If a defect occurs during the warranty period (which is described in the Warranty Schedule above), Tempur Sealy will repair or replace (at our option) the defective mattress … The warranty will cover the following mattress defects: Visible indentations or sagging in the mattress surface that measure one and a half inches (1 1/2″) or deeper. The warranty will not cover the following: Indentations or sagging that do not measure … If your product is replaced as a result of a warranty claim, your replacement product will be accompanied by a new warranty. Mattress warranties typically provide recourse if the mattress starts to sag significantly. ... Normal body indentations (less than 32 mm) ... A Sealy mattress … In the event that we repair your sleep set your Sealy warranty will continue to cover any service work completed by Sealy of Australia. The hollow must be a certain number of inches deep, based on the warranty… In order to have a warranty claim, most mattress companies require that an indentation in the mattress measure … However, the way that the mattress company defines “significantly” may be different from the way that you would. Sealy Canada Ltd./Ltée, 145 Milner Ave., Scarborough ON, M1S 3R1, CANADA or call 1-800-268-4414 or via email at customerservice@sealycanada.com If a defect that is covered occurs during the warranty period (which is described in the warranty schedule), Sealy will repair or replace (at Sealy’s option) the defective mattress … The inspector will measure for body indentation by stretching a string across the mattress and measuring the indentation with a tape measure. Bending an innerspring mattress more than 20 degrees If a warranty problem occurs.