Patriots uniforms did not change much over the first three-plus decades of the franchise.  In all, the team consistently used red uniforms with white numbers and letters and white uniforms with red numbers and letters and opposite colored pants.  After 1972, a blue outline appeared around the numbers and lettering. PFW ranks the greatest jersey numbers in Patriots history . The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. The Patriots wore the red throwbacks four times in 2009 to commemorate the AFL anniversary - the 59-0 win in the snow over the Titans featured the red throwbacks. This week, we are taking a look at jerseys — from the best, to the worst, to the outlandish. The first helmet was white with a re… Blue on blue at home and an all new away uniform. DISCLAIMER: All team and league information, sports logos, sports uniforms, and jerseys contained within this site are the intellectual properties of their respective leagues, teams, ownership groups and/or organizations, and were obtained from sources in the public domain. At home, the navy tops featured silver stripes on the sleeves, as well as a Flying Elvis. Throughout the 1960 season, Boston Globe cartoonist Phil Bissel drew original cartoons for the game day programs which featured a Revolutionary War figure wreaking havoc on the Patriots opponents.  Nicknamed "Pat Patriot," the cartoon appealed to team owner Billy Sullivan and he made an image of Pat getting ready to snap the ball the official logo in 1961. How do you select the greatest numbers in Patriots history? Harkening back somewhat to the 1979 design that was booed out of the stadium, the designers quickly developed what we now refer to as the "Flying Elvis" just in time for the 1993 season.  Orthwein also noted that the colonists' opponents wore red during the Revolution, so it made sense to change out the primary jersey to blue. © 2011-var year = new Date();document.write(year.getFullYear()); Tim Brulia, Bill Schaefer, Rob Holecko,Austin Snelick, John Nelson. 28? The navy-on-navy combination is then complete with bold red and white stripes on the pants and the sleeves, where the Patriots' "Flying Elvis" logo is featured prominently. But the story isn’t quite that simple, of course. The Patriots unveiled their newest jerseys on Monday, April 20, 2020 on and Patriots social media. The look served the Patriots for 20 seasons and has become synonymous with two dynasties. Their use has been credited on every image upon which they are utilized.This site is maintained for research and historical purposes only, and any information obtained from this site may not be sold to any third parties.The design of the uniform templates used in the images, and all of their variations, including all helmet templates, are solely the property of Bill Schaefer and this site.Use of our constructed uniform images requires the permission of Tim Brulia, Bill Schaefer and/or Rob Holecko.The fields displayed are solely the property of Austin Snelick, John Nelson and this site.Use of the field graphics requires the permission of Austin Snelick and/or John Nelson. The browser you are using is no longer supported on this site. The Patriots will wear all blue in Color Rush games, starting with the Houston Texans. The initial home uniform in 1960 featured a bright red jersey with white-trimmed navy blue stripes running across the shoulders and white chest; the stripes became staples on the uniforms. The NFL and Nike teamed up in 2014 to give the future of Thursday Night Football a flash of color. Does having three or four good players wearing a number top one great one? The blue pants will remain the same for both uniforms, but the away jersey is now complementary to the home with strong red and blue stripes on the shoulders and blue numbers outlined in silver and red. All manufacturers’ logos are similarly the property of those companies, current or former. However, Sullivan got cold feet and knowing the fans would resist the change, decided to put the new logo up for a fan voice vote against the Pat Patriot logo at halftime of the September 16 game against San Diego.  The new logo was soundly booed and Pat stayed 13 more seasons. While Flying Elvis has remained the team's logo since 1993, the uniforms would undergo significant changes.  After the 1993 season, the seemingly hard-to-read red numbers on the royal blue jerseys were changed to white numbers outlined in red.  The blue jerseys also had white numbers outlined in red on the shoulders and the new logo on the sleeves. Â. To learn more, click here. On the road, white jerseys and navy pants were king, with blue stripes and numbers outlined in red. The one aspect of the jersey that did change over time was the placement of the stripes.  The first 1960 pre-season jerseys had no stripes at all.  Later in the inaugural season, stripes were introduced on the shoulder - blue and red for the white jerseys, white and blue for the red jerseys.  This style continued until 1969 when the stripes moved to the sleeve cuffs.  By 1973, the stripes moved over the bicep where they stayed until 1984, the team's 25th anniversary season.  That year saw the team go back to the stripes on the shoulders, where they would remain until 1993. Not only New Jersey's history, but many historical accounts which led up to the founding of a new nation, the United States of America. This was also the only season numbers appeared on the sides of the helmets.

Don Webb played 134 games between 1961 and 1971 wearing it, Ronnie Lippett in 126 — including New England’s first,Dalton Keene’s new number is not exactly a famous one in New England, with only a handful of players really standing out. Linebacker Kyle Van Noy played an important role in two Super Bowl victories wearing it, Larry Izzo was a special teams captain … The New Jersey American Revolution Geo Trail is a heritage tourism journey to adventure and discovery. The name "Patriots" came from a fan submission contest with the winners eligible to win a new television set.  The original logo, a blue tri-corner hat on a white background, was also from a fan - Somerville, Mass native and railroad employee Walter Pingree. It is theme week across SB Nation . This is a list of New England Patriots/Boston Patriots players who appeared on the active roster during the regular season. As opposed to 46, 53 does have a long history with the Patriots. This was also the only season numbers appeared on the sides of the helmets.