Contact gsm / watsap +212672622355 Poultry farming creates income and employment opportunities for the people. What is the cost of those equipment and still what’s the cost of importing it.. 1300000 five years and return Rs.50264 for 60 day only. Poultry farming business has numerous benefits. You can visit your nearest farmer who are already raising various types of poultry birds. The first hase will include, sheep and Goat Farm and Poultry farm. Please review the webpages below to learn more about required equipment and the startup process for poultry farming business. Can anyone help me?? And we don’t have any idea about your location. Battery cage system is banned in some countries because it is considerate as against the animal welfare. They are egg producers, not meat producers, farmers formulating their feed must have this at the back of their mind. Trail orders 100 boxes. invesment and equipment required for the same and if possible will you please send me reports and contact. So, your shed for 1000 hens should be at least 4000 square feet. It’s my fild, i am a young BOYS of 21 in cameroon i started 50 broilers chicken and now i have 1000, is that not improvement? On the other hand free range poultry farming method requires a large place fro raising the birds and the production is about the same as intensive method. Depending on the birds, you have to make a suitable house for your birds and ensure availability of all types of necessary facilities for them. Di love poultry farm layers..I will love 2 get ma own poultry farm pls can u send me d eguipment am 4rm bayelsa nigeria, thanks I prefer to start keeping chicken mostly broiler because of less capital but in free range farm so where i can get the best baby broiler chickens,_ im lived Tanzania , thanks roysfarm. Total amount needed $15 000. the interest must not exceed 10% per year. Thank you very much for your article. Thank you! Some commercial egg laying chicken breeds can produce more than 300 eggs a year. This report can be customised for any number of birds, any country or territory and market. Do you have web page?Pictures,price list? i need to start a poultry business, can you help me with manuals concerning poultry business. web: You can purchase quality birds from your local poultry breeders. You can minimize diseases and illness in poultry by following proper hygiene and care. The feeders and drinkers must always be kept clean, especially the drinker to avoid fungi and bacteria growth. And most of the poultry birds are not costly enough to start raising. i plan to start poultry farm newly pls wat types of product you have pls send me ur product images and rate also so I will be very glad and privilege to render my service anywhere am been call upon. All financial and economic calculations included and format recognised by financial professionals and institutions. I have come to know that you also going to do the same by googling. You can’t expect good profit from the beginning. Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently! I prefer raising layer poultry than others. For 1000 egg laying hens in free range method, the shead for them for night should be at what size ? The farm must be fenced with barbed wire or concrete boundary wall up to a height of eight feet with an appropriately secured entrance and outlet. And it will cost you around BDT 40,000 to 60,000 (including housing, purchasing equipment and chicks). Am a veterinary expert practicing in Nigeria. thank you for your good advice you have have for the world God bless yu and the entire company. Feed and Water. We are really pleased to hear that! hope you are all doing good Thank you! You can easily raise some birds on your own backyard with one or numerous coops or cages. You can easily sell your farm products in your nearest local market or big supermarkets. So, if you want to start this business commercially, then you can apply for loans to your local banks. You need the machines such as incubators, if you want to produce commercially or in large scale. Thanks for your kind consideration! Daylight stimulates egg production and egg production is the aim of a poultry farm business. Machinery like incubate and ect… Md Ramjan Ali * 360 eggs per carton. You can also use your birds as an alternative of incubators. please share any updated information through my email account . To be frank, it’s not possible to start such a business without sufficient capital. now I want to add an additional floor (2nd floor) for layers hens on the same apartment. Thanks! Besides those benefits battery cage system has some difficulties too. I appreciate this modern farming style and am interested to learn more about coops farming especially layers please sent to my email the requirement of proper management of 3000 coops my location is Morogoro-Tanzania E-mail:[email protected], hello Lisa, Thanks For Sharing The Information. And if possible, keep the floor at least 2 feet high from the ground. i will work on them to start my own farm. Thank you. You can use movable housing system for your birds. Hi I hv land if anyone interested in jv for latest & organized poultry farming & processing in Maharashtra close to Mumbai pls get connected via mail on [email protected]. Broiler poultry consume feed and convert them to meat. Contact us via [email protected], we are into same field sir can we connect together my mail id is [email protected]. Thank you! THANK YOU FOR THIS INFORMATION AND I WILL TOO VENTURE IN THIS FIELD . You have to select some chicken breeds depending on the weather and temperature in your area. We have already published numerous guides about starting poultry farming business. Thanx in anticipatio. I just came across your page while searching for help on poultry farming, and I have learned few things to get me started. mail: [email protected]. You can contact eFowl, omlet or such other company. Hello sir Thousands of hens may be housed in a specific floor space of the house. There are different types of poultry breed available throughout the world. kindly help with the how many number of free range chickens i can keep on a How can you use incubator machine for producing breeds? And all the employment offers are published here in this website, not anywhere else. Almost all bank approve loans for this types of business venture. You need just basic capital to start raising poultry. May God help Africa. Intensive poultry farming method is a highly efficient system which saves, land, feed, labor and other resources and increases production. and from where I can purchase the best one in good price. I’ll try my level best… For my success.But for this, I need ur help… Please… tell me How square feet space need for every Layer Chicken ? Poultry farm structures do not require high maintenance. Quick Funding Rabbit can I used incubator machine to produce breeds. Please contact any supplier for current quotes. In modern world they just kill them and all this meat go to waste. details of medicine and feeds, anything else, please let me know. You can contact your nearest DYD (Department of Youth Development) center for training. – Organic Detox – Human, Animal, Aquatic, Plant where in kenya can we see your products and do you install them yourselves? now I want to start layer farming but I have not any experience of any types of poultry business. I HAVE ABOUT 1300 Sqm VACANT LAND AT A CALM & QUIT PLACE.CAN I GET THE UNDER MENTIONED SUGGESTION?1) HOW MANY BIRDS CAN ACCOMMODATE HERE ?2) WHAT WILL BE THE SIZE OF HOUSE?3) WHAT WILL BE THE TOTAL INVESTMENT UP TO 22 WEEKS OF BIRD? hi names : Nanesha cage Poultry pen must always be kept clean., Since layer using battery cage are stack, like 3 to 4 cage on one another, how do we get the required space for the housing. Thanking you for your reply, As you are a beginner, so you should have training on layer poultry farming business. Life span of the equipment. You can raise some common duck breed which are available in your area. How and what i am going to do? Please contact any of your nearest poultry chick suppliers. Whereas in our eyes, we have three types of cones they are specialized photoreceptor cells that are responsible for our perception of red, blue and green light and chickens have four types they are red, blue and green cones, as well as a cone of ultraviolet light. Thank you for the recommendation! Hope they will be able to supply or arrange the RIR hatching eggs or chicks for you. Can u pls advice, I want to start poultry farm mam please support me . tank.) My contact +237674447172. So that your birds can live, grow and produce happily. Do you Know Roaster can be 3 – 5kg and Hen can be 2-3 kg in 120 days natural breeding period ? The poultry house should be constructed or designed such that the longest side, if rectangular, faces the direction of the wind, to aerate the farm and maintain the litter dry always.