CHOUDHARY & SANE: EFFECT OF PREPARATION CONDITIONS OF RANEY-Ni ON ITS PROPERTIES 201 Table 1- Preparation conditions of Raney Nicke] catalysts Volume of alkali solution - 2000 cm3, Composition of Raney Nickel alloy - Ni (50 wt %) - Al (50 wt %), Particle size of alloy (av) - 30-60 f.l,Amount of Raney alloy - 50 g, Stirring speed - 1200 rpm Catalyst Concentration Temperature Time of … Other articles where Raney nickel desulfurization is discussed: organosulfur compound: Reactions: Raney nickel desulfurization was a key step in first establishing the structure of penicillin. This method is practical and safe and avoids use of organic solvents. Many methods exist, such as: Catalytic hydrogenation using: Raney nickel or palladium-on-carbon, platinum(IV) oxide, or Urushibara nickel. The neutral deoxygenation (reduction) of aryl carbonyl compounds with raney-nickel. Reduction of anthraquinone, 2-methylanthraquinone, 2-mercaptomethylanthraquinone (I),bis-2-anthraquinonylmethyl sulphide (II) andbis-2-anthraquinonylmethyl disulphide (III) by Raney alloy in aqueous alkaline solution was studied.Anthraquinone gave 1:2:3:4-tetrahydroanthraquinone. Raney Nickel catalyst, is extremely fine powdered nickel. If exposed to air or moisture, it may become hot enough to ignite. Iron in acidic media. A mild, selective, and green method for the reduction of unsaturated carboxylic acids with sodium borohydride–Raney nickel (W6) system in water is reported. Organic chemistry gives high importance to this compound since hydrogenation, reduction, oxidation, and many other chemical reactions are enhanced and prepared using the Raney Nickel … an alternative to the clemmenson, wolf-kishner or mozingo (thioketal) reductions.. Tetrahedron Letters 1980 , 21 (27) , … Nickel catalyst is used to promote the chemical action in manufacturing synthetics and to process vegetable oil and petroleum. Raney Nickel is available in different grades and can be sold commercially both as an inactive and active reagent. The reduction of nitroaromatics is conducted on an industrial scale. Reduction to anilines. Insoluble in water. Wolff–Kishner Reduction Reduction of Tosylhydrazones Desulfurization with Raney Nickel via 1,3-dithiane Clemmensen Reduction acid alcohol aldehyde alkane acid alkane (–1C) CH3 Samarium Iodide Ionic Hydrogenation (Et3SiH, TFA) Luche Reduction (NaBH4, CeCl3) ** 1 A particularly active Raney nickel catalyst is provided with a high-iron content, containing about 10 to 30% by weight of iron relative to the sum of the active metals nickel and iron. The reaction conditions are typically gentle. Summary. It is grayish colored.