6,Sri Ramchandra krupalu bhaj man-Kalyan Do keep us posted as and when you add more ragas to this collection. Subodhji, The content is copyrighted and may not be reproduced elsewhere without prior consent from the author. It is a very personal interpretation of Yaman. Her father Shankar S Bodas and brother Kashinath Bodas were respected figures in the world of classical music. A very good site for knowing Hindi films songs based on classical ragas, or finding the raga based on song title is This 78rpm disc had her Bageshree tarana on the other side. Yaman, { 140 comments… read them below or add one }. [These songs are noted down from the sites ~ Shishir Sathe ~ http://shishirsathe.multiply.com/journal/item/1/Hindi_Songs_Based_on_Raga_Yaman and Haresh Bakshi’s http://www.soundofindia.com/index.asp . I have used it in my post on Suraiya. May the blessings of Divine Mother and Divine Melody be with us for ever. Illustrates what Yaman Kalyan can do in a ghazal: I have been enjoying the Yaman discussion from the sidelines. Raag Anand Bhairav of Hindustani Sangeet is quite a different Raag and is placed under the Bhairav That. Here let me add, I am familiar with Kalidas’s shloka. The current generation of performers should take a leaf out of the stalwart’s book. ————————————————– Several beautiful pieces spring to mind. A few years back Outlook magazine had polled some leading music personalities to come up with a list of twenty all time great songs from films, and this song topped that list. Raag Shivranjani was the favourite raag of Raj Kapoor, in fact some of his most famous songs are based on this raaga. Correction! Listen to Hindi Songs On Raag Yaman and download Hindi Songs On Raag Yaman songs on Gaana.com. If we could add this rasa then I would analyse Yaman’s mood as 40% shant rasa; and 20% each of bhakti, shringar and ananda rasas! http://youtu.be/Zr3Z5D60XnQ Uploaded by mastkalandr on 15 May 2009, [There are couple of additional versions of this song are also on You Tube, pertaining to live renderings by Sudha Malhotra in some of the concerts. I think he gave music for only two or three films. Although my knowledge of Hindi is limited, I enjoyed the lyrics and the composition. I have had the pleasure of spending some time with Ustad ji before and after a concert and heard him play privately. This will remove all the songs from your queue. Listen to the sitar interlude between 0.15 and 0.21 in ‘Phaili hui hain sapnon ki baahen’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT7Cpa5cYxc) and notice how it is more or less the same as the sitar interlude between 1.06 and 1.15 in ‘Jiya le gayo ji mora saanwariya’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaL6tP3injc). Very interesting discovery Mr Bhandarkar. I was simply an instrument of collating them here. The most exhaustive work on the ldentification of ragas of Hindi film songs has been done by KL Pandey who has published ‘Hindi Cine Sangeet Ragopedia’ in 7 volumes, in which he has covered over 14000 songs from 1931 to 2017. Thanks a lot. Thank you for your response. But you will find the entire piece in the following audio link. It is an excellent introductory piece for learners of classical music. Sorry, the link for the ‘Pyaar ki Jeet’ song in my comment above does not work. Once again composed by R D Burman and written by Gulzar, this song is one of the reasons Aandhi is still popular among cinephiles. Yaman’s serenity is much closer to everyday life. However, 25 years later, Kishore da crooned this melody based on Raag Jhinjhoti for his film, Jhumroo. This is a very erudite post on Yaman.  Ang ang rang jhalakae – Sankalp Likewise there are many songs which are similar songs altogether. Ashok Vaishnav ji Mr Venkatraman I have discovered two rare and very good songs in Yaman, thanks to http://www.parrikar.org – my standard reference in case of any doubt about ragas – ‘Supna ban sajan aaye’ from ‘Shokhiyan’ http://youtu.be/l7Fargq102U and ‘Maangne se jo maut mil jaati’ from ‘Sunehra Kadam’ http://youtu.be/iKVTXhePlHs . Songs like Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena, Darshan Do Ghanshyam, Pal Do Pal Ka Saath Hamara are also based on this evening raag named after Lord Shiva. 6.Madhyamavati – a popular Ragam, is a janya of the Melakarta Kharaharapriya. It is, indeed, one of the finest recordings of yaman, of Vilayat Khan, and of sitar. No wonder it is one of the favourite ragas of our film industry’s composers, some of whom – Roshan for example – have given their best in this raga. ( informed and learned through various sources). Yaman goes with happiness; another beautiful raga Marwa with sadness. Thank you Harish Suvarna. The studio people were worried but the Ustad retuned his sitar and straightaway started his performance that stunned the people present there by the virtuosity, the speed, the clarity and the cross strokes! The surprise is nice too! $('._de_tp .blurimg img').attr("src", $('._de_tp .blurimg img').attr("data-src")).css('opacity', 1); I myself used to sing it with great feeling. Kishori Amonkar sings Mharo pranam in Raga Yaman, Shobha Gurtu sings Mharo pranam in Raga Yaman, Let’s move on, and add another rasa to the mix of shant and bhakti rasas – shringar. This LP of Vilayat Khan’s yaman, whose sleeve describes the recording session you have so vividly reconstructed, was among the first LP’s I bought when I started building my collection in the early seventies. It was too good.It is a pity that she chose to become a reculse I heard shades of North Indian Kafi and Khamaj in this composition – more of Kafi between ri and pa, and more of Khamaj between pa and ni.