Here’s how you can do it: Baking soda has always been a popular and effective home remedy for cleaning purposes. Cutlery items of stainless steel add a beautiful touch to your kitchen. Hence, this guide will help you avoid mistakes and blunders, so you can use your wok to the fullest potential and get the maximum use out of it! It will break the solid particles, and then you can easily remove the debris using a wet cloth. You can also soak a cloth into the vinegar and put it on the burnt area and leave it for some time. Best Immersion Blender For Pureeing Soups, Top 17 Best Carbon Steel Wok Reviews for 2020 - 111Reviews. Ensure not to use the metallic pad because they can remove the coating of the pan. Meehan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice from Waynesburg College. How To Clean Gas Grill After Use In 2020 - The Ultimate Guide! As a result, the burnt food and solid particles get dry and become hard to remove. They require less oil that is good for a healthier meal. She has been writing since 2004, and has been published in "The Muslim Observer" and "Khaleej Times." Nowadays, every other person is buying non stick cookware, and the reason behind that is they ensure lesser cleaning hassles. Using vinegar with baking soda will easily remove the stains. If not, you can end up damaging the pan yourself. Here we will discuss how to clean a wok and also how to maintain it that will make your pan look good, in a very few simple steps. What’s more, it significantly improves your cooking experience, too. There are several types of woks available in stores. 111Reviews is a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It is found at the base of the barrels and utilized for making wine. Cleaning the pots and pans has been an irritating task, but nonstick pans make this a whole lot easier. They are useful in making dishes like omelets & pancakes. Sometimes we do not wash the pan immediately after cooking. Cleaning your carbon steel wok the right way can help you increase its lifespan by several folds. Dry thoroughly. It is important to rinse the wok well under hot water to remove all the rust and residue. As this layer of seasoning washes away with time, the body underneath becomes exposed and starts to rust. Cream of Tartar is only a tartaric acid in the form of a powder. Pour equal amounts of salt and vegetable oil into the center of the wok. The most common reason why carbon steel woks catch rust is that they need seasoning. Always try to coat the pan with a bit of oil before saving it for the next time. For more information, please visit our Disclosure Page Our…. But if you utilize the right tools and supplies, you’ll be done and over with it in less than 10 minutes. Season the wok once the rust is removed to prevent further occurrences. If the rust is deep and has eaten away at the carbon steel the pan should be replaced. If your wok gets rusty, you can clean the rust from carbon steel wok and season it again, and there are multiple easy ways to do that: Let’s assume you don’t have a steel wool pad in the kitchen. Rub the mixture into the rust vigorously with a soft towel. Here’s what you can do: If you had your carbon steel wok stored away somewhere or used it several times and it is dirty now, the best way to clean it would be the following: Greasy pans can be tricky to wash. Also, beware not to leave the soda paste somewhere specifically as it can leave a mark on the surface of the pan. A wok is a healthy way to cook a delicious Chinese stir-fry with little to no oil. Rinse the area well, and using a fine sandpaper, go over the area once more to get it really smooth. The process is very simple. Check out our list of Best Carbon Steel Wok. Wash the pan with detergent and rinse well. Cleaning a carbon steel wok might sound like a daunting task, but it’s actually pretty simple and only takes 15 minutes. How to remove rust from carbon steel wok? That is the easiest way to remove the burnt, but you may have to repeat it sometimes for the stubborn burnt food. Sometimes, because of regular usage and improper cleaning, the wok develops a brown-black sheen on the inside, which affects the taste of the food and appears to repress heat move from the wok to the food. Now you get some knowledge on how to clean black stains from a wok, and these easy tricks will help you to clean the wok. Carbon steel conducts heat better and is less expensive than stainless steel. As this layer of seasoning washes away with time, the body underneath becomes exposed and starts to rust. Here are a few tips for regular cleaning and maintaining the wok to enhance the performance of it. Not-so-surprisingly, it is also a great way to clean your dirty wok with patches of burnt food here and there. Use and Care of The Chinese Wok, Rust Off Cast Iron.