bottle. I just use a pump sprayer I picked up at HD. Do your basic TLC (fertilizing, feeding, pruning, and watering). When I spray with Messenger and use a 1 gallon sprayer, I can spray all my plants with that gallon and have a little left over. So don’t use it before or during the time when the sun is out and bright. So I suggest farmers to use product contains 3000ppm of azadirachtin for better Organic Farming and gardening. neem works topically as a smotherer and systemically too. But don't despair, there is hope. It uses a 9v.battery and it signals when it needs to be replaced which I do about once a year. Bt is a natural microbe that’s lethal to sawflies and organic. Choose plants that are hardy and resistant to diseases. I am having lots of rose slugs this year. Larvae will hatch and feed from June to August and then drop into the soil to pupate. I haven't found anything 'safe' that works on rose slugs. I have a 35 year old 6 acre arboretum with huge trees that have been devastated by, having read the above, sawflies. The female adults lay eggs in “saw” structure, which is where their name comes from. not to burst your bubble but while it's not as costly as bayer, the neem isn't cheap to use either. This page and article were a great find. Is this right? But I am concerned about bees which love mulliganii's flowers. I only have 2. I also have about 100 plants that will get treated. The book I mentioned above is a great starting place for an all season garden. No, the neem oil that is readily available in the US has no effect on bees unless you spray the bee with a smothering coat of oil. I have 4 of these and use them year round. They are worm-like and crawl around like worms and have many different patterns. So you need to check the underside to see any damage. This message was edited Jun 4, 2008 7:02 PM. No beer, copper or eggshells are involved!” Here’s how. of course, we haven't had any rain yet and when we do finally to start to get it (we will get it, won't we? They have two significant parts of their life cycle and feast on different things. i should clarify too that it hasn't been a whole season as i previously stated. Sawflies don’t have a wasp waist, unlike regular bees and wasps which do. Large populations will destroy trees and do, Sawflies have six pairs of legs (also known as prolegs), Caterpillars have only two to five pairs of legs, Sawfly legs are harder to see and don’t protrude to the degree that caterpillar or moth larvae do, Sawfly larvae are hairless (or have very few hairs), Moth larvae have hairy, spiny, or smooth bodies, but are often longer than sawflies, Sawflies arch their bodies if they feel threatened, Sawflies have a complete metamorphosis that’s similar to, They lay 30-90 eggs on average per female and usually deposit the eggs within the sunlight for faster growth. This I will tell you. Robin, Lowe's has the best hose timer in their plumbing section. If I spray and it rains the next morning, do i need to reapply, or wait the 7 days? You can mix water, neem oil, and dish soap and create a DIY home pest killer that lasts for weeks. Some of my other roses have some, but again I didnt spray any of those , Ive let a rampant infestation (in the hundreds to the thousands and lost a entire rose season about 5 years ago becuase I was ignorant of the issue. And I'm using it to battle leaf streak on daylilies, it seems to be doing a pretty good job. Learn more. To treat your roses, mix neem oil with warm water and a few drops of dish detergent. Any help would be appreciated. Do/does slugs on most of 250 roses qualify? This continues for up to 2 years. This is when you’ll notice many different larvae “worms” crawling around on the soil as they seek a place to spin a cocoon. Thanks Don. Some sawflies will seek out specific plants or materials to lay eggs, such as the pine sawfly only using pine wood or bark. If it rains, simply re-apply. Really agitate the mixture vigorously until all the neem oil is dispersed into an emulsion. Pupation means spinning cocoons and then emerging as an adult with wings after the winter. Do not mean to hijack the thread... sherry, i didn't mean that the cornmeal doesn't work. my bigger, more established plants don't require as much watering but i religiously count for the small and the newly planted. They can be controlled using bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) just like pear or rose slugs, though to a lesser degree. I started off with a nasty fly problem, and was very interested in finding ways to get rid of them without having to use harmful chemicals and pesticides. Use as directed. lol, Track as always you have provided such great info and I thank you! If it is a caterpillar, choose Bt, … ‘But they’re wrong until they see their leaves being eaten until there’s nothing left! We have a large Callistemon Hedge (about 7 metres long and 4 metres high, about 15 years old) and last year it was almost decimated by sawfly larva. Periodically over the years I have tried Pyrethrins, and I've been under the impression that they kept the slugs from getting quite so far out of hand.