It starts at 499 euros and you get mostly the same experience, including the 48MP camera. Like the landing of a space craft on the moon, it embodies the beauty of technology we strive to create. In addition, OPPO 5G smartphones will serve as an enabler of ‘intelligent connectivity’ – the fusion of 5G, AI and IOT bridging people to world of immersive entertainment, enhanced public services and even more. The drop protection mechanism for OPPO Reno 10x has been engineered to sense in real time when the phone is in free-fall and automatically retract the camera to prevent damage. The biggest improvement in Ultra Night Mode is the increased dynamic range. All rights reserved. Highlights are more tamed and you can see a ton of extra detail in shadowy areas. 13. The three cameras combined cover a focal range of 16mm (wide-angle) to 160mm (telephoto), which is where Oppo gets the 10x zoom moniker. Let Reno 5G further your vision. Gaming has never been so smooth. Reno solves common design problems, turning them into simplistic, yet ingenious detail. Featuring a large aperture, Reno series takes effortlessly professional portrait photos, with 5 stylish bokeh settings to choose from. Charge and play? The charging speed is increased by 100% at the trickle charging stage. Features 6.6″ display, Snapdragon 855 chipset, 4065 mAh battery, 256 GB storage, 12 GB RAM, Corning Gorilla Glass 6. With VOOC 3.0, you can game and charge at the same time. VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 combines with the Reno2 series’ 4,000mAh (Typ) battery to provide users with a much longer-lasting battery. A 48MP ultra-clear main camera, 13MP Telephoto Lens and 8MP Wide-angle Lens make up the complete system. It felt every bit as good as a conventional sensor and rarely ever failed to unlock for me on the initial attempt. Large Battery + VOOC 3.0 = Guaranteed to Last. The app defaults to photo mode and you can switch between video, portrait, panorama, night mode, expert mode, time-lapse, slow motion, and Google Lens. An upgraded recognition structure combined with a more efficient algorithm enables even faster unlocking. It is easy to find your way around the UI and any setting that you need to tweak is in a logical place. With so much screen time in the modern day, we've evaluated the technology to make something that's aesthetically pleasing yet safer to use. 4. 6.4 inches (Reno) or 6.6 inches (Reno 10x Zoom)  is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are taken to be pointed corners (i.e. 3765mAh is the typical battery value for Reno. Gaming has never been so smooth. During my time with the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom the fingerprint sensor was very fast and accurate. Smartphone photography enthusiasts should be attracted to the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom’s camera capabilities. The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom's triple camera system offers a focal range that can rival that of the Huawei P30 Pro, but this phone offers more than just a versatile camera. Otherwise, the 10x Zoom has pretty much everything to compete with the Galaxy S10 or LG G8. 12. International Warranty Service is only available for Reno 10x Zoom version. Reno 5G offers you a completely uninterrupted screen experience. 10x Hybrid Zoom: 10x Hybrid Zoom uses an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, 48MP ultra-clear main camera, and 13MP telephoto lens combo to bring high performance results when using the 10x Zoom in a variety of environments. Reno 5G can film super HD 4K at 60 fps. Is the Reno 2 worth an upgrade from the Reno 10x Zoom? Aside from the standard accessories, Oppo bundles the Reno with a case and a pair of earbuds. In countries or regions where it is officially sold, users can enjoy the repair and upgrade service at any OPPO authorized service center, excluding the return and replacement service. The catch is, Oppo is positioning the Reno 2 as a ‘premium device' - with pricing close to that of the Reno 10x Zoom - but it’s missing out on some key features. With up to 8GM RAM you can stream, game and chat with smooth and efficient results. The technology behind Reno elevates photography and mobile entertainment to all-new heights. Most people, including myself, gauge battery life with screen-on time numbers, but ColorOS doesn’t include this statistic. The upgraded version looks even further into your phone's performance, looking at latency and control issues, analyzing touch control and refresh rate. The 6GB variant is available on Flipkart at 39,999 rupees and the 8GB model is on Amazon for 49,999 rupees. Battery life is one of the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom's best assets. L5 frequency provides greater accuracy while L1 frequency captures the signal faster. The design is a standout in the crowded smartphone market. The Reno 2 is not dust or water-resistant but there is a headphone jack. Let us know in the comments if this is a phone you would buy. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. Reno 10x Zoom is about seeing the world from completely new perspectives. Dolby Atmos® delivers powerful, moving audio on your phone or tablet for bigger, better sound on the go. Let Reno further your vision. According to Oppo, it’s 20 percent faster than the previous iteration and the charging time has been reduced by half during the trickle-charging period. Reno's powerful camera is hidden under a solid piece of durable glass creating an uninterrupted, flat surface. Both smartphones give a solid day of usage with enough charge left to carry over into the morning. The comparative data is about the response performance of tap and swipe on the desktop, movement speed of the game characters and so on. Is it worth an upgrade from a similarly priced smartphone bought in late 2018 or 2019? Featuring a large aperture, Reno 10x Zoom takes effortlessly professional portrait photos, with 5 stylish bokeh settings to choose from. Since the shark fin is much larger than most other popups, I noticed that it’s more prone to gathering dust. Great connectivity is a must for mobile devices.