The Darsh wank ended a couple of years ago. So what is his big advantage here, I guess the speed but what else. Could it be, you just jealous that he gets more ladies then you?? "base Darsh with the 7 judas deactivated" or are you just ignorant? You are using an out of date browser. Seiya stomps and Goku obliterates. mods need to fix. Darsh galaxy level at max? 0. A Ryu Sei Ken for Goku and one for Vegeta just because. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. - Seiya positions himself for combat, releasing a kind of Big Bang. Reviews: 0. @funkynamu: Killua a top dog in the game and he only 14, Darsh is 400 years old already and he still be raping these hoes bruh, put some respect on Killua name . Anyone saying that Goku would win simply don't know God Cloth Pegasus Seiya. Rinne Sasuke vs Bankai Kenpachi no soul crush bs. I don't recall him being anywhere near these other characters. Worth a try. 0 Kudos Goku Vs. Pegasus Seiya. Who the hell are all of these people giving me ningen? Idk about the result but isn't jio freed insanely haxxed. What feats or abilities does jio freed have? Will you look at that? its power equals several Galaxies disintegrating. Darsh has FTL combat speed, not even MFTL. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Goku Vs. Pegasus Seiya. Both at peak, speed equalized. Goku then flew up and fired ki blast, Seiya deflected them and flew so fast to Goku that he couldn't react kneeing Goku's stomach. And that still would make him multi galaxy at his peak just like Saga Fight Seiya, still not seeing what would objectively make Darsh superior. If Seiya wants to break down Xeno Goku's supposed atoms he has to surpass 2A levels of energy that protects Xeno Goku's body and is low 2C level attacks aren't doing squat. After obtaining Eighth Sense, he can resurrect himself from the dead or exist without a body. Galaxian explosion duel of Aspros and Defteros (occurred within a dimension not on earth), Saga at the beginning of the ep.G is multi galaxian level. I got no problem with him being stronger. Should’ve switched Seiya and DS for a “fairer” matchup. Bobsican. Buu Saga Goku or Seiya from his fight with Saga would be more fair. With the Ninth Sense, his Cosmo can passively disable the the Five Senses + Mind literally putting them in a vegetable state unless his opponent has divine Cosmo. MUI Goku is multiversal and is so fast that Darsh couldn't even see him move. Saga, still Ep.G reached the same level of power as Shion. Multiversal Goku, multiversal Seya? se torna tão influente e poderoso quanto o mestre anterior, becomes as influential and powerful as the previous master, Gold saints are potential destroyers of the universe, pero con una explosión de cosmos eso es posible para el poder de los santos dorados, secretamante podrían destruir el universo, but with an explosion of cosmos that is possible for the power of the gold saints, they could secretly destroy the universe, Attacks Saint seiya have in fact this level of power is not hyperbole, Seiya before god cloth can reach the power of big bang, Pegasus sui sen ken power(before God cloth), -Queime cosmo! I know Seiya has been stronger for the longest but still capped at Universal. Isn't Seiya just Universal too, and I dont recall him having some super exotic hax. Dear lord, you are in for a major disappointment. Did you catch my drift? Son Goku in prime, goes God-like Saiyan, Unlocked Potential, Potential Unleashed & Change, transforms into Super Saiyan 5, uses Kaio-ken x100, absorbs Universe 7's Spirit Bomb, Blutz Waves & Ki to limit, wears Battle Armor, Metamo-Ring & Potara, removes Weighted Clothing, has Senzu Beans, Zeno's Button, Super Dragon Balls & Dragon Radar, wields Power Pole & Zeta Sword, rides Flying Nimbus & Attack Ball, and has Tail. Forum Posts. Even then Goku will probaly lose, this is fanfiction here. SS has panel feats and statements that make it clear the power of the characters, trying to refute facts is useless. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Now that we saw Baryon Mode do you guys think this form can beat Ichigo or even hold a candle to him, Who would win gon or deku max power I’ll revert who stronger tomorrow and just for fun, (Could goku solo the big 3 at their prime) At their prime=Luffy in wano Naruto manga ichigo manga. @juzacloud: Travel speed usually does scale to combat speed. 0. Fujitora's DF controls gravity. I literally said at his peak lmao, unless you can provide me non existent Universal feats for Dragon Knight Lucifer Darsh, there's still nothing to prove him to be superior to Saga Fight Seiya, while the latter has an astronomical speed advantage. Follow. If Tier 0 vs Tier 0 is incon, and is possible to kill a tier 0, Why is Sakura not planetary? When the cosmos is elevated to the maximum, at the awakening of the seventh sense, it emanates a miraculous force, comparable only to the primordial energy of the universe. Also Xeno Goku can destroy all of space time just by charging into SSJ4.