When it comes to vaping, the most important thing is to create the kind of experience you yearn. This symptom may be caused by several conditions, all which require different treatments: You should always seek a doctor if you experience life-threatening symptoms such as: See a doctor for less severe symptoms if they don’t clear up in the expected amount of time or if they get worse. Fruit flavors, like strawberry banana and watermelon, are much lighter on the palate, while menthol flavors are even better. So I'm wondering if that's what it is. Mask and sore throat We all are well aware that to maintain hygiene, we have to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. This condition occurs when the flap in your throat becomes damaged from trauma, a burn, or an infection and restricts air to your lungs. It's not uncommon to experience a stiff neck along with a sore throat. Whenever I drink Powerade, it makes my throat itch and makes me cough. Ensure you check your coil properly for wattage recommendations. In case the vaping device you are using has variable wattage, that means you can set it to high. And what's a good alternative? 2. Some people even prefer to add a dash of menthol into other flavors to achieve the same effect although it will be softer compared to using an actual menthol vape juice. What is Sub Ohm Vaping? As much fun as blowing huge clouds are and as delicious as your flavors can be, the saying “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing” is definitely true with vaping. Discussion. Choose e-liquids with low nicotine strength, 3. Luckily, most vape juice bottles tell you the ratio/percentage of PG and VG that it contains, making it easy for you to spot the ones that could be causing your sore throat. It does seem to give me diarrhea. So I wonder if I'm maybe it's also irritating my pouch? You could also go for sweet ones like cream, sweet fruit, and bakery. These flavorings can leave you feeling sick and can easily cause a sore throat. Maybe I'm a little allergic to it? A harsh vape hit is a common occurrence in case you are new to vaping. Every flavor comes with a distinct quality. I’m sure you can agree that, like most good things in life, vaping comes with its own set of challenges. Menthol increases the throat hit you will experience. •, 7 Common Reasons Why Your Vape is Hitting Harsh, 2. Solution: To prevent this, switch to lighter liquids or perhaps try a different dessert flavor. Or, pain on one side of your throat could be due to your body position. But I have had enough today. That concludes our list of eight common causes of a vaping-related sore throat. The nicotine content differs in the different vape juices available on the market. One not-so-uncommon problem that arises for some vapers is being allergic to nickel. Every e-juice comes with a different mix. Your standard (and safer) vape liquid consists of two base liquids: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). However, with the setting up to a higher wattage, you are likely to experience a harsh hit because more vapor will be produced. 3. This may prompt you to experience pain while swallowing. It is commonly advised that you change your vape coil every two to three weeks. Reflux is a common condition that may occur infrequently or more often depending on several factors, including: Our bodies process mucus and saliva like clockwork, but there may be reasons postnasal drip increases or becomes noticeable, leading to painful swallowing. All rights reserved. You may have an earache or a lump in your neck if you have throat cancer causing one-sided pain. I just drank another entire bottle of that stuff last night. How Many Puffs a Day is Normal for Vaping? gatorade makes my throat sore. Use the right wattage. If you’re an avid vaper or life’s stress has you craving nicotine, you might find yourself with a sore throat rather quickly. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For a lot of e-cigarettes, you can make adjustments to the airflow. 5 Tips for a Smoother Vape. Discussion. Try picking up a mix of fruit and menthol to find the flavor that’s easy on your throat. While a throat hit in and of itself isn’t a problem, going too high on your nicotine can cause a scratchiness in your throat—eventually leading to a rather unpleasant vaping experience. has your eating habits changed after having a j-pouch. : This is not normal. Whether you were previously a smoker or not, you might find that inhaling an e-cigarette hurts your throat when you’re starting out. Will taking one 5 mg of oxycodone and two glasses of wine kill me? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You could also try wicking using cotton. Symptoms can include throat pain, white patches on your tonsils, swollen lymph nodes in your neck, and fever. My takedown surgery is tuesday. Marshmallow root could, though. My Dr said it is the easiest way to get electrolytes fast- in fact in the past during war time, they have been able to do a direct IV of coconut water when they run out of fluids. Maybe I'm a little allergic to it? If you sleep on one side of your body, you may feel symptoms on that side more acutely when you wake up. When you have strep throat, you usually don’t have a runny nose or cough. Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI, order any tests necessary to diagnose the condition. You can have several of these attacks throughout days and weeks. Possible causes of pain on one side of throat when swallowing. This is pure speculation. There are two ways of pulling vapor from a vape: Solution: Fortunately, this problem has a pretty easy fix—try another style of vaping!