As the apostle saith Romans 2:28 , "He is not a Jew that is one outwardly, but a Jew inwardly is the true Jew." The promise concerning the blessing of the tribes of the nations in the seed of the patriarch is being fulfilled; for the nobles draw the peoples who are protected by them after themselves. Proud member It is not an acceptable service, if it is not a reasonable service. These had voluntarily assembled, as representatives, to pay tribute to Jehovah, their liege Lord and sovereign. He is greatly exalted - Great as secular rulers are, God is greater, and is above all; King of kings and Lord of lords; and the hearts of kings and governors are in his hand; and he turns them whithersoever he pleases. BibliographyTrapp, John. We refer to the protecting influence of good government. Joseph Benson's Commentary. Hi, ... (Psalms 47:9). Our perils change their guise with our changing seasons, and the gradient of our age. Their princes or rulers, who are fitly called shields, Hosea 4:18, because by their office they are or should be the common parents and protectors of all their people, to defend them from all oppressions and injuries. Copyright StatementThese files are a derivative of an electronic edition prepared from text scanned by Woodside Bible Fellowship.This expanded edition of the Jameison-Faussett-Brown Commentary is in the public domain and may be freely used and distributed. (“strong ones”), which, however, they make the subject of the verb—“have been mightily exalted.”. BibliographyTorrey, R. A. https: Dummelow gave the meaning of this as "the princes of the earth." Secondly, The people of the God of Abraham, are his children and posterity: not only that they are the seed of Abraham, coming out of his loins, and are "the children of the flesh" Romans 9:9 ; but "the children of the promise;" for if they that come out of Abraham's loins were only his children, then the Hagarins, the Turks, and Ishmaelites should be the people of God; "But in Isaac shall thy seed be called." 9. BibliographyWesley, John. This would seem to have been suggested by the marching in triumph of subdued and vanquished princes and warriors, their shields or weapons of war being borne along in the procession, demonstrating that Jehovah was King among the nations. A.). Magnates Magnetes. If I am to be protected against these perils I require varieties of shields, and “the shields of the earth belong unto God.” He has shields for every type of peril; there is no unprotected corner which has been overlooked by our Lord. The prophet does not merely speak of the common people: he also tells us that princes themselves will regard it as the height of their felicity to be gathered together with the Jews; as we shall see in another psalm, (Psalms 87:5,), “And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her.”. So God is called “our shield,” Psalms 84:9. "Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible". These are supposed to mean kings and rulers of provinces which were present at the dedication of the temple; (for some suppose the Psalm to have been composed for this solemnity); and that they are said here to be greatly exalted, because they exercised a very high degree of power over their respective districts. "Commentary on Psalms 47:9". So was I preserved!”, V. Shields spiritual are in the hands of God. Put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Effect), for princes (in preceding line), or, for defenses in general Compare Psalms 89:18 (margin) and Hosea 4:18 (margin). "George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary". Those who are earth's protectors, the shields of the commonwealth, derive their might from him, and are his. ; Fausset, A. R.; Brown, David. First, touching the God of Abraham, it is Christ, whose day Abraham desired to see, and in seeing whereof he did so much rejoice John 8:1-59 ; that is, not only the day of his birth, which he saw, as we learn by the oath which he caused his servant to take Genesis 24:1-67 but also the day of his passion, which he saw long ago, and rejoiced in seeing it, when he said to his son Isaac in the mount, "The Lord will provide a sacrifice."