Suddenly, traditions not only included bonfires, sacrifices and offerings, but But Vertumnus was not discouraged, and he persistently pursued her hand until she finally relented. Art represents her as a fair damsel, with fruits in her bosom, and the pruning-knife in her hand. Presumably Pomona taught them the secret. Most important of all these fruits were apples and, of course, apples still feature heavily in lots of Halloween games and traditions such as eating toffee apples or going apple bobbing. Pomona is often portrayed in the company of goddesses Diana and Flora. ( Log Out /  Her name derives from the Latin pomum, similar to the French pomme or “apple.” The Romans were responsible for first domesticating wild apples, transforming sour fruit into today’s sweet, juicy apples. August 13 was the date of a feast day dedicated to Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and the patron deity of orchards, especially apple orchards (1). Haunted House Kit: Spooky Chocolate Cookie, Disney Costumes: Cinderella and Prince Charming, Disney Costumes: Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Disney Costumes: Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter. She and Vertumnus shared a festival held on August 13. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Pomona is the spirit of fresh fruit and fruit trees, especially apples. In essence, the Numina are the holy sp… She and Vertumnus shared a festival held on August 13. Pomona is believed to be a wood nymph. By clicking the button above, you are consenting to receive coupons, marketing, information, newsletters, and updates from Transformational Healing by Dawna. Any excuse for a party, I suppose. Nymphs are associated with nature and are beautiful women. Ritual: Bobbing for apples, now reduced to a Halloween party game, has its roots in divination rituals. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Aeternitas - goddess and personification of eternity. The ability to forgive and provide for her children and put them before herself is the essence of a good mother. Pomona initially rejected him, too, until he gained her trust by approaching in the form of an old woman—a classic bit of ancient Halloween masquerading, or was it? After all, apples are what Pomona is most associated with, so it would make sense to me that the Romans would try to propitiate and please this goddess as much as possible in Springtime in order to ensure a good apple harvest in August and September. Goddess of Fertility, Hunting, and the Moon. To them, the real beginning of Autumn took place in early August. Goddess associated with snakes and Medea. The voice of love now clear in the garden calls. Thoughts of the cool crisp breezes of Autumn are beginning to creep into people’s minds as they sweat and roast in the broiling sun, with their air conditioners cranked up to maximum. Offerings: These are the Goddesses of creation and destruction. She is usually portrayed bearing a cornucopia or a tray of blossoming fruit. She protected fruiting trees and gardens. While Celts and Druids were celebrating Samhain, across Europe, Pomona was the uniquely Roman Goddess of Plenty, and her special provinces were fruit trees, gardens, and orchards. To us modern-day people, the Autumnal Equinox in late September marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. Pomona - Goddess of plenty Abundantia - Goddess of prosperity and abundance Angerona - Goddess who relieved people from pain and sorrow. The Mother is a life-giver and the source of nurturing, devotion, patience and unconditional love. This time of the last harvest and marks the end of the year, so it is also a New Year Celebration and the end /beginning of the Wheel of the Year. POMONA 51.65%; The Latin goddess of fruit trees, who in Rome bad a flamen of her own (Pomonalis). “Apples”. Unlike many other agricultural deities, Pomona is not associated with the harvest itself, but with the flourishing of fruit trees. Strengths: A nurturer, dedicated to her job. How are you going to use herbs and oils in your Samhain Celebration this year? with nature and are beautiful women. ), Vertumnus and Pomona never cheated on each other. She is an agricultural Goddess, responsible for the care and cultivation of fruit trees and orchards. Goddess of agreement, understanding, and marital harmony. Look for the Goddess Premium Gold label, and you can be confident that you are buying only the Very Best! Learn about the elemental Goddesses of Earth, Air, Wind and Fire. Many sought after beautiful Pomona, including Pan, but she rejected them all, preferring to remain independent. It is also said that the Halloween tradition of bobbing-for-apples comes directly from the ancient Roman feast of Pomona (10). Not long after their Autumn began, the Romans held the first of several festivals dedicated to the Fall harvest. Goddess Pomona. Celtic practice also often entailed practical jokes and pranks in the spirit of the season before the winter set in. Some theorize that Pomona prefers the love of women and Vertumnus prefers to be whomever Pomona desires. Allow Voting Cookie. Goddess Pomona was patient and forgave Goddess Nike. As Pomona was worshiped, a festival was held in her honor around the first of November each year. Celtic, Roman, and Christian influence held the most sway in creating the holiday that is celebrated by trick or treating and costumes in modern times. Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely. As a fertility Goddess she represented abundance. She was said to be a wood nymph who scorned the love of Silvanus and Picus. Pomona is represented in ancient Roman iconography as a woman crowned with fruit. See now he comes who brings the harvest. She turned down the offers of marriage from Silvanus and Picus but was eventually tricked into marriage by Vertumnus. The flamen Pomonalis, the chief priest of the worship of Pomona, was a minor-ranking member of the Roman clergy, chosen from among the Plebeian Order (6). Pomona was a Roman goddess who was the keeper of orchards and fruit trees. Ancient Egyptian Sundial Found: An ancient sundial has been discovered in an Egyptian... 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Most apple farms are located in the northern part of the country, where the weather is a bit cooler; apple farming is especially popular in Trentino (8). Weaknesses: So busy looking after her trees that she has little time for herself. Today, Italy is the sixth-largest producer of apples in the entire world, producing approximately 2.2 million tons of apples every year. bobbing for apples on Halloween actually stems from Pomona worship and That’s a statement that some people may find bizarre. familiar with. !” Yet, I cannot find any mention made of any rituals held to Pomona during the Spring. Page 684. In fact, the French word for “apple”, pomme, comes directly from her name. New Historic Site Page Added - 29/03/2012, River Uncovered After 100 Years - 29/03/2012, Block Voting Cookie Making offerings to Gods and Goddesses today essentially means that you are grateful your God/Goddess is watching you and protecting you and/or has done a great deed for you (fertility, increase in health, etc.) Area of Influence:Fruits, Trees, Gardens, Orchards. Pomona is not just a gardener or orchard keeper. Oh guardian nymph, thou keeper of tree and soil, ( Log Out /  Disciplina - Goddess of discipline Aequitas, divine personification of fairness. Ritual: Bobbing for apples, now reduced to a Halloween party game, has its roots in divination rituals. Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees, garden, and orchards which she watches over and cares for. Pomona, Pomona, Oh goddess of earth! Goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons. It is curious that the Romans should have a feast held in honor of Pomona during the time when the first crop of apples are harvested, and yet there does not appear to be a corresponding festival for when the apple blossoms first appear in Spring. Oskar Seyffert. We are affiliates with Mrs. Fields and wanted to show you one of her fabul... POMONA Ops was the Latin goddess of plenty. The apple’s association with witches is often attributed to the five-pointed star or pentacle found at the centre of its core, which dates back to prehistory as a symbol of the Goddess. The following Herbs are commonly used to create ritual incense and offerings for Samhain.