Attitude occupies a central position in the process of transforming the work needs into efforts and it has a profound influence on one’s behavior. Model of CB What stimulates a consumer to look for products . Dhumal, Mandar Naresh; Tayade, Avishkar and Khandkar, Ankita (2008), “Rural marketing – understanding the consumer behaviour and decision process”, Conference on marketing to rural consumers, IIM, Kozhikode, RM88-03 … Consumer behaviour in rural markets changed over the last 10 years owing to better roads, higher education, stronger media reach and mobile phones Urban and rural consumer behavior differences Vietnamese population is more than 90 million citizens. What is the opportunity of rural business? Rural Consumer Behaviour. How does marketing, environmental and personal characteristics affect the buying process of the consumer? Consumer behaviour is a physiological process it is all related to the emotions of the consumer. This report explores findings from the consumer life perspectives. and services? INTRODUCTION It is widely acclaimed that India is one of the largest consumer market in the world. A marketer needs to be aware of these influences that can effect changes… 4. Reference Group Typically, in a rural area the reference groups are primary health workers, doctors, teachers and panchayat members, the village trader or the grocer, commonly called ‘Baniya’ or ‘Mahajan’ are an important influencer in the decision making of rural customer. UNDERSTANDING RURAL CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR : TAPPING THE FUTURE MARKET SHWETA Email – 1. Rural Consumer Behavior. How can the consumer know about the products and services that can fulfill his needs? Rural Consumer Buying Behaviour: A Review Ganesh and Vanjeri 8. Estimation signs that the Indian consumer market is likely to grow four times by 2025. However, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi people account for no more than 20 million.