From Cave to Chronic Illness 19, Chapter 3 Nutrient Know-How: Maximizing Nutrient Density in Every Bite 62, Chapter 4 Three Foods to Avoid; Minimizing Toxicity in Your Diet 79, Chapter 5 Fats as Fuel: Give Yourself an Oil Change 94, Chapter 6 Choosing Carbs for Energy: Glucose, Fructose, and Fiber 118, Chapter 7 Proteins for Life: Optimize Protein Quality 131, Chapter 8 Whole, Organic, and Wild: Eat Real Food 139, Chapter 9 Cheaper, More Nutritious, and Better-Tasting: Cooking and Eating from Nose to Tail 150, Chapter 10 Good Gut Feeling: Restore Your Gut Flora and Gut Barrier 162, Chapter 11 Reintroduce Gray-Area Foods 181, Chapter 15 Cultivate Pleasure and Connection 256, Chapter 18 Fine-Tuning Your Personal Paleo Cure 299, Chapter 19 Life-Hacking Your Personal Paleo Cure 324, Chapter 20 Personalize Your Paleo Code for Specific Health Conditions 343, Chapter 21 Seven-Day Meal Plan and Recipes 356, "Chris Kresser is the most knowledgeable clinician in the paleo/ancestral health scene. Unfortunately, conventional treatment has little to offer in most cases. This is especially remarkable considering the inhospitable environment the Inuit lived in, and it's a testament to the nutrient density of the animal foods that made up the majority of their diet. I also eat low histamine as I don’t handle it well. This article is part of an ongoing series comparing prescription medication with a Paleo diet as a means of treating common diseases and health problem. VERDICT Well done, but with limited appeal.—Susan B. Hagloch, formerly with Tuscarawas Cty. "-—Diane Sanfillipo, author of Practical Paleo"Kresser is the most knowledgeable clinician in the Paleo/ancestral health scene. —Kirk Parsley, M.D., Former: SEAL, Physician for West Coast SEALs, Division Officer for SEAL Tactical Athlete Center, "We humans might all run on the same basic physiological equipment and follow the same laws of biochemistry, but our varied experiences and journeys and choices throughout life change our relationship to those foundations. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. I figured I’d give up by day 3 but I didn’t. Dr. Lindeberg's study of 2,300 Kitavans found that: • None had ever experienced heart disease or a stroke (which was particularly remarkable because most Kitavans smoked, and smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease). He begins by eliminating all the processed foods to which our ancestors had no access. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. There are three main points of evidence: • A decline in health among hunter-gatherer populations that adopted agriculture, • The robust health of contemporary hunter-gatherers, • The poor health of people who rely heavily on grains as a staple. more than 2,000 people from around the world, past and present, in all fields. I’ve maintained a healthy weight, kept the 20 lb weight loss off, no eczema, no stomach problems, no migraines, more energy, no joint pains, no allergies. Dr. John Simpson studied the Inuit in the mid-1850s. AGRICULTURE: THE WORST MISTAKE IN HUMAN HISTORY? Our mission is to help practitioners, health coaches, and health enthusiasts get the information they need to prevent and reverse chronic disease. What transformed healthy and vital people free of chronic diseases into sick, fat, and unhappy people? Low levels of each are associated with leanness and overall metabolic health. Hunter-gatherer populations had infant- mortality rates about thirty times higher than those in the United States today; early-childhood-mortality rates were more than one hundred times higher. And like all animals, we have a species-appropriate diet and way of life. I could go on, but I think you get the point. Annually, there are 12.7 million strokes worldwide. • We all age gracefully with strong bones, sharp vision, and normal blood pressure. Submit your email address to receive Barnes & Noble offers & updates. Kitava is a small island in the Trobriand Islands archipelago in Papua New Guinea. One day he convinced me to give Paleo a two week try, just to see of I could do it. Seventy percent of your immune system is in your gut. It's true that, on average, our Paleo ancestors died younger than we do. • Heart disease causes four out of every ten deaths in the United States. If your answer is Paleo, make sure to check out my book (just published in paperback with a new name: The Paleo Cure) for a detailed explanation of how to use Paleo to prevent and reverse disease and feel better than you have in years. With his customized options for thyroid disorders, high cholesterol, and diabetes, Paleo followers will welcome this flexible and informative science-infused text. So while autoimmune disease may not be completely curable (i.e. They learned to stay put, planting crops and domesticating cows, sheep, goats, and pigs. They had: • Excellent insulin sensitivity and lower fasting insulin levels (meaning they were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes), • Lower fasting leptin levels (leptin is a hormone that regulates body fat), • Lower body mass indexes and waist-to-height ratios (one way of measuring optimal weight), • Greater maximum oxygen consumption (a measure of physical fitness). Steroids suppress the immune system, which is often overactive in autoimmune disease. His rashes went away and started losing weight faster than when he was doing P90x every day. They live in a harsh environment that is marginal at best for human habitation. By signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. Kresser's detailed step-by-step action plan will teach you how to eat better, sleep better, move more, and stress less —and help you tweak your approach until it's just right." Lindeberg noted, "The elderly residents of Kitava generally remain quite active up until the very end, when they begin to suffer fatigue for a few days and then die from what appears to be an infection or some type of rapid degeneration.