Artificial (low-calorie) sweeteners won’t help you lose weight… Propel, Nestle Splash, Dasani Flavored Water, Diet Snapple, and PowerAde Zero contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose, acesulfame potassium or aspartame. 5, Red No. So to compensate for the sugar, more artificial sweeteners are added to not throw the drink’s taste off-balance. In addition to sweeteners, the Powerade’s ingredients include artificial food colors too. Although these have no calories, artificial sweeteners have been shown to contribute to weight gain by encouraging sugar cravings. Powerade, especially Powerade Zero, has a lot of artificial sweeteners. It's worth mentioning for accuracy's sake that there is NO ASPARTAME in Powerade 0. Like Yellow No. In every 16oz. ION4® Advanced Electrolyte System Replaces 4 Electrolytes Lost In Sweat. By doing so, sucralose is increased, which is an artificial sweetener that was heavily tested on animals. I recently discovered Powerade Zero, which apparently has zero sugar / zero calories and is artificially sweetened by sucralose. More or less now, we have good understanding from all the above benefit points that Powerade Zero is a keto friendly product. The friendly sucralose artificial sweetener and absence of Splenda, which has a high glycemic index of 80 that causes high sugar level, make it … Drinking Powerade, Gatorade, and Other Sports Drinks as a Vegan. ION4® Electrolyte System. So, even if you do consider Powerade, you might consider drinking them in moderation for your health. All in all, trust your gut. It's sweetened with sucralose/Splenda, which, while certainly not healthy by any means, is not considered as dangerous as other artificial sweeteners. Normally when I'm concerned about sugar content (which is basically all the time, because nearly everything has loads of sugar in it nowadays) I check the nutritional information, and it's always there, Sugars ... x grams. It also has a line of water, as well as a reduced sugar and calorie option. B Vitamins. 40 and Blue No. Determining whether Powerade Zero or Gatorade Zero is the better sports drink? of the drink, more than 40 calories are taken which approximately fewer less than the regular Powerade. BodyArmor, which is made without artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes, is a “more premium” product, Stanford said. 1. Some vegans would stay away from Powerade zero because they don’t want to have to do with anything that could’ve harmed animals in any way. Although the artificial sweeteners are debatable yet. It comes down to calories, electrolytes and the overall food nutrition label.