All his love “has been in vain”. Immediately after this in the second verse, we shift into future tense (“I won’t get heavy”), which seems to be the goal of his self-defense. It’s a different song style. The very thing he was trying to avoid a moment ago has become fact. He’s trying to ignore the present and look ahead to a positive future. The verse continues in the present tense, and so does his dismantling of his self-defense: His “world comes crashing down”, he’s “freaking out”. We end in this same state repeating the refrain, “In you I’m lost.”. How great it would be if Thom himself would come and write some lines to make it clear for us, uh? I’ve been waiting 5 years for the studio version of this song and I am so overjoyed to have such a perfect version of it. I think it’s important to look at the changing verb tenses in this song to understand it. Radiohead; The Present Tense Lyrics Radiohead – The Present Tense . No doubt due to the fact that it resonates so personally with me, I just can’t stop listening to this song. The third verse again starts hopefully in the future tense, where he “won’t turn around”, he “won’t stop now”, he “won’t slack off”, or his love “will be in vain”. This song so perfectly depicts the fleeting nature of time and love. It makes me think of The Flaming Lips song “Do You Realize?” We bifurcate our lives into weeks and days and hours and they pass before we not only appreciate them but even realize they are happening. “Present Tense” perfectly describes that scene. This dance This dance It's like a weapon Like a weapon Of self defense He’s slipped back into his obsession over his love interest. The A Moon Shaped Pool version of the song is influenced by Brazilian Samba and bossanova music. Critically, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear that the line “could be in vain”, as written here, is actually “has been in vain,” both in the live and album versions. At my grandfather’s funeral, I watched my grandmother dance alone to their favourite song. Present Tense has its roots as far back as 2009, when Thom performed it at the Latitude Festival. And in the first verse of this song it is as if all of that is assumed and it declares that in this moment of bliss, we are going to experience it and exist in it and lose ourselves in each other. “This dance is a weapon of self defense against the present tense.”. Album version from Moon Shaped Pool (2016) - Note this is a simplified chord version - For individual finger plucking, see Tab version Intro + Bridge Verse Chorus ----- ----- ----- Em 022003 Em 022003 Em 022003 Am x02210 Am x02210 D xx0232 B x24442 C x32010 G 320033 G#m 46644x Bm x2443x C x32010 G 35543x Dsus2 xx0230 A x02220 C x32010 Asus4 x02230 F 13321x Dm xx0231 Capo 4th fret … A favorite since then, fans have been waiting eagerly for a studio version and now have it. The first verse sets us up: His dance is a weapon of self-defence against the present tense. The chord progression, especially in the intro, is very reminiscent of a Jonny Greenwood piece he composed for the soundtrack to the film Norwegian Wood This concludes in our repeated present tense refrain representing the core of his crisis, which he’s trying to ignore: “In you I’m lost”. This breaks down in the next line, where he repeats his mantra, but this time in the present tense (“Don’t get heavy”). Here’s this song’s gimmick: As the second and third verses progress, we slip from future tense to present tense, and as that happens, the singer’s internal conflict and obsession with his love interest returns. This danceCette danseThis danceCette danseIs like a weaponEst comme une armeIs like a weaponEst comme une armeOf self defenceD'auto-défenseOf self defenceD'auto-défenseAgainst the presentContre le présentAgainst the presentContre le présentPresent tenseLe temps présentI won't get heavyJe ne deviendrai pas durDon't get heavyNe sois pas lourdKeep it light andGarde ça légerKeep it movingLaisse-le avancerI am doingJe ne fais No harmAucun malAs my worldAlors que mon mondeComes crashing downVient s'écraserIm dancingJe danseiFreaking outDeviens dingueDeaf, dumb, and blindSourd, muet et aveugle, (Chorus:)In you I'm lostEn toi je suis perduIn you I'm lostEn toi je suis perdu, I won't turn aroundJe ne ferai pas demi-tourWhen the penny dropsQuand la pièce tombe (1)Won't stop nowJe n'arrêterai pas maintenantWon't slack offJe ne me relâcherai pasOr all this loveOu tout cet amourWill be in vainSera vain, To stop from fallingPour stopper la chuteDown a mineAu fond d'un gouffreIt's no one's businessCe n'est l'affaire de personneBut mineEn dehors de la mienneThat all this loveQue tout cet amourCould be in vainPourrait être vain. The lyrics allude vaguely to the Buddhist notions of escaping from the present by being a threatening space, and allow the destruction of the inner world, by being blind, deaf and dumb (as the oriental image of the three monkeys blind, deaf and trying not to be present). And then poof they are gone and we can never get them back. Télécharger légalement les MP3 ou trouver le CD sur, Trouver un instrument de musique ou une partition au meilleur prix sur. Radiohead lyrics - 157 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Creep", "No Surprises", "Fake Plastic Trees". Lyrics to 'Present Tense' by Radiohead. As the verse continues, we again move into the present tense. Rather than accept that the love of his life is gone forever, Yorke focuses on a happy moment and doesn’t want it to end. Top 5 des musiques pour apprendre la guitare ! Traduction en français des paroles pour Present Tense par Radiohead. The song was performed by Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke accompanied by a CR-78 for Paul Thomas Anderson’s camera as an official music video. Radiohead : Present Tense paroles et traduction de la chanson . But all the while we checked off the days counting down to this thing or that thing and we hated going to work and hated so many of those hours, but those are our hours and we can’t get them back or recreate them.