebearers toss organs from the bodies of disease victims into sorting pools, making it easier for them to count the numbers that have died from each ailment. Muddy rivers slither across the bloated landscape. Unlike the minions of the other Gods of Chaos, Champions of Nurgle do not hesitate to pursue enemies into the most dank, disgusting, and polluted places. Trespassers are viewed poorly in Nurgle's domain, as the Seers of Lugganath found to their cost. [Needs Citation], Nurgle keeps his companion Isha trapped in a cage in the garden of Nurgle, in the corner of a room where he keeps the cauldron in which he creates all of his plagues. Just as his followers have accepted the teachings of their lord, Nurgle himself long ago accepted that decay brings an end to all things, but that through such decay life begins anew. $100.00 + $15.00 shipping . It does not matter, though, because whatever it is dwells within the mansion at the centre of the Garden, there can be no denying that the creations of this being are both foul and wondrous, and the joy with which he goes about his work is infectious. All Chaos Gods have a dual nature, but Nurgle, more so than any of the other Ruinous Powers, understands that the supposedly separate elements of his essence actually work together in a self-sustaining cycle rather than standing apart from one another as different explanations of the same thing. No king survives the plotting of his enemies. Slaanesh vanquished her as he had all of the other Aeldari Gods within the Warp, but only took her prisoner rather than absorbing her energies outright. It is a hope born from Nurgle's own understanding of the workings of the universe. Being a goddess of healing, Isha can cure herself of any of Nurgle's diseases. The desires of Nurgle and his champions are one. At his feet pools of pus and other bodily fluids gathered, in which his children splashed and played with glee. Let those who would accept his gifts come forth and receive the blessings of the Lord of Decay. The model was built up when GW had a promotion during the year of Chaos involving building a squad of chaos mutations using only the contents of pack of plastic sprues. So many hopes and dreams! Why Grandfather Nurgle intervened is unclear, although some Aeldari savants believe that one of the oldest of the major Chaos Gods wanted to give the youngest amongst them a good lesson about his proper place in the order of things. In this universe, one must rot to survive.". This is just as well, for of all the Chaos Gods, it is Nurgle who most appreciates the personal touch. The Seers of the Eldar Craftworlds and the Inquisitors of the Imperium will never share this truth with the weak-minded fools who drink in their lies like mother’s milk. Opens image gallery. $250.00 0 bids + $35.00 shipping . Though he is a god of Chaos, he also has a need to create order, to monitor his creations, and to control his experiments. He is not content, however, to wait. It is to free themselves from despair -- the eternal mortal dread of disease, starvation and death -- that men and other mortals turn to the Plague Lord. When a child’s flesh turns a sickly pale green and her eyes glaze over and become dull, milky, unseeing orbs, her father comes to know that he is powerless to prevent her suffering. Nurgle's Mansion of rotted timbers and broken walls resides at the heart of the garden; decrepit and ancient, yet eternally strong at its foundations. Perhaps the tales are correct. The palace of today is tomorrow's ruin, the maiden of the morning is the crone of the night, and the hope of a moment is but the foundation stone of everlasting regret.". The Infecticus Legions are the harbingers of infection, the carriers of new diseases that lay the groundwork for the greater virulence to follow.