For example, one can use the bottom side of the table to tape the legs together, Use protective padding to protect furniture from getting scratched and bruised during the moving process, You can try using wax to polish the surfaces to prevent deep scratches and blemishes, Protect the upholstery with padding or blankets of your own. For more details of these cookies and how to disable them, see our, Choose the right shipping service for you. Let us take over your logistics processes for sending your furniture abroad or across the country so you don’t have to worry about it. We provide warehousing, packing, crating, trucking and loading services out of our own warehouses here in the USA - Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Miami, New York, and New Jersey. If you’re ready to move, fill out our Online Quote Form today! This information will be sent to you via email. Call (800) 736-3335. Choosing the right vendor is a project of its own, but hey, it’s worth the trouble to know that your furniture is in safe hands! So let’s say you just took a decision to move internationally. Would you not wish for a genie, which can pop out from a bottle at your wish and instantly take care of the entire process of moving your furniture overseas in a jiffy with just one command? If the furniture is properly packed, one can transport multiple items at once using a pallet. All Rights Reserved. When moving furniture abroad, use our Dedicated Van Delivery service. How to pack furniture for international shipping. Eurosender makes your furniture shipping easy and stress-free, whether you are sending pieces of furniture to your customers or relocating. Follow the packing guidelines below when shipping furniture internationally with the standard service. All you need to do is protect the item following our recommended guidelines above and your sofa can easily be shipped on a pallet. After packing the piece of furniture, measure the package and insert the dimensions into our. Customized packing solutions. Follow these steps to have a smooth and successful delivery of your household items. Residential – armories, couches, desks, chairs, beds, buffets, dining room sets, dressers, mirrors, chandeliers, appliances, and entire estates moves, Commercial and industrial – office furniture, desks, credenzas, filing cabinets, chairs, tables, and more. All other worldwide destinations are covered by our affiliated organization member companies. Packing Tips. Check whether you are required to print and attach the shipping label for your parcel. Save up on logistics efforts: with Eurosender you can organize any furniture shipment, from small items to freight deliveries, in just one place. You understand that it will be painful: starting with asking the basic questions, the process of packing your furniture items and finding the right international furniture mover. All Rights Reserved. ©2020 Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Thus, your shipment will have less volume and, depending on its size, can even be shipped with the standard delivery service. Also price can be deceiving: just check out our guide on comparing international moving quotes! 20 Oct / 2019 Containers & pallets. When shipping with us, every shipment is insured! : Single Source Crating, Shipping, Logistics. © 2019 Craters & Freighters. Freight shipment is very useful when shipping furniture, not only because it can withstand heavier loads, but because you can arrange the pallet to fit multiple items. We are different from a typical moving company because we custom pack, box, and move furniture, and can handle anything from a single piece to a full house or office. Recommendations on how to pack furniture for freight transport on a pallet. We listed some tips about how to go about packing your furniture to avoid these concerns: Make sure to organize all parts of a single product together in one package so as not to lose them making the furniture … Difficult-to-pack furniture? As one of the most economical modes of transportation, ocean freight shipping is the best choice for shipping furniture internationally. Make sure to organize all parts of a single product together in one package so as not to lose them making the furniture useless, Try and dismantle as much as you can to avoid the bulkiness and weight of a single product, Use good quality duct tape to stick the various pieces together. We never compromise when it comes to safety. We have the expert service solutions for crating, packaging and shipping. Of course, you are elated and are looking forward to the new place and a new life. These are the advantages of booking the Van Delivery service for organizing your furniture removal: For recommendations about shipping furniture from IKEA or Voga, please read our dedicated articles with detailed packing instructions and experts’ tips for shipping. Toll Free: 800-599-0190Phone: 562-408-6677Fax: 562-408-6636, Schumacher Cargo Logisticsis a proud supporter of.